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November-December 2008

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The Mask of Apollo BR 16662
by Mary Renault
3 volumes
Greece, fourth century B.C. As actor Nikeratos rises to fame, he meets and is enchanted by Dion, a distinguished politician of Syracuse and pupil of Plato. When King Dionysios dies, Nikeratos watches as political turmoil erupts into violence and Dion vies for the throne. 1966.

Where There's a Will BR 16670
by Margie Walker and others
3 volumes
In four different stories the daughters of deceased African American PI Henry Chambers of Liberty, Georgia, begin to close his cases. As Maxine, Samantha, Morgan, and Taylor investigate and uncover town and family secrets, their lives become threatened. Some descriptions of sex, some violence, and some strong language. 2004.

The Hallowed Hunt BR 17219
by Lois McMaster Bujold
4 volumes
Ingrey escorts Ijada into custody after she murders Prince Boleso in self-defense. But with the aging, hallowed king's throne unsecured, Ingrey must save the kingdom as well as Ijada, whom he has grown to love. Sequel to |Paladin of Souls (BR 16837)|. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 2005.

The Pox Party: The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1; Taken from Accounts by His Own Hand and Other Sundry Sources--Collected by Mr. M.T. Anderson of Boston BR 17254
by M.T. Anderson
2 volumes
Eighteenth-century Boston. Sixteen-year-old slave Octavian, the son of an African princess, is educated as part of a scientific experiment researching the intelligence of African Americans. When the experiments change, Octavian escapes and joins the fight against the British. Some violence. For senior high and older readers. National Book Award. 2006.

Firestorm: The Caretaker Trilogy, Book 1 BR 17258
by David Klass
3 volumes
Eighteen-year-old high school senior Jack Danielson learns that he's been sent from the future to prevent ecological disaster on Earth. Jack's only allies are Gisco, a dog who communicates telepathically, and Eko, a shape-shifting ninja girl who teaches him to avoid the Dark Army. For senior high readers. 2006.

Queen of Swords: Wilderness Series, Book 5 BR 17260
by Sara Donati
5 volumes
1814. Following |Fire along the Sky (BR 15587)|, Jennet Scott is rescued from captivity in the French Antilles by husband Luke and Luke's Mohawk half-sister Hannah, a physician. They travel to New Orleans to search for Jennet's infant son, but war and prejudice rage. Some violence and some strong language. 2006.

The Maytrees BR 17269
by Annie Dillard
2 volumes
Provincetown, Cape Cod. Poet Toby Maytree returns after World War II and marries Lou Bigelow. Together they have a son, Petie. Their bohemian and seashore lifestyles fit well together--until Toby runs off with Deary Hightoe. Decades later, when Deary becomes ill, Toby and Deary return to Lou's house. Bestseller 2007.

Westerns of the 40's: Classics from the Great Pulps BR 17307
edited by Damon Knight
3 volumes
Compilation of sixteen short western stories from magazines of the 1940s. Includes works by John D. MacDonald, Tom Roan, Roy M. O'Mara, James Shaffer, Cliff Farrell, and others. Contains tales of revenge, range wars, roving saddle bums, and ladies of the night. Some violence. 1977.

The |Rawhide Knot| and Other Stories BR 17308
by Conrad Richter
2 volumes
Pulitzer Prize-winning author presents eight tales of pioneers who are ambushed by love and the challenge of frontier life. In the title story, a group of men bent on devilment attempt to "hatch up a marriage" between an old maid and a young lawyer from back East. 1935.

Blind Spot BR 17309
by Terri Persons
3 volumes
FBI agent Bernadette Saint Clare's unusual gift enables her to see crime scenes through the killers' eyes. On Bernadette's latest assignment in St. Paul, Minnesota, colleague Tony Garcia questions her skills while her neighbor offers a clue to a murder. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

The Lost Diary of Don Juan: An Account of the True Arts of Passion and the Perilous Adventure of Love BR 17313
by Douglas Carlton Abrams
3 volumes
Abandoned Juan Tenorio, raised by nuns in Spain, loves and worships all women and has an affair with one of the sisters. He keeps a diary of his activities including spying for the Marquis de la Mota, fleeing from the Inquisition, and falling in love. Some descriptions of sex. 2007.

|The| |Regatta Mystery| and Other Stories Featuring Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Mr. Parker Pyne BR 17317
by Agatha Christie
2 volumes
Eight short detective tales and one of semisupernatural drama. In the title story, Mr. Parker Pyne seeks a thief when a diamond goes missing from a yachting party. In "Yellow Iris," Hercule Poirot solves one crime and thwarts another at a dinner party. Miss Marple shares a mystery tale. 1934.

After Dark BR 17318
by Haruki Murakami
2 volumes
Tokyo. At a late-night Denny's, trombonist Tetsuya reintroduces himself to student Mari, the sister of fashion model Eri. Later, the manager of a "love hotel" approaches Mari to translate for a Chinese prostitute who was brutalized by a businessman. Secrets and needs draw these strangers together. Some strong language. 2004.

Harlem Summer BR 17320
by Walter Dean Myers
1 volume
Harlem, 1925. Sixteen-year-old saxophone-playing Mark Purvis is hired by an African American magazine one summer. But when he does a shady delivery job for his idol, musical genius Fats Waller, something goes wrong and gangster Dutch Schultz comes after Mark for money. For senior high readers. 2007.

Car Trouble BR 17322
by Jeanne DuPrau
2 volumes
Seventeen-year-old computer nerd Duffy Pringle is heading for work in California when his car breaks down. Finding another job ferrying a vintage Chevy, Duff is accompanied by hitchhiking Stu. Teenage Bonnie joins them in St. Louis, and they embark unaware that thieves are in pursuit. For senior high readers. 2005.

