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January-February 2008

Book for Adults


Crazy in Love BR 16547
by Luanne Rice
3 volumes
Georgie Symonds leads an idyllic life with her Wall Street lawyer husband, Nick, in seaside Connecticut. But as Nick spends more time with his sexy colleague, Georgie becomes plagued by suspicions and immerses herself in her own work, through which she meets a tempting stranger. Some descriptions of sex. 1988.

Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dude and Other Commandments I Have Broken BR 16553
by Rosemary Graham
2 volumes
California high school sophomore Kelsey Wilcox endures vicious rumors spread on the Internet by her superstar, skateboarding boyfriend after she breaks up with him. Kelsey competes for a place on the school newspaper as she tries to salvage her reputation. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2005.

Gil's All Fright Diner BR 16559
by A. Lee Martinez
2 volumes
Duke and Earl planned to drive right through Rockwood, but a stop at a diner leads to a job ridding the place of zombies. This would-be cakewalk for werewolf Duke and vampire Earl is complicated by a teenage sorceress. Strong language. For senior high and older readers. Alex Award. 2005.

If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? BR 16560
by Melissa Kantor
2 volumes
Sophomore Lucy copes with an unloving stepmother and two bratty stepsisters after her father remarries and moves them to Long Island. Lucy is suddenly popular when a senior basketball hero falls for her, but she finds a fellow art student more interesting. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2005.

Oh Danny Boy: A Molly Murphy Mystery BR 16602
by Rhys Bowen
3 volumes
New York, 1902. Private detective Molly Murphy works to exonerate police captain Daniel Sullivan of bribery charges. Molly is convinced he is innocent, and as her inquiry progresses she suspects Daniel's troubles are related to his investigation of the East Side Ripper, a serial killer targeting prostitutes. 2006.

Prisoner of Memory: An Eve Diamond Novel BR 16657
by Denise Hamilton
3 volumes
Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond investigates the murder of seventeen-year-old Denny Lukin. She questions Denny's Russian émigré parents and uncovers Mafia and FBI connections. Meanwhile, a man from Moscow claiming to be Eve's cousin wants to help with the case. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. 2006.

Refuge Cove BR 16665
by Lesley Choyce
1 volume
Greg and his mother move to Newfoundland, where he learns to sail in the ocean. Alone on a sailing trip, he finds a lifeboat full of illegal refugees and brings them home. They later flee into a storm when the police arrive. Uncontracted braille. For senior high readers. 2002.

Stillwatch BR 16806
by Mary Higgins Clark
3 volumes
Washington, D.C., journalist Pat Traymore is doing research for her upcoming television program on vice-presidential hopeful Senator Abigail Jennings. Aided by her old flame, Congressman Sam Kingsley, Pat uncovers startling links between Abigail's past and her own tragic childhood--and secrets that could destroy both their lives. 1984.

I Heard That Song Before BR 16840
by Mary Higgins Clark
2 volumes
Twenty-eight-year-old Englewood, New Jersey, librarian Kay Lansing and wealthy businessman Peter Carrington fall in love and marry after Kay approaches him about a fundraiser. Later Peter is arrested for the murder of a teenaged neighbor that took place twenty-two years ago. Kay believes Peter is innocent and investigates. Bestseller 2007.

Citizen Vince BR 16842
by Jess Walter
3 volumes
Spokane, Washington; 1980. Vince Camden is working as a baker in the Witness Protection Program and debating whether to vote for Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan. When another gangster recognizes him, Vince heads to New York to make amends with the mob. Violence and strong language. Edgar Award. 2005.

Startled by His Furry Shorts: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson BR 16847
by Louise Rennison
2 volumes
British teenager Georgia continues her quest for a boyfriend. In her journal she records her feelings for sexy Italian Masimo, her old mate Dave, and her ex-crush Robbie. Meanwhile, she prepares for a school play and a Viking wedding and copes with her quirky family. For senior high readers. 2006.

The Sun Also Rises BR 16853
by Ernest Hemingway
2 volumes
A group of wealthy English and American expatriates in post-World War I Europe travel from the cafes of Paris to the bullfights of Spain--eating and drinking, aimlessly socializing, and quarreling among themselves. The disillusioned characters reflect the war- weary lost generation of the 1920s. Some strong language. 1926.

