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This category contains systems that collect, organize and manage MARC 21 records. For example, integrated library systems and stand-alone information retrieval applications are included in this category.

For more information about these systems, please see their corresponding websites.


Systems Listing

ABCD is a free and open source software for libraries. It is an ILS software with the classical components: cataloging, loan, patron administration, statistics, journal subscription management, OPAC. The user can also build other databases in it and thus use it as a database software. Different formats are provide, among which MARC21, and now also MARC21 with RDA integrated. Standard languages are English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, although other interfaces have been developed and are integrated in the most recent versions, e.g. Amharic (i.e. the official language of Ethiopia). Users can be found in libraries all over the world, especially in developing countries in Africa, Latin-America and Asia. (At this moment RDA is only implemented in English and Spanish.) ABCD is provided in a Windows and a Linux version.
AbsysNET is an Integrated Library System (ILS) that has been implemented in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, France and the Caribbean. It is a leader in the Spanish-language market, and is used in more than 3000 libraries, particularly public and university libraries.

AbsysNET is a full web multi-platform application with all the usual modules of a modern ILS, including: cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, management, circulation, OPAC, etc. It also has Web 2.0 capabilities such as social tagging, feedback and ratings from users or links to social sites and services such as Facebook,, etc.

AbsysNET's data model and functionalities are based on international standards including MARC21, METS, OAI and Z39.50.
AGent MARCit®
AGent MARCit® is a user-contributed MARC resource that enables public libraries to share over 20 million bibliographic records. AGent MARCit® utilizes web-based AGent® technology to provide catalogers with a single point of access to Library of Congress databases and other user-contributed cataloging resources in a federated search environment. A variety of cataloging tasks taskes can be performed, with all changes reflected in real-time. AGent MARCit® includes an advanced MARC record editor, a variety of administrative tools, and more to streamline workflow .


Auto-Graphics, Inc.
3201 Temple Avenue, Suite 100
Pomona CA 91768-3279 USA
Voice: 800.776.6939 (toll-free) or 909.595.7004
Fax: 909.595.3506
The Aleph integrated library system provides academic, research, and national libraries with the tools and workflow support they need. Customizable components are tailored to accommodate the requirements of institutions of all types and sizes, from single-branch libraries to the largest of consortia and national libraries. User-friendly workflows and intuitive graphical interfaces increase staff efficiency and enhance the patron experience. Growth and expansion features enable libraries and consortia to continually re-envision and recreate their working environments. Built on an Oracle® database, Aleph runs on a range of operating systems. Employing system-wide XML technology, Aleph offers third-party integration through an XML gateway. Full Unicode support provides multidirectional and multiscript text capabilities. Users can interface with the system in their preferred language, and libraries can create new language interfaces.
Follett Software Company continues to support current customers of the Athena library automation system, which combines circulation, catalog searching (OPAC), cataloging, and inventory function. The system is no longer available to new customers. To learn more about our new state-of-the-art Destiny Library Manager solution, contact your Follett Software Company sales representative.
Athena provides a solid foundation of easy searching, fast cataloging, and streamlined circulation and inventory:
  • Launch Athena Multi-user several times on one workstation, then work from several separate, resizable windows
  • Easily identify and notify patrons with items on hold
  • Create bibliographies by simply scanning barcodes
  • Use a SLIP printer to print patron circulation summaries and fine receipts
  • Rank search results by relevance and identify material types in search results with customizable icons
  • Search on full subjects from the Advanced Search or Visual Search screens
  • Search other Z39.50 libraries with Athena zMARC - fully integrated Z39.50 search interface
  • Capture pictures from the Internet or any other source to create your own Visual Search buttons
  • Store patron email addresses


