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008 - Fixed-Length Data Elements (NR)

MARC 21 Classification - Concise

Fourteen character positions (00-13) that contain positionally-defined data elements that provide coded information about the record as a whole or about data in field 153 (Classification Number). Each character position must contain either a defined code or a fill character ( | ).

Character Positions
00-05 - Date entered on file
Six numeric characters that specify the date the MARC 21 record was created. The date is recorded in the pattern yymmdd ( yy for the year, mm for the month, and dd for the day). The fill character (|) is not allowed in any of these positions.
06 - Kind of record
Whether the classification record contains data from a schedule, a table, or an index.
a - Schedule record
b - Table record
c - Index term record
07 - Type of number
Whether field 153 (Classification Number) contains a single number, a defined number span, or a summary number span.
a - Single number
b - Defined number span
c - Summary number span
n - Not applicable
08 - Classification validity
Whether the classification number or span in field 153 (Classification Number) is valid, partially invalid, completely invalid, or obsolete.
a - Valid
b - First number of span invalid
c - Last number of span invalid
d - Completely invalid
e - Obsolete
n - Not applicable
09 - Standard or optional designation
Whether field 153 (Classification Number) contains a standard or optional classification number or span in the classification scheme identified in field 084 (Classification Scheme and Edition).
a - Standard
b - Optional
n - Not applicable
10 - Record update in process
Whether a change in any field in a record is being considered.
a - Record can be used
b - Record is being updated
11 - Level of establishment
Extent to which the formulation of the the 1XX number or term conforms to the classification scheme coded in field 084 (Classification Scheme and Edition).
a - Fully established
c - Provisional
12 - Synthesized number indication
Whether field 153 contains a synthesized classification number or number span.
a - Not synthesized
b - Synthesized
n - Not applicable
13 - Display controller
Whether the classification number in field 153 (Classification Number) appears in the standard schedules or tables or only in an extended display.
a - Displayed in standard schedules or tables
b - Extended display

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