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DATE: December 18, 2014

NAME: Definition of New Code for Leased Resources in Field 008/07 in the MARC21 Holdings Format

SOURCE: British Library

SUMMARY: This paper proposes the definition of a new code for leased resources in 008/07 (Method of acquisition) in the MARC21 Holdings Format. 

KEYWORDS: Method of acquisition (HD); Field 008/07 (HD); Leased resources (HD)


12/18/14 – Made available to the MARC community for discussion.

01/31/15 – Results of MARC Advisory Committee discussion: Approved as submitted.

03/23/15 - Results of MARC Steering Group review - Agreed with the MAC decision.

Proposal No. 2015-05: Definition of New Code for Leased Resources in Field 008/07


A variety of business models are available for the purchasing of e-book and e-journal resources. Depending on the model selected, a library may own a resource in perpetuity or use the content for a designated period of time. At present, codes are available in field 008/07 (Method of acquisition) of the Holdings Format to record purchased acquisition. However, these codes make no distinction between permanent and temporary purchase. The British Library proposes that coding be added to field 008/07 which specifically allows the leased acquisition of a resource to be recorded.   


The current definition of 008/07 in the Holdings format is as follows:

Field 008/07 (Method of acquisition) describes how reporting organizations acquire bibliographic items. Code “p” identifies items acquired through purchase; code “c” identifies items acquired through a cooperative purchase in circumstances where the library has expended its own funds; code “n” identifies items acquired on behalf of the library by an external agency in circumstances where the library has not expended its own funds. No equivalent coding currently exists to record details pertaining to leased resources.

The British Library analysed the Holdings Format to establish whether alternative means were available to record the method of acquisition for leased resources. Field 541 (Immediate Source of Acquisition Note) subfield $c (Method of acquisition) may be used to record precise information regarding the source of acquisition in the form of a free text note. However, 541 subfield $c is a manually entered subfield without a fixed range of values. This makes its use alone to identify leased resources undesirable from the perspective of machine actionability.

It would be useful to define additional coding in 008/07 for leased resources. Purchasing models for e-books and e-journals are changing quickly; over the longer term it may be necessary to define multiple codes in order to distinguish between various types of lease. However, for the present, the British Library only proposes that coding be provided which represents leased resources as a whole.


BIBFRAME does not have elements related to acquisition information at this time.


In field 008/07 (Method of Acquisition) in the MARC 21 Holdings Format define the following code:

q - Lease
Acquired through lease.

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