Burning Bright BR 17342
by Tracy Chevalier
3 volumes
Georgian London, 1790s. At the behest of circus impresario Philip Astley, the Kellaway family moves from the country and becomes neighbors to artist, poet, and free-thinker William Blake. Young Jem Kellaway falls in love with feisty city girl Maggie Butterfield, and both succumb to Blake's spell. 2007.

T Is for Trespass: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery BR 17389
by Sue Grafton
3 volumes
Santa Teresa, California. After PI Kinsey Millhone's elderly neighbor Gus Vronsky falls, his great-niece hires nurse Solana Rojas to care for him. Kinsey investigates Solana's background, but doesn't learn until much later that Solana is a sociopath who is abusing and robbing Gus. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller 2007.

Dark of the Moon BR 17391
by John Sandford
3 volumes
The night that Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's Virgil Flowers arrives in a small town to investigate the murder of an elderly couple, an old man is burned to death. Flowers must find the link before more bodies pile up. Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. Bestseller 2007.

The Darkest Evening of the Year BR 17392
by Dean Koontz
3 volumes
Southern California. Amy Redwing's personal mission is to rescue abused and abandoned golden retrievers, including the rambunctious Nickie. Widower Brian McCarthy suspects that Amy is hiding something. Things turn uncanny when someone begins stalking Amy and her charges. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. Bestseller 2007.

Duma Key BR 17475
by Stephen King
5 volumes
An accident left self-made construction millionaire Edgar Freemantle brain damaged and without an arm. When Edgar's rage results in divorce, his therapist suggests he spend a year painting in Florida. With his phantom arm's help, Edgar soon produces incredible, but dangerous, artwork. Violence and strong language. Bestseller 2008.

Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk Blues BR 17480
by LuAnn McLane
2 volumes
Kentucky waitress Abby Harper enters a television ballroom dance contest to win prize money for her family. Dance-studio owner Rio Martin is embarrassed to be on the show but needs the publicity. Soon sparks fly between them. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2007.

Returning to Earth BR 17481
by Jim Harrison
2 volumes
Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Donald, a forty-five-year-old Finnish Chippewa man dying of Lou Gehrig's disease, dictates his family history to his wife Cynthia to preserve for their children Clare and Herald. After Donald's death all the family members mourn him in their own way. Some strong language. 2007.

Twisted BR 17488
by Laurie Halse Anderson
2 volumes
Bullied Tyler Miller becomes infamous after vandalizing the school and being sentenced to community service. Returning for senior year, Tyler is accused of posting a classmate's nude pictures on the Internet. Life spirals downward until Tyler takes charge--at home and at school. Some strong language. For senior high readers. 2007.

Love, Stargirl BR 17489
by Jerry Spinelli
2 volumes
Stargirl and her parents have moved away, but the homeschooled free spirit still misses her Arizona boyfriend Leo, who dumped her. She begins writing him "the world's longest letter," describing her new neighbors and her feelings. Sequel to |Stargirl (BR 12801)|. For junior and senior high readers. 2007.

You've Been Warned BR 17493
by James Patterson and Howard Roughan
2 volumes
Kristin is a nanny and an aspiring photographer. She loves her charges, hates their stepmother, and is having an affair with their father. Kristin begins to have a recurring nightmare about dead people--that might be a premonition. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2007.

An Unexpected Family: Ladies of Covington BR 17495
by Joan Medlicott
2 volumes
North Carolina. Photographer Amelia Declose is shocked when a British woman, Miriam Declose-Smith, shows up on her doorstep claiming that Amelia's late husband Thomas was her father. Miriam is fleeing an abusive husband, and the Ladies of Covington rally around to help--unaware of the danger. 2007.

A Wanted Man: A Stone Creek Novel BR 17497
by Linda Lael Miller
3 volumes
Arizona territory, 1905. Ranger Sam O'Ballivan, from |The Man from Stone Creek (BR 17193)|, hires Rowdy Rhodes to catch train robbers--even Rowdy's own father. Meanwhile, schoolmarm Lark Morgan is hiding from an abusive husband when she falls in love with Rowdy. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2007.

Pale Horse, Pale Rider: Three Short Novels BR 17498
by Katherine Anne Porter
2 volumes
In |Old Mortality| girls Maria and Miranda learn about the young woman pictured in an old framed photograph at their grandmother's house. |Noon Wine| is about Olaf Helton, who hires on at a Texas dairy farm. The title piece recounts a grown-up Miranda's tragic love affair with a soldier. 1939.

Death of an Addict: A Hamish Macbeth Mystery BR 17502
by M.C. Beaton
2 volumes
Scottish Highlands. Recovering heroin user Tommy Jarret dies from an apparent overdose. Constable Hamish Macbeth goes undercover as a drug lord to investigate possible links to a religious cult and the illicit drug trade. Beautiful Glasgow detective Olivia Chater joins Hamish's search, posing as his wife. 1999.

The Uncommon Reader BR 17649
by Alan Bennett
1 volume
England. When the royal dogs stray into a mobile library parked near the palace, the Queen feels obligated to borrow a book. She soon develops an obsession with reading that changes her worldviews, distracts her from official duties, and prompts her to write her own masterpiece--with surprising consequences. Bestseller 2007.

Honor Thyself BR 17696
by Danielle Steel
3 volumes
Fifty-year-old actress Carole Barber travels to Paris to do research for a book she is writing. After a terrorist attack, Carole suffers from amnesia. While her friends, grown children, and ex-husband try to help her remember, a former lover stirs memories and opens doors to the future. Bestseller 2008.

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