Follett Software Company
1391 Corporate Drive
McHenry IL 60050-7041 USA
Voice: 800.533.5430 or 815.578.7132
Fax: 800.807.3623 or 815.344.8774
BIBLIObase is a cataloging system that allows one to generate appropriate and complete MARC 21 bibliographic records. It includes many different editing and cataloging tools and allows users to import and export MARC records in the ISO 2709 format and in one internal format (for major compatibility). See description under MARC Specialized Tools --- BIBLIObase
Brodart is a full-service library company offering state-of-the-art online tools, shelf-ready materials complete with cataloging and processing, bibliographic services, and consulting exclusively to libraries. Customers can select from more than four million English-language titles, Spanish-language materials, plus audio and video products.
CARL.X provides:
  • New dimensions of finding, learning, and self-service
  • Google-like search engine options with fast graphical presentation of search results
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities
Medium to large public libraries and consortia can benefit from the sophisticated features of CARL.X on an affordable UNIX platform.
Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc.
Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc. offers full MARC21 cataloging for libraries and a web-hosted OPAC. See description under MARC Record Services --- Cassidy
Catalis - Free / Open Source (MIT License)
Catalis is a web application that allows creating, importing and editing AACR2/MARC 21 bibliographic records. The current version needs Internet Explorer 6 as the client, but it may be installed on both Windows and Linux servers. Catalis uses CDS/ISIS databases, through Bireme's WWWISIS. Catalis is distributed free under the MIT license. There is an online demo on the website. Please note that the Catalis website, documentation and user interface are in Spanish.
BiblioMondo's Concerto ILS suite has been built to meet the demands of medium to large-sized libraries and library consortia in Europe, specifically the English, Dutch, German and Swiss markets, Concerto™'s multi-tier architecture, on-the-fly multilingual interface, seamless cross-module workflow and rapid performance has made it the perfect solution for high volume multi-branch libraries and consortia. Boasting one of the fastest systems in the industry, Concerto™'s feature rich circulation module enables real-time, high volume data processing over the lowest bandwidth lines. The latest release of Concerto™, Version 2.0, delivers an impressive list of new features and improved functionality across the board, including comprehensive ergonomic enhancements in acquisitions, enhanced EDI support and many other enhancements.
Concourse offers libraries a state-of-the-art automation system that is full featured, yet easy to administer. Standard Concourse functionality includes OPAC, circulation, cataloging, patron management, collection development, and a complete suite of configurable reports. Optional features include remote circulation, Z39.50 hosting, an authority module, web hosting, and SIF interface. Concourse supports the MARC 21 formats for bibliographic, authority, holdings and classification data. Services offered by Book Systems also include a full-service conversions department, as well as dedicated customer support and training for all of its products.
Cuadra Associates
Cuadra offers a comprehensive suite of customizable, task-oriented knowledge management solutions.
  • Collections Management: for managing the full range of archive, museum, photographic, and image collections
  • Library Automation: for managing both traditional and electronic library collections
  • Knowledge Management: for managing the “corporate memory“—the vital information being created and acquired by organizations
  • Media Management: for managing all kinds of visual collections, including those used in presentations
  • Records Management: for managing both electronic and paper records
  • Vocabulary Control: for creating and maintaining thesauri to facilitate the indexing and retrieval of data
CyberTools for Libraries
CyberTools for Libraries expands the traditional ILS model to provide integrated, seamless access to digital, online, and print resources in a single, low cost professional search portal.
  • Online catalog with A to Z lists, electronic resources management, link resolver, federated searching, plus traditional ILS features of cataloging, authority management, integrated serials management with easy predictive check-in, circulation, patron management, reporting, customizable online catalog design, reserves, and much more.
  • No need to provide separate links to collections of online resources on your website.
  • Resources provided by various publishers, vendors, and aggregators can be placed into one all-encompassing list of titles and subjects with easy-build A to Z lists.
  • A to Z lists can target all your resources: online books, journals, reference, A/V collections, or special topic / class lists you create.
  • Any size of professional special (corporate, law, health sciences) library and academic collection.
  • Easy to create shared catalogs.
  • Migration and start-up supported with interactive web-based training, quick-tours, and personalized support.


