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546 - Language Note (R)

MARC 21 LITE Bibliographic
April 2008

Textual information on the language of the described materials. A description of the alphabet, script, or other symbol system (e.g., arabic alphabet, ASCII, musical notation system, bar code, logarithmic graphing) may also be included. Coded language information is contained in fields 008/35-37 (Language) and/or 041 (Language code).

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First - Undefined
# - Undefined
Second - Undefined
# - Undefined
Subfield Codes
$a - Language note (NR)
$b - Information code or alphabet (R)
Name of the alphabet, script, or information code that is used to record the language.
546 ##$aIn Hungarian; summaries in French, German, or Russian.
546 ##$aEnglish, French, or German.
546 ##$aLatin;$bRoman alphabet.

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