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007 - Motion Picture (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Concise

Series of still pictures on film, with or without sound, designed to be projected in rapid succession to produce the optical effect of motion.

When field 007/00 contains code m, it contains special coded information about the physical characteristics of a motion picture.

Character Positions
00 - Category of material
m - Motion picture
01 - Specific material designation
Special class of motion picture to which the item belongs., e.g., a film reel.
c - Film cartridge
f - Film cassette
o - Film roll
r - Film reel
Includes sound track film intended to accompany visual images actually not present.
u - Unspecified
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
02 - Undefined
# - Undefined
Contains blank (#) or a fill character (|).
03 - Color
Color characteristics of a motion picture.
b - Black-and-white
c - Multicolored
h - Hand colored
m - Mixed
n - Not applicable
Color characteristics are not applicable because the item has no images.
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
04 - Motion picture presentation format
Presentation format for motion pictures.
a - Standard sound aperture (reduced frame)
Used for non-wide-screen formats.
b - Nonanamorphic (wide-screen)
Wide-screen effect without optically compressing the image or requiring the use of special projection techniques.
c - 3D
d - Anamorphic (wide-screen)
e - Other wide-screen format
f - Standard silent aperture (full frame)
35 mm. film on which the exposed picture is approximately the width of the space between the perforation holes of the frame.
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
05 - Sound on medium or separate
Whether the sound is on the item or separate from the item.
# - No sound (silent)
a - Sound on medium
b - Sound separate from medium
u - Unknown
| - No attempt to code
06 - Medium for sound
Specific medium used to carry the sound of an item (whether that sound is carried on the item itself or is in the form of accompanying material) and the type of sound playback required.
# - No sound (silent)
a - Optical sound track on motion picture film
b - Magnetic sound track on motion picture film
c - Magnetic audio tape in cartridge
d - Sound disc
e - Magnetic audio tape on reel
f - Magnetic audio tape in cassette
g - Optical and magnetic sound track on motion picture film
h - Videotape
i - Videodisc
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
07 - Dimensions
Width of a motion picture.
a - Standard 8 mm.
b - Super 8 mm./single 8 mm.
c - 9.5 mm.
d - 16 mm.
e - 28 mm.
f - 35 mm.
g - 70 mm.
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
08 - Configuration of playback channels
Configuration of playback channels for the sound portion of a motion picture.
k - Mixed
More than one configuration of playback channels is available on a single motion picture.
m - Monaural
n - Not applicable
Film is silent, has no sound or sound is on separate medium (007/05 contains b).
q - Quadraphonic, multichannel, or surround
s - Stereophonic
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
09 - Production elements
Whether the film is part of a complete production or is a preliminary or post-production element.
a - Workprint
Print from the original camera footage which is edited to a fine degree to achieve the final version.
b - Trims
Sections of shots remaining after the desired portions have been incorporated into the workprint.
c - Outtakes
Shots discarded in the editing of a film.
d - Rushes
First positive prints from the laboratory of the previous day's shooting.
e - Mixing tracks
Separate sound tracks that are combined for the final film sound track.
f - Title bands/inter-title rolls
Printed captions or titles separated from their corresponding picture.
g - Production rolls
Various types of production elements (film usually wound on cores) before they are cut and assembled into reels.
n - Not applicable
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
10 - Positive/negative aspect
Whether the film is positive or negative.
a - Positive
Colors and/or tonal values are the same as the original subject matter.
b - Negative
For a black-and-white film, tonal values are the opposite of those in the original subject matter. For a color film, tonal values are the complements of the original subject matter (e.g., red appears as green in a color negative).
n - Not applicable
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
11 - Generation
How far away from the original material the item is (e.g., the actual negative film or original videotape in the camera). Generation data is used to evaluate the quality of available copies, to make preservation decisions, and to identify materials available for viewing and research.
d - Duplicate
e - Master
o - Original
r - Reference print/viewing copy
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
12 - Base of film
a - Safety base, undetermined
c - Safety base, acetate undetermined
d - Safety base, diacetate
i - Nitrate base
m - Mixed base (nitrate and safety)
n - Not applicable
Item does not have a film base, e.g., paper film.
p - Safety base, polyester
r - Safety base, mixed
Mixed safety base films spliced together, but no nitrate film.
t - Safety base, triacetate
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
13 - Refined categories of color
More specific color characteristics of the moving image than are contained in 007/03 (Color).
a - 3 layer color
b - 2 color, single strip
c - Undetermined 2 color
d - Undetermined 3 color
e - 3 strip color
f - 2 strip color
g - Red strip
h - Blue or green strip
i - Cyan strip
j - Magenta strip
k - Yellow strip
l - S E N 2
m - S E N 3
n - Not applicable
p - Sepia tone
q - Other tone
r - Tint
s - Tinted and toned
t - Stencil color
u - Unknown
v - Hand colored
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
14 - Kind of color stock or print
Type of color film stock or color print the item represents.
a - Imbibition dye transfer prints
b - Three-layer stock
c - Three layer stock, low fade
d - Duplitized stock
n - Not applicable
u - Unknown
z - Other
| - No attempt to code
15 - Deterioration stage
Level of deterioration of the motion picture film.
a - None apparent
b - Nitrate: suspicious odor
c - Nitrate: pungent odor
d - Nitrate: brownish, discoloration, fading, dusty
e - Nitrate: sticky
f - Nitrate: frothy, bubbles, blisters
g - Nitrate: congealed
h - Nitrate: powder
k - Non-nitrate: detectable deterioration
l - Non-nitrate: advanced deterioration
m - Non-nitrate: disaster
| - No attempt to code
16 - Completeness
Whether or not the item being cataloged is judged to be complete.
c - Complete
i - Incomplete
n - Not applicable
u - Unknown
| - No attempt to code
17-22 - Film inspection date
Six characters that indicate the most recent film inspection date; the date is recorded in the pattern ccyymm (century/year/month). A hyphen is used for any unknown portion of the date. Six fill characters (||||||) are used if no attempt is made to code these character positions.

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