CyberTools for Libraries
75 Arlington Street, Suite 500
Boston MA 02116 USA
Voice: 800.894.9206
Fax: 888.899.0346
EOS.Web® enables librarians and knowledge services staff to work from anywhere in the world while increasing operation efficiencies, improving service to end-users, and reducing costs. The scalable, customizable design of EOS.Web meets the needs of small to large multi-site library or knowledge management resource centers, offering basic modules such as Cataloging (with an easy-to-use MARC Editor), Serials, Circulation, and Acquisitions, as well as many advanced modules such as KnowledgeBuilder, Federated Searching, and Reference Tracking. EOS.Web can be installed as a local, in-house, Web-based library automation solution running on a local network server, or hosted at the EOS Global Data Center via the popular EOS e-Library Service®. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides for global information access, significant cost reductions, and simplified operations. EOS International® is a proven library automation and knowledge management market leader. EOS offers award-winning, multi-lingual library automation software, content and knowledge management solutions - built by librarians for librarians - to corporate, legal, medical and government special libraries of all sizes for 28 years.
Evergreen - Free / Open Source (GNU GPL)
Evergreen is an open-source Integrated Library System (ILS), developed and maintained by the Georgia Public Library Service for use by the Georgia Library PINES Program, a consortium of 252 public libraries. Evergreen is a library automation system intended and designed for large library consortia and is:
  • Stable, even under extreme load.
  • Robust, capable of handling a high volume of transactions and simultaneous users.
  • Flexible, to accomodate the varied needs of a large consortia.
  • Secure, to protect patrons' privacy and data.
  • User-friendly, to facilitate patron and staff use of the system.
Evergreen is open source software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL.
eZcat/eZcat Pro
Book Systems' eZcat and eZcat Pro products offer librarians a complete suite of Z39.50 compliant utilities for managing MARC 21 records. See description under MARC Specialized Tools---eZcat/eZcat Pro
Follett Software Company
Follett Software Company is a division of Follett Corporation, known initially for building school libraries beginning in 1874. Today, Follett’s experience and expertise in library automation and materials serves as the launching pad for an expanding portfolio, which includes both information and resource management tools and solutions. Follett Corporation now serves more than 100,000 schools and universities throughout the United States and 165 countries worldwide. Follett Software’s legacy of innovation includes multiple awards, and a leading role in the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) initiative.


