Braille Book Review

September-October 2005
Books for Adults--Fiction


The Frumious Bandersnatch: A Novel of the 87th Precinct BR 15292
by Ed McBain
2 volumes
Two masked men snatch twenty-year-old hip-hop diva Tamar from a party on a yacht in New York City's harbor. Detectives Steve Carella and Cotton Hawes, of the 87th precinct, assist the FBI in the search for the kidnappers. Violence and strong language. 2004.

Shifting Calder Wind: Calder Saga, Volume 7 BR 15298
by Janet Dailey
3 volumes
Texas. When Chase Calder regains consciousness, he has amnesia but is sure someone tried to kill him. Chase and his rescuer, Laredo Smith, decide to let everyone except his daughter-in-law, Jessy, think he is dead while they search for the shooter. Sequel to Green Calder Grass (BR 14312). Some strong language. 2003.

"C" Is for Corpse: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery BR 15301
by Sue Grafton
2 volumes (Reissue)
Private eye Kinsey Millhone meets wealthy twenty-three-year-old Bobby Callahan at the gym. When she learns that his disfigured face and body result from a mysterious car crash, Kinsey takes on the case, but not in time to avert another accident. Some strong language. 1986.

Lucy BR 15302
by Ellen Feldman
2 volumes
A fictionalized account of Lucy Mercer's longtime love affair with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, beginning in 1914 when she was his wife Eleanor's social secretary. Describes Roosevelt's termination of the relationship in 1918 to preserve his presidential ambitions, Mercer's subsequent marriage, and resumption of the affair nearly twenty years later. 2003.

2001: A Space Odyssey BR 15307
by Arthur C. Clarke
2 volumes (Reissue)
On a voyage into the unexplored universe, the spacecraft Discovery hurtles its human passengers through time toward a confrontation with an unknown, powerful intelligence. Written for the production of a science fiction film of the same name. 1968.

Phantom Waltz BR 15334
by Catherine Anderson
3 volumes
Rancher Ryan Kendrick of Oregon falls in love with paraplegic Bethany Coulter. Bethany was injured during a barrel-racing contest eight years ago and resists romance. But Ryan puts aside all of her obstacles and continues pursuing her. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2001.

Deafening BR 15382
by Frances Itani
3 volumes
Grania is deaf, a victim of scarlet fever at age five in early 1900s Canada. After learning sign language and speech she meets and marries Jim, with whom she develops a special vocabulary. World War I erupts, and her life and silent fears take on new shapes. 2003.

A Higher Justice: The Trials of Kit Shannon, Book 2 BR 15384
by James Scott Bell
2 volumes
Los Angeles, 1906. Kit Shannon, devout Christian defense attorney, represents both a mother who lost her son in a trolley accident and a rail worker accused of attempted murder. The two cases pit her against powerful railroad men and politicians who seem to have something to hide. 2003.

Blue Skies BR 15389
by Catherine Anderson
3 volumes
Carly Adams, born with lattice dystrophy, waited twenty-eight years to see. Celebrating her new vision with a friend at a bar, she meets Hank Coulter. Their brief encounter leaves her pregnant. Companion to Phantom Waltz (BR 15334). Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.

Appointment in Samarra BR 15398
by John O'Hara
2 volumes
Fast-moving first novel by journalist/critic John O'Hara (1905- 1970) set in 1930s small-town Pennsylvania. As Gibbsville celebrates Christmas with parties, music, and liquor, aristocratic drunkard Julian English breaks with polite society in one rash moment, beginning his rapid descent to self- destruction. 1991 introduction by John Updike. Some strong language. 1934.

The Master Quilter: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel BR 15399
by Jennifer Chiaverini
3 volumes
The Elm Creek Quilters were quite surprised when master quilter Sylvia married Andrew Cooper on Christmas Eve. Now they are secretly conspiring to create a bridal quilt. But the project hits a snag when the local stitchers are confronted with their own personal problems. 2004.

Lucas BR 15403
by Kevin Brooks
3 volumes
Fifteen-year-old Cait befriends sixteen-year-old Lucas, a drifter on her home island off the English coast. Local bullies are suspicious of Lucas and eventually accuse him of rape, setting off a tragic sequence of events. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high readers. 2003.

Blue Avenger and the Theory of Everything BR 15413
by Norma Howe
2 volumes
Sixteen-year-old David Schumacher, the "Blue Avenger," returns from Italy in this sequel to Blue Avenger Cracks the Code (BR 13445). To help his true love, Omaha, avoid eviction he takes a job that offends his morals but will pay the rent. For junior and senior high readers. 2002.

Christy BR 15428
by Catherine Marshall
5 volumes
Based on experiences of the author's mother, this tale describes nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston's first year teaching in an Appalachian mountain hamlet. With the help of Quaker Alice Henderson who founded the Cutter Gap mission school, Christy finds a point of reference in God and inspires love in two admirable men. 1967.

