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Overseas Service Borrowing and Using Equipment

Overseas patrons are eligible to receive the same digital talking-book machines (DTBMs) assigned to patrons in the United States. All NLS-supplied equipment is provided on loan without cost and is circulated via postage-free mail.

Selecting Equipment

When completing your application, please indicate the type of DTBM you would like to borrow. We will send a voltage converter with the machine. Currently, NLS does not have equipment set for different current used in other countries. In the United States, electrical current is 110-volts, 60 cycles alternating current. In some other countries the current is the same, while other countries use 220-volt, 50 cycles alternating current. If you have taken with you equipment loaned from a cooperating library in the United States, please be certain that the current is 110-volt, or that you use a voltage converter if it is 220-volt, before plugging in the machine.

Receiving Equipment

The Overseas librarian will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery of the machine. Please keep the box in which your equipment arrives, as you will need it to return the machine.

Using Equipment

The DTBM has a built-in user guide. Simply press and hold the large square Play button without a book cartridge inserted into the machine, and the user guide will begin to play.

Returning Equipment

If you no longer wish to receive service from NLS or if your DTBM malfunctions and you need to exchange it for a new machine, please return it to NLS in its original box. You may send it by free matter to the following address:

Overseas Librarian
Library of Congress
The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled
Washington, DC 20542

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