Braille Book Review--Nov.-Dec. 1996

Handcopied Braille--Other Agencies

The following books have been hand transcribed for the library indicated with each entry and are available from that library for circulation throughout the country. Please write or call directly to the library indicated.

Lutheran Library for the Blind
1133 South Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, MO 63122
314-965-9000, 800-433-3954

Adult Nonfiction

From Full House to Empty Nest LLB
by William L. Coleman
3 volumes
Advice on how to switch from being the parent of a child to being the parent of an adult. Tells how to use parenting skills to promote personal growth and enjoyment of life.

Pressed Down but Not Forgotten LLB
by H. Curtis Lyon and John Juern
2 volumes
Discusses the causes and spiritual roots of depression and offers answers to the problem. Includes Bible studies for dealing with depression.

Sometimes I Feel like Running Away from Home LLB
by Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse
3 volumes
Offers insights for women who feel they have given until exhaustion. Provides simple, inexpensive, enjoyable ideas for putting energy back into life.

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