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September-October 1998
Books for Adults--Fiction

Books listed in this issue of Braille Book Review were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains books by many authors on fiction and nonfiction subjects, including biographies, classics, gothics, mysteries, romances, and others. Contact your cooperating library to learn more about the wide range of books available in the collection.

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Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in "some strong language."

What Maisie Knew BR 11099
by Henry James
3 volumes
Each of the divorced parents of a perceptive twelve-year-old girl subsequently remarries, and she continues to spend six months of the year with each family. She observes the same adulterous activities by her stepmother and stepfather as she saw by her parents, but this knowledge matures rather than corrupts her. Written in the 1890s. 1996.

The Oxford Book of Travel Stories BR 11202
edited by Patricia Craig
5 volumes
The author defines travel stories as oriented to the actual act of traveling, rather than to the destination. This collection of more than thirty such tales spans more than a century and includes works by Evelyn Waugh, Rebecca West, Edith Wharton, Anthony Trollope, Paul Theroux, and William Trevor. 1996.

I, Tom Horn BR 11226
by Will Henry
3 volumes
In this fictional autobiography of the legendary cavalry scout, rodeo rider, and Pinkerton detective, the author deals with the question, "Did Tom Horn kill fourteen-year-old Willie Nickell in 1901, or was he, in fact, framed?" Strong language. 1975.

Where You Are BR 11241
by George Constable
2 volumes
Lake Stevenson has just inherited a house from his late Aunt Ilsa, but her will stipulates that Lake live in the house with her springer spaniel, Randall, until the dog dies. Wanting to sell the house, Lake begins thinking of ways to get Randall out of the picture. 1996.

The Golden Apples BR 11247
by Eudora Welty
2 volumes
Interconnected short stories evoke a Southern small town in the early 1900s. In "June Recital," Virgie Rainey exhibits a talent that will support her independent streak--a quality that sets her apart from her more conventional friends. In "Moon Lake" a girl nearly drowns, and a Boy Scout performs his good deed. Children grow up, but do not necessarily fulfill their parents' expectations. 1949.

Love and Houses BR 11250
by Marti Leimbach
2 volumes
Novelist Meg Howe is seven months pregnant when her husband's chronic fear of commitment prompts him to move out, leaving her with mortgages on an apartment and the house they are remodeling. Meg's former boyfriend, an extremely successful author, reenters her life when he buys the building in which she lives. Some strong language. 1997.

The Professor's House BR 11281
by Willa Cather
2 volumes
A psychological study that concerns the emotional crisis of a fifty-year-old professor at a midwestern university who, at the height of his career, begins to be dissatisfied with himself. 1925.

The Dreadful Debutante BR 11282
by Marion Chesney
1 volume
Drusilla and Mira Markham are to have their London season together. But while the beautiful Drusilla looks forward to the event, plain, tomboyish Mira does not. The only good thing to Mira is that Lord Charles Devere, her longtime friend, will be there. When Charles falls for Drusilla, Mira's jealous reaction draws the attention of a marquess. For high school and older readers. 1994.

Shadows on the Rock BR 11283
by Willa Cather
2 volumes
Historical novel that records the last days of Count Frontenac and the daily life of frontier Quebec as seen through the eyes of a child. 1931.

The Thief BR 11285
by Megan Whalen Turner
2 volumes
Gen, who boasts he can steal anything, is in the king's prison. He is offered a chance of freedom by joining the king's scholar in trying to recover the legendary Hamiathes's Gift Stone. Gen accepts the offer but endures many psychological and physical dangers. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. 1996.

Secret Lives BR 11286
by Caroline Macdonald
1 volume
Australian Ian Ganty, fourteen, lives with his grandmother because his parents died. When she leaves town for a few days, Ian's life spirals out of control. First, his new older friend Gideon steals a car, and then Ian becomes a suspect in two other crimes. He tries to break free of Gideon, but can't escape his partner's overpowering influence. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers. 1993.

Blood Lake and Other Stories BR 11290
by Jim Krusoe
2 volumes
A collection of eight darkly humorous short stories, each revealing a bizarre twist on ordinary events. The title tale opens with two men fishing in a leaky boat on a lake of actual blood, so that occasionally they need to dip their lures in anticoagulant. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller 1997.

Wilkes: His Life and Crimes BR 11304
by Winston Schoonover
3 volumes
As reported by his law partner Schoonover, Wilkes is more colorful than most of his New York clients. The two attorneys are jailed in contempt of court and participate in a jailhouse riot. Wilkes's cases involve him in a rigged TV game show, in defending a pimp from his prostitutes, and even in obstructing his own election to a judgeship. Strong language. 1981.

Sapphira and the Slave Girl BR 11305
by Willa Cather
2 volumes
In the period prior to the Civil War, Sapphira Colbert develops an irrational jealousy of one of her house servants, Nancy. Henry Colbert, Sapphira's husband, is fond of Nancy and doesn't take the matter seriously. Their daughter Rachel, however, decides to take matters into her own hands. Her decision changes Nancy's life forever. Some strong language. 1940.