Tied Up in Tinsel: An Inspector Roderick Alleyn Mystery BR 16886
by Ngaio Marsh
2 volumes
Artist Troy Alleyn visits Hilary Bill-Tasman's estate to paint Hilary's portrait. As Hilary prepares for a Christmas pageant, one of his eccentric guests disappears. Troy's husband, Superintendent Roderick Alleyn, arrives from London to help unravel the mystery and to interrogate Hilary's staff members-- all of whom are convicted murderers. 1972.

Sparrow BR 16888
by Sherri L. Smith
2 volumes
After her beloved grandmother dies, high-school student Kendall Washington travels to New Orleans in search of her only living relative, her aunt Janet. Instead, she finds Janet's neighbors-- sixteen-year-old Evie, who has muscular dystrophy and a beautiful singing voice, and Evie's overburdened mother, Clare Morreal. For senior high readers. 2006.

The Winds of Change: A Richard Jury Mystery BR 16911
by Martha Grimes
3 volumes
London, England. After being hospitalized in The Grave Maurice (BR 14363) superintendent Richard Jury investigates a five- year-old girl's murder. Evidence of sexual abuse leads him to a ring of pedophiles and to the body of a woman on a wealthy businessman's estate. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller 2004.

Murphy's Law BR 16916
by Lori Foster
3 volumes
May Price's best friend Ashley Miles, from Jude's Law (BR 16623), needs advice after falling in love with Quinton Murphy. The killer Elton Pascal stalks the two women as May prepares for her wedding to Jude. Explicit descriptions of sex, strong language and some violence. 2006.

Girl, Going on 17, Pants on Fire BR 16919
by Sue Limb
2 volumes
Following a fabulous summer in Girl, (nearly) 16, Absolute Torture (BR 16444), Fred dumps Jess the day before school starts. Jess renews her friendship with football player Ben and is harassed by a new teacher and embarrassed by her mother dating a younger man. For senior high readers. 2006.

Accidents of Nature BR 16924
by Harriet McBryde Johnson
2 volumes
North Carolina, 1970. Seventeen-year-old Jean, who has cerebral palsy, attends Camp Courage, where for the first time she meets other teens with disabilities. Her radical, new friend Sara directs an anti-telethon skit and changes Jean's perceptions of the normal world. Some descriptions of sex. For senior high readers. 2006.

Born to Rock BR 16927
by Gordon Korman
2 volumes
Young Republican Leo Caraway loses his Harvard scholarship on a technicality and learns that his biological dad is a legend-- former punk rocker "King Maggot." Hoping for college money, Leo joins King's comeback tour as a roadie and grows up along the way. For junior and senior high readers. 2006.

Sharp Objects BR 16931
by Gillian Flynn
2 volumes
Chicago reporter Camille Preaker, recently treated for psychological problems, arrives in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to investigate the murders of two preteen girls. Camille sees her mother and thirteen-year-old half-sister for the first time in years. But events from the past overwhelm her. Some violence and some strong language. 2006.

Surrender BR 16944
by Sonya Hartnett
2 volumes
As twenty-year-old Gabriel lies in bed dying, he recalls events shared with his two companions, his dog Surrender and the volatile Finnigan. Gabriel reflects on the death of his mentally challenged brother Vernon and the arson attacks in his hometown. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. Printz Honor. 2005.

The Testament BR 17086
by Eric Van Lustbader
5 volumes
Medieval scholar Braverman "Bravo" Shaw discovers that his deceased father, Dexter, was a high-ranking member of the Order of Gnostic Observatines and that he had appointed Bravo to guard a hidden documents cache. Others, however, covet the treasure. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2006.

Dark Angels BR 17089
by Karleen Koen
5 volumes
England, 1670. Alice Verney, a maid of honor to Queen Catherine, suspects that her majesty will be poisoned. She allies herself with Lieutenant Richard Saylor, plots for power, and plans marriage. Prequel to Through a Glass Darkly (BR 13661). Some explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. 2006.

The Accidental Tourist BR 17090
by Anne Tyler
3 volumes
After his son is murdered and his wife of twenty years leaves him, travel writer Macon Leary returns to his family's home. He settles in with his sister, two brothers, and Welsh corgi until dog trainer Muriel Pritchett disrupts his routine and changes his outlook. Some descriptions of sex. 1985.

A False Mirror: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery BR 17096
by Charles Todd
3 volumes
England, 1920. Stephen Mallory holds his ex-lover Felicity hostage after he becomes the prime suspect in her husband Matthew's near-fatal beating. Stephen demands to see Scotland Yard inspector and fellow war veteran Ian Rutledge, who investigates while coping with memories of his own lost love. Then Matthew disappears. 2007.

