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730 - Added Entry-Uniform Title (R)

MARC 21 LITE Bibliographic
April 2008

Uniform title, a related or an analytical title that is controlled by an authority file or list, used as an added entry.

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First - Nonfiling characters
0-9 - Number of nonfiling characters
Second - Type of added entry
# - No information provided
Subfield Codes
$a - Uniform title (NR)
$n - Number of part/section of a work (R)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
730 0#$aGone with the wind (Motion picture)
730 0#$aPeople speak (Radio program)
730 0#$a60 minutes (Television program)
730 0#$aEconomics library selections.$nSeries I,$pNew books in economics.

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