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843 - Reproduction Note (R)

MARC 21 Holdings - Concise

Description of an item that is a reproduction of original materials. Used when an institution chooses to have the main portion of the bibliographic record description reflect the original and the notes in field 843 reflect information about the copy.

First - Undefined
# - Undefined
Second - Undefined
# - Undefined
Subfield Codes
$a - Type of reproduction (NR)
Introductory phrase (ending with a period) that identifies the type of reproduction described in the field.
$b - Place of reproduction (R)
$c - Agency responsible for reproduction (R)
$d - Date of reproduction (NR)
$e - Physical description of reproduction (NR)
$f - Series statement of reproduction (R)
$m - Dates of publication and/or sequential designation of issues reproduced (R)
$n - Note about reproduction (R)
$3 - Materials specified (NR)
Part of the bibliographic item to which the field applies. Subfield $3 is the first subfield in the field.
$5 - Institution to which field applies (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$7 - Fixed-length data elements of reproduction (NR)
Fifteen fixed-position character positions (designated 0, 1-4, etc.) that contain coded information pertaining to the reproduction. These character positions correspond to the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data field 008 (Fixed-Length Data Elements), character positions 06-17 (All Formats), 18-19 (Continuing resources), and 23 (Books). Each character position must contain either a defined code or a fill character (|). Subfield $7 is always the last subfield in the field.
/0 - Type of date/Publication status
Type of dates given in subfield $7 positions 1-4 (Date 1) and 5-8 (Date 2). Any code found in the description of 008/06 (Type of date/Publication status) except code r (Reprint/reissue date and original date) may be used.
/1-4 - Date 1
Determination of dates for subfield $7, positions 1-4 is made concurrently with the choice of code for position 0.
/5-8 - Date 2
Determination of dates for subfield $7 positions 5-8 is made concurrently with the choice of code for position 0.
/9-11 - Place of publication, production, or execution
Place of publication, production, or execution. Two-character codes are left justified and the unused position contains a blank (#). Code from: MARC Code List for Countries.
/12 - Frequency
Frequency of the reproduction. This element is used is conjunction with subfield $7 position 13 (Regularity).
/13 - Regularity
Regularity of a serial reproduction. Used in conjunction with 12 (Frequency).
/14 - Form of item
Form of material for the reproduction in hand. The appropriate code found in 008/23 (Form of item) of the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data for books is used.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$bWashington, D.C. :$cUnited States Historical Documents Institute,$d[1972]$e12 reels ; 35 mm.$7s1972####dcun#a
843 ##$aMicrofiche.$b[Ottawa] :$cNational Archives of Canada,$d[1978?]$e2 microfiches (132 fr.) ; 11 x 15 cm.$7s1978####oncn#b
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$bWashington, D.C. :$cLibrary of Congress, Photoduplication Service,$d1981.$e1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.$7s1981####dcun#a
843 ##$aFacsim.$bIthaca, N.Y. :$cHistoric Urban Plans,$d1968.$emounted on cloth backing.
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$m1950-1963.$bWebster, N.Y. :$cPhotographic Sciences Corp.,$d1974-$e2 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.$7c19501963nyuuua
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$mJan. 1959-Apr. 1970.$bAnn Arbor, Mich. :$cUniversity Microfilms International,$d1980.$7d19591970miuuua
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$m1960-1968.$bWashington, D.C. :$cLibrary of Congress,$d[1983?]$e10 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.$7d19601968dcuuua
843 ##$aMicrofiche.$mJan. 1930-Nov. 1945.$bGlen Rock, N.J. :$cMicrofilming Corp. of America,$d1975.$e66 microfiches.$7d19301945njumrb
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$m1950-1954.$bMillwood, N.Y. :$cKTO Microfilm,$d1966.$e5 microfilm reels : negative ; 35 mm.$7d19501954nyuara
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$mApr. 1920-Mar. 1935.$bAnn Arbor, Mich. :$cUniversity Microfilms International,$d1966?-1980.$e15 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.$7d19201935miumra
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$mJuly 1919-Nov. 1925.$bAnn Arbor, Mich :$cUniversity Microfilms International,$d1966?-1980.$e15 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.$f(Current periodical series :publication no. 2313).$7d19191925miuuua
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$mVol. 1, no. 1 (Apr. 1983)-v. 1, no. 3 (June 1983).$bBerkeley, Calif. :$cUniversity of California, Library Photographic Service,$d1986.$e1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.$7d19831983cauuua
843 ##$aMicrofiche.$m1961-$bWashington, D.C. :$cU.S. G.P.O.,$d1990-$emicrofiches : negative.$7c19619999dcuuub
843 ##$aMicrofilm.$mVol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1837)-v. 20, no. 12 (Dec. 1856).$bWashington, D.C. :$cLibrary of Congress Photoduplication Service,$d1971.$e3 microfilm reels; 35 mm.$nIssues for 1853-1856 on reel with: Journal of the American Temperance Union and the New York prohibitionist, v. 21, no. 7 (July 1857)-v. 24 (1860).
843 ##$3Corrrespondence files$aMicrofilm.$bMiddleton, Conn. :$cWesleyan University Archives,$d1973.$e35 mm. negative.$7s1973####ctun#a
843 ##$3German Foreign Ministry Archives, 1867-1920$aMicrofilm.$bWhaddon Hall, Buckinghamshire, England :$cAmerican Historical Association.$e434 rolls.$f(Seized enemy records series).$7n########enkn#a
843 ##$3v.1-39(1927-1965)$aElectronic reproduction.$bIthaca, NY :$cCornell University Library,$d2001$f(Core historical literature of agriculture)$5NIC
843 ##$3v.40-49(1966-1975)$aElectronic reproduction.$b[Chicago] : University of Chicago Library,$d[2006]$5ICU
843 ##$aMicrofiche.$b[New York :$cNew York Public Library,$d197-?]$e4 microfiches: negative.$7q19701979nyun#b

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