The Priestly Sins BR 15434
by Andrew M. Greeley
3 volumes
Wholesome, prairie-bred Father Herman Hoffman, having witnessed a young boy's rape in the parish rectory, exposes sexual abuse and cover-ups in the Church hierarchy. Herman risks his reputation by testifying against the guilty priest and the corrupt institutionalized system. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 2004.

Divining Women BR 15437
by Kaye Gibbons
2 volumes
1918. As World War I ends and the influenza pandemic gathers momentum, liberally educated Mary travels to North Carolina from her wealthy, eccentric, Washington, D.C., family to help her pregnant Aunt Maureen. Finding Maureen psychologically tormented by her husband, Mary helps her to spiritual freedom. Some strong language. 2004.

Death for Dessert BR 15445
by T. Dawn Richard
2 volumes
Sixty-five-year-old May List leaves her philandering husband and moves into a senior citizen apartment complex. As May adjusts to her new life, she discovers that her neighbor, Mrs. Berkowitz, runs a blackmail operation. When Mrs. Berkowitz is murdered, May and her zany elderly cohorts determine to solve the crime. 2003.

A Distant Shore BR 15458
by Caryl Phillips
3 volumes
Dorothy, a divorced, retired schoolteacher struggling with mental illness, meets Solomon, a refugee from war-torn Africa trying to forget the past. Desperate and misplaced in a secluded English village smoldering with racial tension, they find solace and understanding together until tragedy strikes. 2003.

Dead Line BR 15459
by Brian McGrory
3 volumes
Boston Record newspaperman Jack Flynn from The Nominee (BR 15477) gets a lead from the FBI about an unsolved museum heist. A prime suspect is the estranged son of Boston's mayor. After a murder Flynn realizes he's involved in a deadly cat and mouse game. Strong language and some violence. 2004.

Miss Julia Meets Her Match BR 15461
by Ann B. Ross
3 volumes
Sam is still courting the widow Miss Julia, but she is unsure about marrying again. Meanwhile she leases some property to a man wanting to build a religious theme park and learns more about her deceased husband's indiscretions. Sequel to Miss Julia Hits the Road (BR 14753). 2004.

Message in a Bottle BR 15466
by Nicholas Sparks
3 volumes
Beautiful single mother Theresa Osborne, a syndicated columnist, is vacationing at Cape Cod. She finds a corked bottle containing a love letter to mysterious Catherine from Garrett. Believing Garrett is a sensitive and caring man, Theresa decides to find him. Some descriptions of sex. 1998.

Morningside Heights BR 15468
by Cheryl Mendelson
3 volumes
Tucked into Manhattan's west side, Morningside Heights, home of modest intellectuals, is a middle-class neighborhood threatened by gentrification. Longtime residents Charles and Anne Braithwaite and their children may be forced out of their beloved apartment. They contemplate moving to an affordable but lifeless suburb--until some shady business deals come to light. 2003.

Search the Dark BR 15469
by Charles Todd
3 volumes
Scotland Yard inspector Ian Rutledge from Wings of Fire (BR 12443) searches for two missing children after their mother's murder. Tormented veteran Bert Mowbray, the prime suspect, claims the victim was his wife. Rutledge must identify the dead woman before he can apprehend the real killer. Some violence. 1999.

Max Brand's Best Western Stories, Volume 3 BR 15472
by Max Brand
2 volumes
Seven short stories written in the 1930s feature high-noon shoot- outs, canyon avalanches, cross-country chases, and bare-knuckle brawls. Each stars a classic hero, horse, and villain. Stories include "Reata's Peril Trek," "The Third Bullet," and "Crazy Rhythm." Some violence. 1987.

Max Brand's Best Western Stories, Volume 2 BR 15474
by Max Brand
2 volumes
Five stories of heroic deeds and fabulous adventures that originally appeared in pulp magazines between 1919 and 1935. In "Outcast" a man of mixed heritage fights to overcome prejudice, while in "Cayenne Charlie" an overage easterner tries to manage a ranch in an alien environment. Some violence. 1985.

Amber's Mirage and Other Stories BR 15475
by Zane Grey
2 volumes
Five short stories of survival in Arizona's deserts. Includes "The Saga of the Ice Cream Kid," about the west before barbed wire and railroads, and "Amber's Mirage," a romantic tale of a young man's quest for gold and the woman he loves. 1928.

The Nominee BR 15477
by Brian McGrory
3 volumes
With his newspaper facing a hostile takeover, Boston investigative reporter Jack Flynn from The Incumbent (BR 13563) postpones a damaging story on Massachusetts governor Lance Randolph, nominee for U.S. attorney general, to help publisher Paul Ellis. When Ellis is murdered, Flynn searches for his killer. Violence and strong language. 2002.

