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Library of Congress
The Library of Congress - More Than a Library
The Nation's Library

As America's library, we also serve other public and research libraries in the U.S., and we collaborate with national libraries worldwide. The U.S. Congress looks to us to lead critical international efforts such as the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, as well as important national programs such as the Veterans History Project.

At the same time, the worldwide library community looks to us, as the world's largest library, as a leader in library standards, policies, technology, cataloging and classification efforts.

But the Library is not just a library for Congress or other libraries alone. Our outreach efforts in education, literacy, scholarly programming, and cultural events are known and respected around the world. And as the world's largest repository of knowledge and creativity, the Library of Congress serves you, the public, in many ways: as a protector of rights, as a preserver of collections, and as a vital, living center for learning, performance and discovery.

The Library of Congress: More than a library.