Jackie by Josie BR 11306
by Caroline Preston
3 volumes
Josie should be writing her dissertation on an obscure poet, but when a celebrity biographer offers her a summer job researching Jackie Onassis, Josie surprises herself by accepting. This means staying in New England with her mother and toddler son, while her husband moves to Berkeley with their female friend. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1997.

A Devil in Paradise BR 11336
by Henry Miller
1 volume
Autobiographical novel set in Big Sur, California, after World War II. An acquaintance from Miller's Paris days soon wears out his welcome, especially after Miller discovers his evil secrets. 1956.

See How They Run BR 11343
by Bethany Campbell
3 volumes
Teacher Laura Stoner and her twin autistic students witness a drive-by shooting. The eight-year-old boys' ability to reel off the license number and describe the shooter puts them in grave danger because the victim is a Mafia don. The trio reluctantly go into protective custody but soon learn that may not help them. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1996.

Rookery Blues BR 11344
by Jon Hassler
4 volumes
During the turbulent sixties, five dissimilar professors find a common interest in music. Forming a jazz band, the Icejam Quintet, they try to enliven the small, isolated campus of Rookery State. But outside forces--the Vietnam War, union strife, and love affairs--threaten the harmony of college life. Some strong language. 1995.

Twice a Hero BR 11347
by Susan Krinard
3 volumes
In 1997, at her dying grandfather's request, MacKenzie Sinclair reluctantly visits the ruins of Tikal to apologize to the spirit of Liam O'Shea, a man betrayed by a Sinclair in 1885. She then finds herself transported back through time into O'Shea's arms. Explicit descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. 1997.

The Proposal BR 11350
by Angela Hunt
2 volumes
A case of mistaken identity causes problems for new author Theodora Russell. An editor confuses her manuscript about Down's syndrome with that of successful novelist Theodore Russell, who submitted a proposal to the same publisher for a book linking breast cancer with first-pregnancy abortion, an unpopular idea. Now both writers' lives are in danger. 1996.

Sacred BR 11352
by Dennis Lehane
3 volumes
Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are still reeling from a tragic case when billionaire Trevor Stone convinces them to get back to work. Stone, who is dying of cancer, wants to find his grown daughter, who is missing. Kenzie's mentor was already sent after her, but he has vanished too. Strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex. 1997.

Neverwhere BR 11353
by Neil Gaiman
3 volumes
En route to a formal dinner, London businessman Richard Mayhew spots a young woman lying wounded in the street. He takes the victim to his home and awakes the next day to find that he has lost his identity in the real world. Mayhew joins the now-healed woman in a perilous quest through an eerie subterranean realm. 1997.

Happy Hour BR 11354
by Thomas Ogren
1 volume
Before he can bring his drinking under control, Eddie Moreno loses his marriage, family, and job. Then Eddie joins Alcoholics Anonymous, but has one last episode with the bottle before he finally achieves a sober life. Grade 1 braille. 1990.

A Certain Justice BR 11358
by P.D. James
4 volumes
Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his team investigate the murder of respected, though disliked, lawyer Venetia Aldridge. Among the likely suspects is one of her last successfully defended clients, Garry Ashe, a sociopath and murderer who is dating her daughter. Several other suspects turn up, but as a review of the court system reveals, justice is not always served. Bestseller 1997.

Homecoming BR 11360
by Belva Plain
1 volume
Annette Byrne, eighty-five, has had enough of the estrangement between her two sons and among other family members. She summons them all to her home on a wintry December day. Tensions are high, and harsh words begin to flow. Then a near tragedy puts a different light on the day for each of those present. Bestseller 1997.

Big Babies BR 11376
by Sherwood Kiraly
2 volumes
A lengthy, humorous letter to his unknown birth mother describes the life of A.J. Fleger and that of his older brother, Sterling. Sterling's acting career is halted for years after an embarrassing error, and his comeback brings out his own odd birth family. Meanwhile A.J. finally stumbles into a career in child safety and provides Sterling's big break. Strong language. 1996.

Athena BR 11377
by John Banville
2 volumes
Freddie Montgomery of The Book of Evidence (BR 8400) and Ghosts (BR 9511) has changed his name to Morrow. Now in Dublin, he is hired to write descriptions of Flemish paintings stolen from the same house Freddie once burgled. Morrow also describes his affair with a mysterious woman he calls A. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 1995.

God on a Harley: A Spiritual Fable BR 11380
by Joan Brady
1 volume
Disillusioned with love and life, an unmarried trauma nurse encounters a mysterious, alluring biker in a bar. He proceeds to guide her on a spiritual journey, helping her to overcome her self-defeating attitudes and accept a set of "new commandments" that lead to her self-renewal. 1995.

Hope Valley War BR 11381
by Brock Thoene
2 volumes
After nine years on the trail, John Thornton returns to the Utah territory in 1858 to face a grim situation. His brother Lucky has been lynched, Lucky's widow is hiding out, and another brother is in jail. As he struggles to sort things out, John himself becomes a target of the conspiracy that led to the murder. 1997.

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