A Little Fate BR 17101
by Nora Roberts
3 volumes
Three tales of love and magic. In "The Witching Hour" a young woman following her heart saves her kingdom. In "Winter Rose" a queen receives something unexpected for healing a warrior. In "A World Apart" a demon slayer finds herself transported to New York. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.

A Student of Living Things BR 17105
by Susan Richards Shreve
2 volumes
A future Washington, D.C., during civil unrest. Siblings Claire and Steven Frayn, both graduate students living at home, are leaving the university library when politically active Steven is assassinated. Claire and Victor--who claims to have been Steven's friend--seek the reason Steven was targeted. The truth implicates the Frayn family. 2006.

The Crimes of Jordan Wise BR 17106
by Bill Pronzini
2 volumes
1977. Gold-digger Annalise Bonner tempts mild-mannered San Francisco accountant Jordan Wise into embezzling funds from his company and fleeing to the Virgin Islands. Annalise's constant demands drive Jordan to commit two additional crimes. Strong language, some explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. 2006.

A Wreath for Rivera: An Inspector Roderick Alleyn Mystery BR 17109
by Ngaio Marsh
3 volumes
George Settinger, Lord Pastern, joins Breezy Bellairs's band much to the chagrin of his wife, Cécile, who also disapproves of the relationship between the band's piano-accordionist, Carlos Rivera, and her daughter, Félicité. When Carlos is murdered during a performance attended by Inspector Roderick Alleyn, Roderick investigates. 1949.

Killer Dolphin: An Inspector Roderick Alleyn Mystery BR 17113
by Ngaio Marsh
3 volumes
The Dolphin, a newly restored dockside London theater, opens with The Glove, a play inspired by the discovery of a genuine Shakespearean mitt. Inspector Roderick Alleyn supervises security precautions for the relic but is soon tracking a criminal when someone kills a caretaker and steals the glove. 1966.

Simply Magic: Miss Martin's School for Girls, Book 3 BR 17115
by Mary Balogh
3 volumes
Regency England. Susanna Osbourne, a teacher at a girls' school in Bath, meets Peter Edgeworth, viscount Whitleaf, at a friend's estate during summer recess. The two fall in love, even though Susanna secretly holds Peter's family responsible for her father's suicide years ago. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

Our Lady of Pain: An Edwardian Murder Mystery BR 17121
by Marion Chesney
2 volumes
When private detective Captain Harry Cathcart is seen squiring courtesan Dolores Duval around London, his fiancée, debutante Lady Rose Summer, becomes jealous and her parents cancel the engagement. Rose threatens Dolores, discovers the courtesan's body the next day, and becomes the prime suspect in her murder. Some strong language. 2006.

Blue Christmas: A Savannah Novel BR 17124
by Mary Kay Andrews
2 volumes
Weezie Foley wants to win the downtown Savannah Christmas window- decorating contest, but her shop's Williamsburg theme is so-o-o boring. An Elvis song gives her an idea--a "Blue Christmas" display. The window attracts a mysterious nighttime visitor, and the competition triggers quirky happenings that guarantee Christmas is anything but boring. 2006.

Breathing Lessons BR 17125
by Anne Tyler
3 volumes
As Maggie and Ira Moran drive from Baltimore, Maryland, to Deer Lick, Pennsylvania, for the funeral of Maggie's best friend's husband, they reflect upon their own twenty-eight-year marriage, the lives of their children, and their hopes for the future. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1988.

White Ghost Girls BR 17130
by Alice Greenway
2 volumes
Hong Kong, 1967. American teens Kate and Frankie escape from their Chinese amah to explore the city while their father photographs the war in Vietnam and their mother paints. Frankie delves into adventures and Kate keeps her secrets, until tragedy intervenes. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2006.

Words of Silk BR 17134
by Sandra Brown
2 volumes
Kindergarten teacher Laney McLeod is visiting friends in New York when a blackout traps her on an elevator with handsome attorney Deke Sargent. They share a night of passion after which Laney flees. Months later Deke finds Laney--now pregnant--and vows to win her love. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 1984.

A Slipping-Down Life BR 17180
by Anne Tyler
2 volumes
North Carolina, 1960s. Shy, pudgy, seventeen-year-old Evie Decker becomes infatuated with nineteen-year-old local rock singer Drumstrings Casey. One night at the Unicorn, where Drum is performing, Evie makes a bizarre gesture to get his attention. 1969.

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