Vagabond: Grail Quest, Book 2 BR 15478
by Bernard Cornwell
4 volumes
England, 1340s. Thomas of Hookton searches for Christendom's most precious relic, the Holy Grail, rumored to have once been possessed by his family. Along the way, Thomas battles Scottish invaders and other adversaries--including a Dominican Inquisitor and his own cousin, who murdered Thomas's father. Sequel to The Archer's Tale (BR 14373). Some violence. 2002.

The Passion of Reverend Nash BR 15484
by Rachel Basch
3 volumes
Haunted by the loss of two children and a failing marriage, reverend Jordanna Nash adopts a congregation in her sister's Connecticut town. When a young girl's pregnancy and a mother's disappearance test Jordanna's faith, she must overcome her own grief to help. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2003.

The Colour BR 15499
by Rose Tremain
3 volumes
1860s. Newlywed English immigrants Joseph and Harriet Blackstone seek their fortune in rugged New Zealand. Joseph, who hides a terrible secret, grows increasingly distant and eventually follows the gold rush to the west coast. Abandoned, Harriet sets out after him--an odyssey that leads to revelations of the heart. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2003.

Star Wars: Survivor's Quest BR 15500
by Timothy Zahn
4 volumes
Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara, lead a diplomatic mission to inspect wreckage of the Jedi expedition destroyed fifty years ago by enemies. The mission, escorted by alien hosts and a mysterious New Republic impersonator, arrives at the remains and finds survivors. Follows the Corellian Trilogy (RC 41492, 42545, 42546). 2004.

The Deserter: Murder at Gettysburg BR 15503
by Jane Langton
2 volumes
Homer Kelly's wife, Mary, wants to clear the name of her Civil War ancestor, Seth Morgan, accused of deserting the Union during the Battle of Gettysburg. In the narrative alternating between past and present, the Kellys come to suspect Seth's former Harvard classmate and comrade-at-arms, Otis Pike. Some strong language. 2003.

Shooter BR 15506
by Walter Dean Myers
1 volume
A high school tragedy related from multiple viewpoints: interviews, reports, and journals. Seventeen-year-old Len shoots a football player to death, injures several others, and commits suicide. His troubled friends recall Len's problems. In the surrounding culture no one is completely innocent nor completely guilty. For senior high readers. 2004.

Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart BR 15510
by Alice Walker
2 volumes
Fifty-seven-year-old writer Kate and her artist-lover Yolo begin separate journeys: Yolo to Hawaii and Kate to the Colorado and Amazon rivers. In the course of adventures filled with snakes, shamans, and memories, both experience spiritual alignment while cleansing themselves of materialism, past loves, and tragedies. Some descriptions of sex. 2004.

Way Station BR 15514
by Clifford D. Simak
2 volumes
As keeper of Earth's only galactic transfer station, 124-year-old civil war veteran Enoch Wallace has been attending to visitors and facilitating interstellar communication for over a century. When his charts indicate Earth's impending destruction, his alien friends offer a solution that seems worse than the disaster itself. Hugo Award. 1963.

Going to Bend BR 15515
by Diane Hammond
3 volumes
In the fishing village of Hubbard, Oregon, Petie and Rose--both thirty-one and mothers, girlhood friends, and partners in business--struggle with their dark past and cloudy present. While the women write and illustrate a cookbook, their hidden talents emerge, radically changing their lives and their futures. Strong language. 2004.

Sometimes a Great Notion BR 15536
by Ken Kesey
6 volumes
Oregon timber country. A bitter labor strike against old Henry Stamper's lumber empire intensifies his two sons' rivalry. Hank, rough-hewn like his father, is eventually provoked to fight his sensitive half-brother Lee, who has returned home intent on revenge. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1963.

Murder on the Marmora BR 15538
by Conrad Allen
3 volumes
1908. Aboard the Egypt-bound cruise ship Marmora, American detective George Dillman and partner Genevieve Masefield, by investigating a jewel theft, become bodyguards of the English princess royal. When a body is found, George and Genevieve inquire among the passengers, including Genevieve's ex- fiancé, to find connections. Some violence. 2004.

Something Happened BR 15540
by Joseph Heller
5 volumes
Disillusioned with the life he once had such high hopes for, forty-year-old sales executive Bob Slocum tries to come to grips with his work and family. In a stream-of-consciousness style, Bob ruminates about his past, present, and future until something unimaginable happens. Explicit descriptions of sex and strong language. 1966.

Little Bitty Lies BR 15541
by Mary Kay Andrews
4 volumes
When Mary Bliss McGowan's husband abandons her and their teenage daughter, she stages his death to collect insurance money. After that, dodging bill collectors and suitors (one ex-cop included), she discovers she's not the only one who's been untruthful. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2003.

