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Books for Adults The following books were recently produced for the NLS program. To order books, contact your braille-lending library. Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurence, as in "some strong language." Nonfiction

Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook BR 15407
edited by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson
10 volumes
Collection of twelve hundred song favorites for use at camp, school, church, or home. Selections cover topics such as America, ecology, freedom, good times, hard times, home and family, love, peace, and religion (hymns and spirituals). Includes words and chords for each song. Introduction by Pete Seeger. 1988.

Fiske New SAT Insider's Guide BR 15574
by Edward B. Fiske and Bruce G. Hammond
3 volumes
Preparation and test-taking strategies for high school students taking the revised version of the SAT college entrance exam. Provides practice problems for each section of the standardized test--critical reading, math, and writing. Discusses coaching courses, the new PSAT, and tactics used by top-scoring students. For senior high readers. 2004.

Expert Card Technique: Close-Up Table Magic BR 15644
by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue
4 volumes
Master card performers provide instructions for basic and advanced card tricks, offering foolproof methods and simple techniques. Includes basic manipulations such as the palm, shuffle, lift, side slip, pass, glimpse, jog, and reverse. Details false deals, crimps, and more-advanced forces, fans, prearranged decks, and self-working tricks. 1944.

Cooking Light Superfast Suppers: Speedy Solutions for Dinner Dilemmas BR 15657
compiled by Anne C. Cain
4 volumes
Offers creative solutions for the "what's for supper" question. Provides guidelines for healthy eating, grocery shopping, and quick and easy menus. Recipes cover no-cook meals, one-dish wonders, slow cooker suppers, meatless main dishes, speedy sides, and deadline desserts. Includes nutritional information and preparation and cooking times. 2003.

John James Audubon: The Making of an American BR 15660
by Richard Rhodes
6 volumes
Biography of the Frenchman who came to America in 1803 at age eighteen determined to paint birds realistically. Discusses his marriage and struggle to support his family while pursuing his goal. Records his adventures in the wilderness, evolution as an artist, and eventual publishing success. 2004.

Lazy B: Growing Up on a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest BR 15666
by Sandra Day O'Connor and H. Alan Day
2 volumes
Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor and her younger brother, Alan Day, recall their childhood on an Arizona cattle ranch. They describe the hardships and adventures of western living--cattle drives, water shortages, the isolation--and the values that shaped their lives. 2002.

Self-Working Mental Magic: Sixty-seven Foolproof Mind-Reading Tricks BR 15789
by Karl Fulves
1 volume
Magic writer presents seemingly impossible but easy-to-perform mental feats that require little practice or supernormal dexterity. Includes instant ESP, mind reading with cards, mind- over-matter tricks, psychic secrets, book tests, and the use of confederates. 1979.

Encyclopedia of Card Tricks BR 15803
edited by Jean Hugard
5 volumes
A master card performer's resource guide to nearly every practical card trick produced, invented, and improved by magicians. Includes instructions for more than six hundred professional card, spelling, and calculation tricks; for tricks using key cards, slick cards, and double-backed cards; and for the famous Nikola Card System. 1937.

Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Beyond BR 15816
by Marc Silver
3 volumes
Crash course for men on the best ways to support a wife through the ordeal of breast cancer. Part medical guide and part practical advice on caring for and understanding cancer treatment and its effects. Includes candid discussion of emotional, physical, and sexual reactions and coping options. 2004.

Osama: The Making of a Terrorist BR 15820
by Jonathan Randal
4 volumes
Former Washington Post foreign correspondent describes Osama bin Laden's personality, family dynamics, and violent background in Afghanistan, Algeria, and Sudan. Posits American foreign policy failures. Draws on interviews with academics, diplomats, businessmen, and others. Strong language. 2004.

Houdini: The Untold Story BR 15823
by Milbourne Christopher
3 volumes
Biography of American magician and escape artist (1874-1926) based on autobiographical material and letters. Describes Houdini's childhood, professional career, private life, and sleight-of-hand talents. 1969.

Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics BR 15825
by Donna Brazile
4 volumes
First African American woman to head a national political campaign gives a behind-the-scenes look at her life and career. Describes her impoverished Louisiana childhood, early involvement in the civil rights movement, voter registration efforts, advocacy for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and management of Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign. 2004.

Politics, Pollution, and Pandas: An Environmental Memoir BR 15826
by Russell E. Train
5 volumes
Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator recounts his pivotal role in environmental policy development under presidents Nixon and Ford and later as head of the World Wildlife Fund in the private sector. Provides an insider's look at key conservation movement events and figures of the 1960s and 1970s. 2003.

Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie BR 15838
by Barbara Goldsmith
2 volumes
Account of Marie Curie (1867-1934), the first woman to become a professor at the Sorbonne, and the first woman to receive two Nobel Prizes. Using family documents, Goldsmith compares Curie's roles as scientist, wife, and mother, focusing on the social and economic hurdles she had to overcome. 2005.

Sun after Dark: Flights into the Foreign BR 15853
by Pico Iyer
2 volumes
Travel writer describes arduous trips to exotic and desperate places--Bolivia, Haiti, Tibet, Cambodia--as well as literary voyages through the writings of W.G. Sebald and Kazuo Ishiguro and spiritual journeys through people he meets, including the Dalai Lama and Leonard Cohen. 2004.

Gift from the Sea BR 15856
by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
1 volume
Reflections on possessions, love and marriage, and solitude and contentment written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh when she was a young mother on a quiet vacation by the sea. Fiftieth anniversary edition with a 2005 introduction by Anne's daughter Reeve Lindbergh. 1955.

The Future of Ice: A Journey into Cold BR 15857
by Gretel Ehrlich
2 volumes
Veteran nature writer chronicles living and traveling for six months in cold regions and speculates on climate change and its psychological and environmental impacts. Traveling in Tierra del Fuego, Greenland, and Wyoming, Ehrlich mingles personal and philosophical musings with dire predictions of the catastrophic consequences of global warming. 2004.

Real U Guide to Planning for College BR 15874
by Max Overly
1 volume
Step-by-step guide to planning for higher education, including a timeline for high school students. Provides advice on test- taking, selecting extracurricular activities, visiting schools, and seeking financial aid. For senior high and older readers. 2004.

Listening to Fear: Helping Kids Cope, from Nightmares to the Nightly News BR 15879
by Steven Marans
2 volumes
Yale professor of psychiatry offers advice to parents on addressing their children's developmental and traumatic fears at different age levels, from infancy and toddlerhood through adolescence. Encourages open communication between parent and child for full comprehension of the problem and follow-through with supportive coping skills. 2005.

Showmanship for Magicians BR 15881
by Dariel Fitzkee
2 volumes
Presents tips on magic preparation, presentation, and spectator appeal. Covers the roles of music, timing, costuming, grooming, and physical action in assembling an act and making it salable. Also provides a performance checklist. 1943.

Rising Fire: Volcanoes and Our Inner Lives BR 15902
by John Calderazzo
2 volumes
Combines travelog with historical accounts of major eruptions to portray their effect on local residents and humankind. Covers ancient sites--Vesuvius, Stromboli, Mount Etna, peaks on the Pacific Ring of Fire--as well as Kilauea, Unzen, Martinique, and others. Discusses cultural responses to eruptions, including human sacrifice and artistic interpretations. 2004.

The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science BR 15905
by Horace Freeland Judson
4 volumes
Examines past cases of scientific fraud as a means of mounting a vigorous critique of contemporary research methods. Discusses intellectual property rights, plagiarism, and problems with peer review. Expresses the hope that changes in American law and advances in electronic publishing will bolster scientists' honesty and integrity. 2004.

The Bhagavad Gita BR 15909
translated by Juan Mascaró
1 volume
Excerpt from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata (500 B.C.E.-500 C.E.) translated from the Sanskrit. The sacred Hindu text describes the god Krishna spiritually enlightening the warrior Arjuna at the beginning of a mighty battle. The Bhagavad Gita, or "Song of the Lord," is their dialog. 2003 introduction. 1962.

Condom Sense: A Guide to Sexual Survival in the New Millennium BR 15993
by M. Monica Sweeney and Rita Kirwan Grisman
1 volume
This guide to healthy, safe-sex practices presents medical facts about HIV/AIDS transmission. Begins with a self-assessment of the reader's knowledge, then focuses on using condoms for prevention of disease. Discusses buying condoms, their proper use, new manufacturing trends, and changing attitudes. 2005. 2005.

On Bullshit BR 16089
by Harry G. Frankfurt
1 volume
In a short essay, a Princeton philosophy professor proposes to "begin the development of a theoretical understanding of bullshit." Analyzes the common cultural phenomenon. States that while he considers bullshitting different from lying, he nevertheless believes a practitioner loses the capacity to tell the truth. Some strong language. Bestseller 2005. 2005.

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