Follett Software Company
1391 Corporate Drive
McHenry IL 60050-7041 USA
Fax: 800.807.3623; 815.344.8774
GIS Information Systems, Inc.
Please see Polaris
Impact/ONLINE CAT is a Windows-based cataloging system which provides users with the ability to search multiple databases of MARC 21 bibliographic, authority and community information records. It also supports MARC record editing and validation. Impact/ONLINE CAT can be used with both Auto-Graphics' Impact family of products, or as a separate product for use with other systems. See description under MARC Specialized Tools--- Impact/ONLINE CAT
Inmagic's information management, library and social knowledge network solutions enable libraries to manage and gain insight from large and growing volumes of vetted and social information through powerful search and discovery capabilities, requiring minimal information technology (IT) support. Inmagic products are designed to handle many disparate types of structured and unstructured content, including documents, digital images, external Websites and social information. Products also manage more traditional and physical information assets such as books, serials and other physical artifacts. Delivered on an open, scalable and secure platform, our applications can handle both current and future knowledge management objectives.
Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
Innovative Interfaces dedicates its energies to meeting the needs of libraries and the challenges of library automation. The company has fulfilled this mission with first-rate services and products such as the Millennium integrated library system, the INN-Reach direct consortia borrowing solution, Electronic Resource Management, and the Encore discovery services platform. Today, thousands of libraries of all types in over 40 countries rely on Innovative's products, services, and support. The company is located in Emeryville, California, with offices in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Korea, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.
Insignia Library System
Insignia Software specializes in developing state of the art Education software for K-12. Insignia products are based on the latest technologies from Microsoft and are developed in .net with Microsoft SQL 2005 as the backend database. All features of insignia products are developed in-house. Insignia products are fully integrated with other Insignia products and products that are based on open standards. Insignia Software products are scalable to meet the needs of any number of schools or libraries as standalone or as a consortium. Insignia Library System is a high-end scaleable system which can be installed for a single site or a consortium of libraries. It is MARC 21, SIF, EDI, LDAP, NCIP compliant and has integrated Z39.50 client and Z39.50 Server. In addition to that it comes with acquisition system, web portal, serial module, textbook tracking and media booking system.
IsisMARC - Free / Open Source (GNU GPL)
ISISMarc is basically a data entry interface for CDS/ISIS databases that work on Windows and it is meant to replace the standard Winisis data entry window with a more powerful environment. The software was developed in co-operation with the Library of Congress (USA) and the SIU Program of the Ministry of Education of Argentina. As its name implies ISISMarc is particularly adapted for handling MARC-like formats, namely MARC21, UNIMARC, etc. However it can be used with any other CDS/ISIS database very easily. The main features of the ISISMarc software are:
  • Multi-user capable (for local area networks)
  • has independent and multi-lingual worksheets definition
  • allows single subfields units data entry, each one with a complete description
  • allows multiple subfields data entry
  • totally customisable
  • handling of authority files as external data bases
  • field or even subfield level user-help links
  • supports record validation through CDS/ISIS format
  • supports cross-data base copy/paste of records
  • supports Begin and End edition automated operations
  • built-in characters editing capabilities (uppercase to lowercase, etc) and give access to Windows’ character map
  • supports multiple users’ profiles
  • built-in Z39.50 client
  • global view of the record (through CDS/ISIS formats)
IsisMarc is distributed under the open-source General Public License (GPL).


UNESCO, Communication and Information Sector
1, rue Miollis
Paris Cedex 15 75732 France
Voice: 33.1.4568.4243
Fax: 33.1.4568.5581
Janium is a fully integrated software system to manage library or metadata collections and has been created over a three-tier architecture to reduce costs and management time. Its bibliographic control module includes features to create or import authority, bibliographic, holdings and community information MARC 21 records. Libraries may also create new information exchange formats in which to record their materials. Other Janium modules include Circulation, Serials Control, Acquisitions, Z39.50 server (and client) and Online Public Access catalog.
Koha - Free / Open Source (GNU GPL)
Koha is the first free software library automation package. In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of users collaborating to achieve their technology goals. Koha’s feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base.
  • Full-featured ILS. In use worldwide in libraries of all sizes, Koha is a true enterprise-class ILS with comprehensive functionality including basic or advanced options. Koha includes modules for circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more.
  • Full Text Searching. Koha uses an RDBMS coupled with an external search engine to provide powerful searching that is truly scalable.
  • Library Standards Compliant. Koha is built using library standards and protocols that ensure interoperability between Koha and other systems and technologies, while supporting existing workflows and tools.
  • Web-based Interfaces. Koha’s OPAC, circ, management and self-checkout interfaces are all based on standards-compliant World Wide Web technologies–XHTML, CSS and Javascript–making Koha a truly platform-independent solution.
  • Free Software / Open Source. Koha is distributed under the Free Software General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later.
  • No Vendor Lock-in. It is an important part of the free software promise that there is no vendor lock-in: libraries are free to install and use Koha themselves if they have the in-house expertise or to purchase support or development services from the best available sources. or development services from the best available sources. Libraries should be free to change their support company and export their data at any time; make sure your support company allows this.