The General's Daughter BR 15542
by Nelson DeMille
4 volumes
Captain Ann Campbell, the base commander's daughter, is found dead on the Fort Hadley, Georgia, firing range. Army criminal investigator Paul Brenner and rape specialist Cynthia Sunhill, Brenner's ex-girlfriend, must handle the politically explosive case. They uncover Campbell's shocking secret life. Descriptions of sex and strong language. 1992.

Birds of a Feather BR 15546
by Jacqueline Winspear
3 volumes
London, 1930s. Wealthy Joseph Waite hires private investigator Maisie Dobbs, a former battlefield nurse, to find his missing thirty-two-year-old daughter, Charlotte. Maisie finds chilling links to Scotland Yard inspector Stratton's latest murder case and the Great War's terrible legacy. 2004.

The Shop on Blossom Street BR 15547
by Debbie Macomber
3 volumes
Three diverse women--tough girl Alix, hopeful mother Carol, and unhappy wife Jacqueline--attend a beginners' knitting class hosted by cancer survivor Lydia in her Seattle yarn store. All four become friends and make unexpected discoveries about themselves and each other. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.

The Christmas Thief: A Regan Reilly Mystery BR 15551
by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark
1 volume
During a vacation weekend in Stowe, Vermont, lottery winner Alvirah Meehan and her friend private investigator Regan Reilly become involved in the case of a stolen Christmas tree. The tree, designated for Rockefeller Center, connects a scam artist, a swindled waitress, and a sparkling treasure. 2004.

San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 BR 15565
by Kathleen Duey
2 volumes
San Francisco, 1906. Chambermaid Sierra O'Neille works in the hotel where rancher Joseph Harlan and his family are staying. While rescuing others when disaster strikes, the two are thrown together and fall in love. For junior and senior high readers. 1999.

Away Laughing on a Fast Camel: Even More Confessions of Georgia Nicolson BR 15567
by Louise Rennison
2 volumes
Following Dancing in My Nuddy-pants (BR 14686) English schoolgirl Georgia Nicolson continues her journal. She describes her trying existence at school and home and falling in love with a local Italian American singer. For senior high readers. 2004.

Trace: Dr. Kay Scarpetta Mysteries BR 15588
by Patricia Cornwell
3 volumes
Former medical examiner Kay Scarpetta returns to Richmond, Virginia, to advise on the mysterious death of a teenage girl whose father is associated with Homeland Security. Meanwhile Kay's lover, Benton, and niece Lucy investigate another case-- which later appears connected to Kay's. Violence and strong language. Bestseller 2004.

A Stranger Is Watching BR 15589
by Mary Higgins Clark
2 volumes
Manhattan. Steve Peterson eagerly awaits the execution of Ronald Thompson, the man convicted of his wife Nina's brutal murder. But days before the scheduled event, Steve's six-year-old asthmatic son, Neil, and his journalist girlfriend, Sharon, are kidnapped, possibly by the actual killer. Violence and some strong language. 1977.

Jacob Have I Loved BR 15613
by Katherine Paterson
2 volumes
Louise has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful twin sister on a tiny Chesapeake Bay Island. Tomboy Louise grows up hating delicate Caroline, who robs her of her friends, her hopes for schooling, and even the boy she loves. For junior and senior high readers. Newbery Medal. 1980.

Calder Promise: Calder Saga, Volume 8 BR 15614
by Janet Dailey
3 volumes
Laura Calder meets two men in Europe who pursue her: Boone Rutledge, son of a Texas billionaire, and Sebastian Dunshill, earl of Crawford. One man is a threat to her family. Sequel to Shifting Calder Wind (BR 15298). Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2004.

Echoes BR 15615
by Danielle Steel
3 volumes
In 1915 Beata Wittgenstein, eldest daughter of an affluent German Jewish family, runs off to Switzerland to marry Antoine de Vallerand, a young French Catholic officer. But her newfound happiness and the future of her children are threatened by war. Bestseller 2004.

Where Do We Go from Here? BR 15619
by Doris Dörrie
2 volumes
Fred Kaufmann and his wife are struggling against infidelity and dissatisfaction, and their daughter Franka wants to leave home for a lama. Attempting to dissuade her, Fred follows his daughter to a Buddhist retreat where, despite himself, he finds answers to his midlife crisis. Some descriptions of sex. 2000.

The Broker BR 15632
by John Grisham
3 volumes
The CIA pressures lame-duck president Arthur Morgan into releasing jailed lobbyist Joel Backman, who obtained stolen satellite software six years before. The Agency spirits Backman to Italy to use him for bait, leaks his whereabouts--and waits to see who kills him. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller 2005.

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