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048 - Number of Musical Instruments or Voices Code (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Concise

Two-character code that indicates the medium of performance for a musical composition. Also contains the number of parts, indicated by a two-digit number immediately following the code for the musical instruments or voices (e.g., va02, a two-part composition for Voices - Soprano). The number of parts may be omitted if not specified.

First - Undefined
# - Undefined
Second - Source of code
# - MARC code
7 - Source specified in subfield ‡2
Subfield Codes
$a - Performer or ensemble (R)
Two-character code for a performer or ensemble (from the list below) and, if applicable, a two-digit number specifying the number of parts.
$b - Soloist (R)
Two-character alphabetic code for a soloist (from the list below) and, if applicable, a two-digit number specifying the number of parts.
$2 - Source of code (NR)
Code from: Musical Instrumentation and Voice Code Source Codes.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.

MARC 21 Instruments or Voices Codes
ba Brass - Horn
bb Brass - Trumpet
bc Brass - Cornet
bd Brass - Trombone
be Brass - Tuba
bf Brass - Baritone
bn Brass - Unspecified
bu Brass - Unknown
by Brass - Ethnic
bz Brass - Other
ca Choruses - Mixed
cb Choruses - Women's
cc Choruses - Men's
cd Choruses - Children's
cn Choruses - Unspecified
cu Choruses - Unknown
cy Choruses - Ethnic
ea Electronic - Synthesizer
eb Electronic - Tape
ec Electronic - Computer
ed Electronic - Ondes Martinot
en Electronic - Unspecified
eu Electronic - Unknown
ez Electronic - Other
ka Keyboard - Piano
kb Keyboard - Organ
kc Keyboard - Harpsichord
kd Keyboard - Clavichord
ke Keyboard - Continuo
kf Keyboard - Celeste
kn Keyboard - Unspecified
ku Keyboard - Unknown
ky Keyboard - Ethnic
kz Keyboard - Other
oa Larger ensemble - Full orchestra
ob Larger ensemble - Chamber orch.
oc Larger ensemble - String orchestra
od Larger ensemble - Band
oe Larger ensemble - Dance orchestra
of Larger ensemble - Brass band (brass with some doubling, with or without percussion)
on Larger ensemble - Unspecified
ou Larger ensemble - Unknown
oy Larger ensemble - Ethnic
oz Larger ensemble - Other
pa Percussion - Timpani
pb Percussion - Xylophone
pc Percussion - Marimba
pd Percussion - Drum
pn Percussion - Unspecified
pu Percussion - Unknown
py Percussion - Ethnic
pz Percussion - Other
sa Strings, bowed - Violin
sb Strings, bowed - Viola
sc Strings, bowed - Violoncello
sd Strings, bowed - Double bass
se Strings, bowed - Viol
sf Strings, bowed - Viola d'amore
sg Strings, bowed - Viola da gamba
sn Strings, bowed - Unspecified
su Strings, bowed - Unknown
sy Strings, bowed - Ethnic
sz Strings, bowed - Other
ta Strings, plucked - Harp
tb Strings, plucked - Guitar
tc Strings, plucked - Lute
td Strings, plucked - Mandolin
tn Strings, plucked - Unspecified
tu Strings, plucked - Unknown
ty Strings, plucked - Ethnic
tz Strings, plucked - Other
va Voices - Soprano
vb Voices - Mezzo Soprano
vc Voices - Alto
vd Voices - Tenor
ve Voices - Baritone
vf Voices - Bass
vg Voices - Counter tenor
vh Voices - High voice
vi Voices - Medium voice
vj Voices - Low voice
vn Voices - Unspecified
vu Voices - Unknown
vy Voices - Ethnic
wa Woodwinds - Flute
wb Woodwinds - Oboe
wc Woodwinds - Clarinet
wd Woodwinds - Bassoon
we Woodwinds - Piccolo
wf Woodwinds - English horn
wg Woodwinds - Bass clarinet
wh Woodwinds - Recorder
wi Woodwinds - Saxophone
wn Woodwinds - Unspecified
wu Woodwinds - Unknown
wy Woodwinds - Ethnic
wz Woodwinds - Other
zn Unspecified instruments
zu Unknown
048 #7$bvso01$atth01$atch01$akor01$2[code for controlled list]
048 #7$apcg01$apct01$apxy02$apta01$2[code for controlled list]
048 ##$aka01$asa01$asc01
048 ##$bvi01$aka01
048 ##$akb01
048 ##$boe01$aoa
048 ##$bva02$bvc01$bvd01$bvf02$aca04$aoc

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