Contact details for both free and paid support:

Liberty Automated Library
Integrated, fully featured library automation system that provides a complete and ultimately easy to use package at a price that is far below that of the competition. Searching, Cataloguing, Circulation, Reporting and many more features are included, as well as full label printing support that includes customized barcoding. It also supports the MARC 21 bibliographic format. Liberty Adapts to your library's setup, and can be implemented in record time
LibLime - Open Source
LibLime's mission is to make open-source software accessible to libraries. To that end, LibLime develops and markets affordable and customizable open-source library technology solutions, such as Koha ILS (which LibLime also distributes) and provides full vendor services on these software products including: migration assistance, training, and sofware maintenance, support and development. LibLime also helps libraries communicate and pool resources by advocating alternative models of knowledge sharing (inter-system and intra-system) that utilize core Internet technologies such as the World Wide Web, electronic databases, blogs, forums, wikis, IRC/IM, and RSS.
Library.Solution is the integrated automation solution of today -- and tomorrow. Thousands of libraries worldwide choose Library.Solution for:
  • Customized reports
  • Automatic backups
  • Automated authority control functions
  • Streamlined technical services
  • Minimal system administration
Library.Solution includes LS2 Circ, which allows you to perform basic circulation functions. Now you can access circulation from any computer with an Internet connection. In addition to mobility of use, LS2 Circ includes self-checkout functions.
With a full suite of library automation modules, you can manage one or more libraries using any standard Web browser. Modules include basic and advanced searching, cataloging, circulation, patron management, inventory, reports, permissions and settings. Multiple libraries can be combined into a dynamic union catalog to allow multi-library searching and sharing of resources. A special program called LibraryWorld OPAC, Online Patron Access Catalog, is designed to allow library users easy access to the collection either directly or through a link on an organization's Web site. Each module contains powerful functions, such as importing, exporting, and global change. Although easy to learn and use, this is a serious standards based library system designed to handle small to surprisingly large collections.
LibriVision is a Z39.50 compliant, web-based software. It can be used as either an advanced tool for search and retrieval from a number of databases or catalogs as determined by the user, or as a web OPAC, with extended borrower services. LibriVision is a Web Gateway, designed to cater for easy and efficient access to multiple information channels. It provides access to non-web based databases remotely. LibriVision may be used to search and retrieve MARC 21 records from a database, which can be displayed in several customizable formats. It supports the following MARC 21 formats: bibliographic, authority, and holdings. Likewise, it also allows for the use of non-Roman scripts. Being Z39.50/ISO 23950 compliant, LibriVision supports search and present functionality, the scan function, and history of result sets. To date, LibriVision is being used at the National Library of Australia, where it is used to update, in realtime, the National Bibliography by some 600 remote libraries. In Australia, LibriVision is reffered to as “Kinetica Web”.
MARC Report
MARC Report validates MARC 21 records according to the latest LC and OCLC standards. It is available for licensing as a 'plug-in' by vendors who choose to outsource the validation components of their integrated library systems. It is also available as a stand alone product. See description under MARC Specialized Tools---MARC Report
MiLAS Library Automation System
MiLAS is a fully web-based integrated library system first introduced in 2003. It was developed with PhP-Java over a PostGreSQL database and it runs on a Linux (Debian distro) server so that end users do not need to install any client-side programs (the whole system runs in the browser.)

The cataloging module supports full MARC21 standards with dynamic MARC field definitions that allow users to modify the underlying MARC structure as needed. There are also templates to facilitate data entry.

The system administrator can modify users' acess levels and receive detailed log reports on system usage. The system admin can also modify different system parameters.

Cataloging, OPAC, Circulation, User Management and Reports/Statistics are the standard modules. Z39.50, SIP2 and other additional features can be installed upon request.

MiLAS is multilingual and new languages can be added to the main system by translating the language definition tables. Non-Roman script support is included.

