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Alternatives for Future Operations of the Books for the Blind Program

Appendix A4

Initiatives/Considerations to be Pursued by NLS

  1. Explore new relationships with RFB&D, Bookshare, Audible Overdrive, Described Net Flicks, e-Books publishers, and audiobook and braille-book providers.
  2. Survey BARD and other program users for needs and desired features.
  3. Collaborate with funding partners to review and update program services.
  4. Survey program users’ needs and involve consumer group representatives to plan for the future, especially changes in technology.  Reassess needs of user base; assess their accessibility needs and desires, check them against the types of services public and other libraries offer, and determine exactly what program users want.  Determine how many users have access to computers and broadband Internet.
  5. Evaluate the websites of network libraries.
  6. Prepare, distribute, and document the results of a baseline survey of network libraries.
  7. Bring in subject experts in various disciplines to assist in planning efforts
    (i.e., Apple Microsoft, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, ALA, accessibility experts, consumers, etc.).
  8. In the future, may NLS possibly not be a regular player in the provision of library services to eligible users.  Instead it may occupy a niche, such as becoming the Ago-to place for information”—the one point of contact for information relating to all aspects of blindness, accessibility, and adaptive technology, which is a broader mission than NLS currently has.
  9. Investigate other agencies with web and digital transitional issues, looking specifically at public libraries.
  10. Consider more resource sharing with all types of library collections and how this can be accomplished when the overriding problem is still getting individuals to libraries to use them.
  11. Continue helping libraries do marketing to reach users among the younger population.
  12. Develop new services at NLS, e.g., a Professional Services Section that addresses program users’ needs in the areas of law, business, and medicine.

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Posted on 2013-06-28