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June 2011

MARC 21 Updates 9, 10, and 11 include all changes to MARC for use with RDA approved through 2010. The list below has been updated to include changes under consideration in June 2011. Those not-yet-approved changes are indicated below as "proposed" or "under discussion", and are linked to their relevant MARBI Proposals and Discussion Papers.

Content, Media and Carrier Types and Characteristics

RDA Content Types

RDA Media Types

RDA Carrier Types

RDA Carrier Characterisitcs - proposed

Attributes of Names and Resources

Attributes of names and titles are typically information that has been recorded in name headings (e.g., date of birth) or in uniform title headings (e.g., key for music) -- or they may have been included in a note in an Authority record for the name or title. With RDA they may be recorded separately from the heading or as part of the heading (or both). New fields for these attributes have been established for names and for resources (works and expressions).

New MARC Authority fields for name attributes:

046 - Special Coded Dates (R)
368 – Other Corporate Body Attributes (R) (NEW) (proposed) – use to indicate the jurisdiction types for names of places
370 - Associated Place (R)
371 - Address (R)
372 - Field of Activity (R)
373 - Affiliation (R) - extend the field to contain names of associated institutions for corporate bodies and rename field Associated Institution (proposed)
374 - Occupation (R)
375 - Gender (R)
376 - Family Information (R)
377 - Associated Language (R)
378 - Fuller Form of Name (R) (NEW) (proposed)

New MARC Authority and Bibliographic fields for work and expression attributes:

046 - Special Coded Dates (new subfields only)
336 - Content Type (R)
377 - Associated Language (proposed) - extend to include the language of an expression and add to MARC Bibliographic.
380 - Form of Work (R)
381 - Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression (R)
382 - Medium of Performance (R) - additional subfields (under discussion)
383 - Numeric Designation of a Musical Work (R) - sdditional subfields (proposed)
384 - Key (NR)


Name to resource

Resource to resource

Name to name

Miscellaneous other changes to MARC for RDA

Sally McCallum


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