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852 - Location (R)

MARC 21 LITE Bibliographic
April 2008

Identifies the organization holding the item or from which it is available. May also contain detailed information about how to locate the item in a collection.

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First - Shelving scheme
# - No information provided
Second - Shelving order
# - No information provided
Subfield Codes
$a - Location (NR)
Institution or person holding the item or from which access is given. Contains a MARC code of the holding institution or the name of the institution or person.
The source of the code is the MARC Code List for Organizations or an affiliated list.
$b - Sublocation or collection (R)
Specific department, library, etc., within the holding organization in which the item is located or from which it is available.
$c - Shelving location (R)
$h - Classification part (NR)
$i - Item part (R)
$j - Shelving control number (NR)
$t - Copy number (NR)
$x - Nonpublic note (R)
$z - Public note (R)
$2 - Source of classification or shelving scheme (NR)
MARC code that identifies the source from which the classification or shelving was assigned. It is used only when the first indicator position contains value 7 (Source specified in subfield $2). Code from: MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions.
852 ##$aCLU
852 ##$aNational Archives and Records Service$bGenealogical Research Recording
852 ##$aCSf$bSci$t1
852 ##$aNational Geographic Society$bPersonnel Dept.
852 ##$a[location identifier]$bMain$coversize shelving
852 ##$aMH$cCurrent issues in R.R.$x1-54 on order in Microfiche

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