• [Portolan chart of the Mediterranean and Black Seas with the west coast of Spain and Portugal] /

    Portolan chart with seaport names given for all coastlines. Title devised by cataloguer. Fragmentary signature on upper right portion leading into neck reads "Io Placid...". Oriented with north to the right (indicated by fleurs-de-lys). Contains 10 small and 4 large compass roses centered on Sicily. LC Nautical charts on vellum, 14. Pen-and-ink and goauche, with traces of gilding. Includes 2 scale bars (unidentified units), ...

    • Contributor: Oliva, Placido
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1575
  • [Portolan chart of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the coasts of Europe and northwest Africa].

    Portolan chart with seaport names given for all coastlines. Title devised by cataloguer. Contains 4 compass roses in a circle centered in Italy to the north of Rome and half of a fifth on the trimmed center left edge. Pen-and ink in brown, red, and green, with possible traces of gilding. The chart appears to have been cropped at the left and possibly the ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 15??
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    Tavola dell' isole nuove, le quali son nominate occidentali & indiane per diversi respetti : cum privilegio 1550. Catalog Record Only

    Relief shown pictorially. Transferred from the collection of the Canal Zone Library-Museum, 1980. Attributed to Sebastian Münster. LC copy annotated in lower margin prior to reproduction: A map of North and South America in 1550. Literal translation of title is "Map of the New Islands which are called the Occident and Indian by divers persons." Published under permission of the Council. Includes ill. LC ...

    • Contributor: Münster, Sebastian
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1550
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    Universale della nuovamente parte del mondo ritrovata. Catalog Record Only

    Relief shown pictorially. In upper left corner: 455. In upper right corner: 456. 1 map ; hemisphere 27 cm. in diam., on sheet 31 x 39 cm.

    • Contributor: Gastaldo, Jacopo
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1565
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    Descriptionis Ptolemaicae avgmentvm, Catalog Record Only

    [8], 191, [1] p. 19 fold. maps. 32 cm.

    • Contributor: Wytfliet, Corneille
    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1598