The system is able to handle more than one library on a single server, either seperately or as a combined library cluster. This makes MiLAS suitable for institutions with branch libraries that want to handle all libraries from a central location. For example, the University of Ankara has more than 30 different faculty libraries collected as a cluster. The Ministry of Culture has more than 1200 public libraries and 400 libraries clustered in a triple server system serving more than 6,000,000 records to more than 1,000 librarians and over 5,000 daily public users.
Minaret is a flexible software package for managing diverse collections in archives, libraries, and museums. With the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of objects, Minaret is very easy to use due to its large variety of "fill in the blank" screens for different types of collections. Likewise, it validates field data using authority lists that can be either internally created or imported from other databases. Minaret also allows users to browse any index in a database using its index browser and includes built-in imaging support that allows users to link images to database records. It supports the MARC 21 bibliographic, authority and classification formats and runs under Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher. Please note that Minaret does not run properly under Windows XP.
NOTEbookS is a full-featured LOTUS NOTES based library automation system. It not only supports the MARC 21 bibliographic, authority, holdings, classification and community information formats, but also Z39.50 technology. NOTEbookS allows the integration of cataloging, research, serials management and acquisitions into a LOTUS NOTES information infrastructure.
102 NovaDoc
102 NovaDoc is document management software that is based on MARC and Dublin Code standards. It supports the complete management of its documentation center, applying the latest standards in force. In this way, it acts as innovative software to help the center evolve into document management technologies. It supports all MARC 21 formats and also Z39.50 technologies.


102 Novadoc, s.l.
Polígono Industrial Cabezo Beaza - C/Berlín, edificio CEEIC, Oficina 1.1
Cartagena Murcia 30395 España
Voice: 968.32.40.97
Fax: 968.32.40.97
OCLC, Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
OCLC offers cataloging services and tools for libraries using the MARC 21 bibliographic and authority formats. OCLC also provides off-site cataloging services so that libraries can focus on other priority tasks. Libraries using OCLC have access to WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog), the world's largest bibliographic database containing more than 49 million cataloging records. Catalogers find the record they need up to 99 percent of the time when searching WorldCat. OCLC offers a multitude of flexible options, including copy cataloging, original record creation, interactive and batch access, languages including Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, all materials formats, authority control, database preparation, technical processing and retrospective conversion.
Ovid Technologies
Ovid Technologies is an internationally recognized leader of electronic medical, scientific, and academic research information solutions. By providing a customizable suite of content, tools and services, Ovid supports the diverse research needs of its 13 million users worldwide.
  • Content: Get access to thousands of the world's most influential journals, texts, and databases.
  • Tools: From searching and navigation to results, full-text, and personalization - Ovid offers a full suite of online and local state-of-the-art user tools.
  • Services: Choose from a variety of training and customization services.
Easy to implement and administer, Polaris ILS coordinates, automates and seamlessly integrates cataloging, circulation, acquisitions, serials control, PAC functions, and many third-party partners.
  • Installed in over 1,000 libraries across the country
  • Over 30 years of continuous ownership
  • Constant incorporation of leading technology
  • Dedicated to a single ILS platform
  • Data migration is quick and efficient
  • Leading diagnostic program built in
  • Powerful, built-in reporting tool
  • Extranet features tools for virtually any position in the library
  • Robust customer extranet
  • Timely upgrades based on input from customers and in-house experts
The PortFolio™ ILS suite has been developed to provide a comprehensive automation solution for mid- to large-sized libraries in North America and France. The system's highly flexible and configurable web-based design, intelligent workflow, rich functionality and rapid real-time data exchange across all modules are some of the hallmarks of this world-renowned library software. Version 6, the latest evolution in the PortFolio™ line, delivers a host of new features and functionalities, along with an entirely re-designed and re-architected serials control module that is widely considered one of the very best in the industry.
Sirsi Corporation
Please see the Unicorn Library Management System
SIRS Mandarin M3 Library Automation System
The SIRS Mandarin M3 Library Automation System provides the power and flexibility of a large full-service automation installation at the price of a PC system. M3 includes a specially-constructed full MARC record search engine, MARC record database and integrated MARC editor, 32-bit client/server architecture, full Windows functionality, advanced cataloging and circulation features and a reports editor. It supports the MARC 21 bibliographic, authority, holdings and community information formats. Add-on modules include Z39.50 (level 3) Server & Client modules, a Web Gateway for Students and Adults and a Web Gateway for children that uses a graphical interface specially designed for young library users. Other add-on modules for the SIRS Mandarin M3 Library Automation System include serials and acquisitions modules and a Mac OPAC. M3 also provides training, program updates, retrospective conversion service and superior technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Softlink has been exclusively dedicated to the development and support of advanced library and information management solutions for 25 years. We believe in using the latest technology to provide easy-to-use yet functionally advanced tools to support the needs of a wide range of information specialists, educators, and information seekers.

