DATE: November 15, 1997

NAME: Additional definition of field 080 (UDC) in the USMARC Bibliographic Format

SOURCE: ELNET Consortium Working Group, Estonia

SUMMARY: This proposal suggests defining subfields for field 080 (Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)) to indicate edition and subdivisions of the UDC numbers.

KEYWORDS: Universal Decimal Classification; UDC; field 080 (BD)



11/15/98 - Forwarded to USMARC Advisory Group for discussion at the January 1998 MARBI meetings.

1/10/98 - Result of USMARC Advisory Group discussion - Approved, and additionally make the same changes to field 080 in the USMARC Community Information format.

2/11/98 - Result of final LC review - Approved.

PROPOSAL NO. 98-5: Additions to field 080 (UDC)


The National Library and a consortium of libraries in Estonia are
using the USMARC format for their bibliographic data.  They apply
UDC numbers to documents, usually several per  document, in order
to provide subject access.  Field 080 (Universal Decimal
Classification Number) has never been fully developed in USMARC
because format users have never used UDC numbers to any great
extent.  This group of users need to control and manipulate the UDC
numbers much as the users of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)
do in field 082.  For example, field 082 has an indicator for the
general type of edition, a subfield $2 for the specific edition,
and the field is repeatable.  


The following changes and additions could be made to field 080 to
make it more useful for subject retrieval.

080     Universal Decimal Classification Number (R)

The field needs to be changed from Not Repeatable to Repeatable
since multiple UDC numbers are usually assigned to an item and they
could come from different editions.  The field was formerly not
repeatable with a repeating subfield $a, since there was only one
subfield, and thus there was no need to associate sets of subfields
within the field. 

    First      Undefined
    Second Undefined

Subfield Codes
    #a  Classification number (NR)
        Includes a Special auxiliary subdivision if appropriate.
    #x  Common auxiliary subdivision (R)
    #b  Item number (NR)
    #2  Edition (NR)

Subfields need to be added to indicate Common auxiliary
subdivisions of the main UDC classification, the specific edition
of UDC, and the item number.  

Subfields for Common auxiliary subdivisions and edition are
requested by the Estonian librarians.  The separate subfield for
Common auxiliary subdivisions is needed because in UDC there are no
"main" numbers for concepts that occur in, for example, the Common
subdivisions of form.  An encyclopedia is (03), not a number in 030
(as in DDC).  In UDC, a number like 030 would mean a book about
encyclopedias, such as Collison's work.  It is therefore possible
to have two (or multiple) Common subdivisions, one of which is
being used in a subject sense and the other in a standard
subdivision sense (e.g. a bibliography of encyclopedias).  They are
not alternative numbers.  

In UDC no auxiliary is attached to a main number without some kind
of facet indicator, such as bracket, inverted comma, hyphen, etc. 
They therefore all stand as separate entities, rather than being
built onto a main number connected by 0 as in DDC.  Each element in
UDC is, as a general rule, a separate, identifiable entity and can
be readily identified from its notation.  When two parts of the
main scheme are joined together (similar to DDC "Add to") a colon
is used, so that they remain separate entities with clearly
identifiable main class notation.  Example:   631.111.4:502.4 -
Farm location in nature reserves 
It is also possible in UDC to use a main class number, e.g., 311,
as though it were an auxiliary, e.g., 63:311 Agricultural

The Item number is not currently used by the Estonian group.  It is
suggested here since it is defined for other classification number
fields, in case one of the classification numbers is used also as
a shelving number.  The subfield $a is changed from Repeatable to
Not Repeatable.  The field would be repeated for each new number
assigned.  Subfield 2 would contain a identification of the
edition; the content of the subfield needs to be worked out.  It
should contain an indication of the edition through name and
sequential or temporal designation. 

    080    ## #a971.1/.2#2[code]
    080    ## #a631.321:631.411.3#2[code]
    080    ## #a001.81#2[code]
    080    ## #a82:111.852#2[code]
    080    ## #a821.113.4-14#2[code]
    080    ## #a821.133.1#x(494)#2[code]
    080    ## #a94#x(474.2)#x"19"#x(075)#x(075)#2[code]


The following is presented for consideration:
In the USMARC Bibliographic Format, change field 080 (Universal
Decimal Classification Number):
-   Change the repeatability of the field from Not Repeatable to
-   Change subfield $a (Classification Number) from Repeatable to
    Not Repeatable. 
-   Add the following subfields:
        #x Common auxiliary subdivision (R)
        #b Item number (NR)
        #2 Edition (NR)

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