Pinyin Conversion Marker: Field 987

Locally-Defined MARC Data Element

Pinyin Conversion Project (Revised, July 12, 2000)

Local MARC field 987 has been chosen for recording temporary information about the conversion status of MARC records that contain romanized Chinese data. It will be used by participants in the Pinyin Conversion Project, an effort to convert romanized Chinese data from the Wade-Giles to Pinyin romanization schemes. After October 1, 2000, the field should be added to all records that include romanized Chinese characters. If a record includes field 987, that record will not be converted by the utilities' conversion programs. Thus, adding field 987 to a record eliminates the potential for possible erroneous conversion. This local field will be implemented in the local library systems of the Library of Congress, OCLC, RLG, and others, to store conversion status information until it is no longer needed. As a locally defined data element, all MARC systems are not be required to implement this field. Its definition for use with the Pinyin Conversion Project may conflict with the local definition of field 987 in MARC systems not involved with the project, but this should not be a problem for the Project participants or non-participants who do not received cataloging records for Chinese materials from one of the participants.



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