Built with more than two decades of industry focus and experience, Softlink solutions are proven with time to increase the efficiency of library staff and to enhance the value of the library to their users, organisation, community, and schools across the globe.

Softlink’s dedication to excellence has been recognised by over 10,000 customers worldwide.

Significant and ongoing commitments to product research and development, library industry research, and customer feedback ensure Softlink solutions continue to meet the needs of the most demanding library.

Softlink solutions are enhanced by a range of services that are provided by a team of qualified and experienced Library and IT staff.

A philosophy of librarian-driven software design, empowered with leading technology meets the demands of library & IT staff and the needs of library users. Softlink customers, therefore, are kept at the leading edge of library and IT industry developments and at the forefront of information management.

Softlink is currently working with more than 10,000 libraries across 108 nations and all library sectors. A growing international Softlink client base is supported by a strong global network of over 30 offices and agents.


Softlink America
720 Third Avenue, Suite 2220
Seattle WA 98104 USA
Voice: 877.454.2725
Surpass SL
If your library has fewer than 5,000 volumes, Surpass SL is for you! If you need to provide access to your catalog via the Internet, then Surpass Web SL can meet your need. Surpass SL and Surpass Web SL are ideal for small libraries such as:
  • Churches and synagogues
  • Small private, parochial, and charter schools
  • Small corporate libraries and resource centers
  • Private collections
Each Surpass SL bundle includes all the software you need to get your small library automated, including a full-featured searchable patron catalog. Our SL bundles also include one year of free technical support to help you get up and running. Just add an optional barcode scanner and you're ready to go.
TeraText Database System
The TeraText Database System (DBS) is a Z39.50 compliant full text database with integrated search capabilities. It supports a number of data formats including SGML, XML, RTF, MARC, and binary images. MARC 21 is handled as a native field type and an extensive set of functions are available for manipulating MARC data. The TeraText DBS is fully compliant with the Z39.50standard for distributed search and retrieval, enabling exceptional scalability and performance for handling large text collections. Search features include fuzzy matching, proximity queries at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels, boolean operators, ranking, sorting, field-based queries, wildcards (truncation) and saving of result sets. Other product features include data compression, full Unicode support, API's in C, Java, and Ace (TeraText's own object-oriented scripting language), access control (field-level, record-level), and a number of administrative tools. Several platforms are supported, including Windows, Solaris, and Linux.


