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Alternatives for Future Operations of the Books for the Blind Program

Appendix A1


Acronym Description
3G  Third Generation
4G    Fourth Generation
ACB   American Council of the Blind
ALA  American Library Association
BARD Braille and Audio Reading Download
BR  Braille (regular collection)
BRA  Braille (special collection)
BRF    Braille (special collection, foreign language)
BRJ  Braille (special collection, Jewish Braille Guild)
BVA  Blinded Veterans Association
CBM  Cassette Book Machine         
CD Compact Disc
CDC   Central Distribution Center
CMLS Comprehensive Mailing List System
DB Digital Talking Book
DOD Duplication on Demand
DRM Digital Rights Management
DTBM  Digital Talking-Book Machine
DV Descriptive Video
FCC  Federal Communications Commission
GB Gigabyte
ILL  Interlibrary Loan
ISP Internet Service Provider
LCC  Life Cycle Cost
LC Library of Congress
LP  Large Print
MLA  Machine Lending Agency
MSC  Multistate Center
MSCE  Multistate Center East
MSCW Multistate Center West
NFB National Federation of the Blind
NLS National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
QA Quality Assurance
RA Reader Advisory
RC  Recorded Cassette
RD  Rigid Disk
RL Regional Library
SRL  Subregional Library
TBM Talking-Book Machine
USPS United States Postal Service
XESS Excess and Redistribution System

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Posted on 2013-06-28