1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy, Suite 200
Annapolis Maryland 21401 USA
Voice: 410.266.0993 Main; 866.839.8898 Toll-Free
Fax: 410.266.3822
Unicorn Library Management System
SirsiDynix Unicorn® Library Management System provides an open, versatile, scalable solution for managing all technical and public services within the library – enabling your institution to be more productive while providing your users with the highest quality of service. Unicorn’s n-Tier client/server architecture ensures the flexibility, scalability, and modularity needed for SirsiDynix to expand, evolve, and update the system to keep it fresh and effective and to meet the needs of all types and sizes of libraries
  • Flexible, scalable, and versatile client/server architecture that meets current library needs and evolves for the future
  • Relational database management system (RDBMS) technology at the heart of Unicorn offers the full power of today’s leading RDBMS solutions
  • Based on industry standards to provide compatibility with other technologies and systems
  • Application programming inter- faces (APIs) to all modules provide more and deeper access to the system, resulting in greater ability to customize Unicorn to meet unique needs
  • Comprehensive ILS functionality for all aspects of library management – from Circulation, Cataloging, Serials, and Acquisitions to Outreach, Electronic Resource Management, advanced user portals, and more
  • Developed to run on a variety of server platforms, so the library is able to choose the platform best suited for its environment
Successfully implemented and adopted at hundreds of customer sites, Voyager® is the integrated library solution that many of the world’s leading libraries have chosen to serve as the backbone of their service systems. The intuitive graphical interface provided by Voyager makes the system easy to learn and use; it also helps increase operator efficiency by streamlining—or automating—the many routine activities necessary to manage the library’s collections and services. Standards-based and built on open systems technology, Voyager interoperates with existing library systems and scales to accommodate future needs. The sophisticated technology underlying Voyager makes it an excellent choice for both functional and financial value.
  • Standards-based and built on open technology—Voyager integrates and interoperates smoothly with existing library systems as well as with new technologies.
  • A stable long-term investment—Core technologies, standards, and language support have been carefully chosen to ensure that Voyager meets the ever-evolving needs of libraries.
  • Full-featured—Voyager client/server software supports the control of Web-based public access cataloging and authority as well as of acquisitions, serials, circulation and course reserves modules. Sophisticated reporting and system administration are all part of the out-of-the-box product offering.
  • Flexible server configuration —Accommodates libraries' current and future technology needs and handles a wide range of simultaneous users.
Webrary offers libraries a convenient and easy-to-manageKoh utility for accessing your library via the Web. See description under MARC Specialized Tools--- Webrary
Winnebago Spectrum
Follett Software Company continues to support current customers of the Spectrum library automation system. The system is no longer available to new customers. To learn more about our new state-of-the-art Destiny Library Manager solution, contact your Follett Software Company sales representative.
Spectrum consolidates circulation, OPAC search, cataloging and inventory functions, in 32-bit applications for Windows® 2000, NT, XP, and 95/98. This system is now available only to schools in districts already using the Spectrum system.
  • Spectrum Overview
    • Spectrum provides comprehensive library management capabilities including: Cross-platform design for Windows and Mac OS for enhanced flexibility
    • Easy searching of reading program information
    • Seamless integration with the In-Hand scanner
    • Support for patron photos
    • Global subject edit for easier report setup
    • Ability to create, customize and use material and patron custom indexes
    • Add-ons for Spectrum Francais and Spectrum Espanol allow French and Spanish-speaking patrons to view search screens in the language of their choice
Spectrum Suite offers the following Spectrum tools in one convenient solution:
  • Visual Search to help younger users find materials
  • Unlimited licensing
  • Advanced booking capabilities
  • Spectrum MARConnect
  • Spectrum WebConnect
  • Circulation
    • Advance booking
    • Seamless integration with the In-Hand
    • Patron photos
  • Catalog
    • Visual Search
    • Students can search by and display reading program information
    • Search using a series title in both the easy and expanded search screens.
  • Reports and notices
    • HTML-based reports let library and media center staff convert or cut/paste report data created in either Windows or Macintosh to an HTML report format
    • Print or preview reports on a Windows client.
    • Create customizable reports by choosing to create your reports in tab-delimited text files.
    • Global subject edit
    • Create, customize, and use material and patron custom indexes
  • Material edit
    • Quick Add window lets non-MARC enter a material’s basic information
    • Store valuable reading program information in the MARC 21 (formerly USMARC) tag 526 (and subfields)
    • Copy and paste MARC 21 records into the Material Edit screen for cataloging.
    • Copy and paste electronic resource information gathered using MARConnect into the Material Edit screen
    • Choose whether to use diacritics in cataloging
    • Merge duplicate records by selecting one or more MARC records in Manual MARC Merge
    • Help system includes step-by-step instructions,
    • The F1 key (Windows) or Help key (Macintosh) provides context-sensitive help about the workspace or window in use.


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