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March-April 2009

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From Here to Eternity BR 17261
by James Jones
9 volumes
Army life in Hawaii before World War II, centering on the conflict and bond between two men: Private First Class. Prewitt, a bugler and unwilling ex-boxer, and First Sergeant Warden, who risks his career for an affair with his commanding officer's wife. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. National Book Award. 1951.

Sheer Abandon BR 17316
by Penny Vincenzi
6 volumes
English schoolgirls Clio, Martha, and Jocasta meet en route to Thailand in 1985. Upon her return a year later, one of them abandons her newborn at Heathrow. The three women reunite in 2000, along with a teenager seeking her birth mother. Some explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2007.

Return to Me BR 17412
by Robin Lee Hatcher
2 volumes
Seven years ago, Roxanne Burke abandoned her family and her boyfriend, Wyatt, to follow her showbiz dreams in Nashville. Unemployed and broke, Roxy returns home to Boise. While her father welcomes Roxy, her sister Elena--now engaged to Wyatt-- harbors resentment. They all seek God's help to forgive and move on. 2007.

Rhett Butler's People BR 17424
by Donald McCaig
5 volumes
Tale of Rhett Butler, from Gone with the Wind ( BR 11427), and his clan. Rhett has a difficult relationship with his father Langston, loves his sister Rosemary and his wife Scarlett O'Hara, and trusts his childhood friend Tunis, a former slave. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller 2007.

Dead Heat BR 17426
by Dick Francis and Felix Francis
3 volumes
Newmarket, England. Guests suffer food poisoning after a horse- racing gala catered by chef Max Moreton. At the races the next day a bomb detonates on the grandstand where Max is serving lunch--killing and injuring dozens. Determined to find out who is ruining his business, Max begins investigating. Bestseller 2007.

The New Yorkers BR 17433
by Cathleen Schine
2 volumes
On an unfashionable street near Central Park, neighbors form a bond because of their dogs. Jody adopts elderly Beatrice from the ASPCA, and divorced Everett falls in love with them both. Polly takes an apartment that comes with an abandoned puppy, while Jamie admits canines to his restaurant. 2007.

High Noon BR 17450
by Nora Roberts
4 volumes
Savannah, Georgia. Restaurant owner Duncan Swift romantically pursues hostage negotiator Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara after she assists his suicidal bartender. Phoebe's family problems and a vicious attack by an unknown stalker threaten the new romance. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller 2007.

A Family Christmas BR 17454
selected by Caroline Kennedy
3 volumes
Anthology of Kennedy's holiday favorites. Encompasses poems, stories, scriptures, songs, and essays of the Christmas season. Includes her own 1962 letter to Santa as well as works by Irving Berlin, Robert Frost, George Washington, Langston Hughes, and other notables. Bestseller 2007.

The Red Dress BR 17464
by Sarah Harrison
2 volumes
Carolyn commissions a gown to be made for her silver wedding anniversary party but abruptly gives it away without ever wearing it. The dress subsequently passes on to diverse owners--Monica, Pauline, and Jasper--changing each of them forever. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2006.

Presence: Stories BR 17467
by Arthur Miller
1 volume
The last six stories published by Arthur Miller (1915-2005). In the title piece, an aging man headed to the beach for an early morning walk encounters a young couple having sex. Their tryst triggers memories from the old man's past. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2004.

What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know BR 17468
by Sonya Sones
2 volumes
Robin, Sophie's boyfriend from What My Mother Doesn't Know (BR 14156), relates in free verse his perspective on love and heartache. Robin fears that Sophie may dump him because he is a social outcast and she catches him kissing another girl. Uncontracted braille. For senior high readers. 2007.

Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky: Based on the True Story of the Women and Children of Jamestown BR 17548
by Connie Lapallo
3 volumes
In 1609 the promise of free land lures Joan Peirce, her husband Will, and their daughter Janey to Virginia colony's James Town. Forced to leave her oldest daughter behind, Joan maintains her faith in God while facing a hurricane, starvation, and hostile natives. For senior high and older readers. 2006.

The Last Noel BR 17552
by Heather Graham
2 volumes
Craig Devon joins two crooks who abandon him, wounded, during a robbery gone wrong on Christmas Eve. When their car gets stuck in a blizzard, the robbers hold the O'Boyle family hostage. Kat O'Boyle escapes and encounters Craig, her ex-lover, before she hides. Some violence and some strong language. 2007.

Restitution BR 17555
by Lee Vance
3 volumes
Wall Street businessman Peter Tyler becomes the main suspect after his wife, Jenna, is murdered during a home robbery. Tyler flees and searches for his friend, Russian business tycoon Andrei Zhilina, who might help Tyler clear his name. But Andrei has disappeared. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Full Throttle: Redline Racing, Book 2 BR 17680
by Anthony Hampshire
1 volume
Canadian rookie driver Eddie Stewart and his volunteer crew-- Rickie, Herbie, and Caroline--rebuild a damaged race car. Eddie sets out to prove that he can compete alongside the best professional drivers, but problems arise when engineer Allan Tanner joins the team. For senior high readers. 2005.

Cotillion BR 17686
by Georgette Heyer
3 volumes
Regency England. Kitty Charing stands to inherit a fortune from her odious guardian if she marries one of his great-nephews: humbug Hugh, cruel Claud, doltish Dolph, foolish Freddy, or handsome Jack--Kitty's most-likely choice. As the suitors vie for her hand, Kitty secretly schemes to get her way. 1953.

The Kommandant's Girl BR 17687
by Pam Jenoff
3 volumes
World War II, Poland. Newlyweds Jacob and Emma become separated during the Nazi invasion. Jacob joins the Jewish underground, and Emma moves in with a Catholic aunt. Posing as a gentile, Emma works for a Nazi Kommandant, risking her marriage--and her life-- to help Jacob's cause. Some descriptions of sex. 2007.

Girl in Landscape BR 17689
by Jonathan Lethem
2 volumes
When a global disaster blights the Earth's environment, fourteen- year-old Pella Marsh and her family escape to another planet where her father, a failed politician, hopes to restart his career. Pella assimilates into the alien society and discovers a terrible threat that could doom the Earthling colony. 1998.

Blue Heaven BR 17714
by C.J. Box
3 volumes
When twelve-year-old Annie and her ten-year-old brother witness a man's murder near their north Idaho town, they are spotted and become the next targets. The shooters are retired L.A. cops who deviously volunteer to head up the search party and find the hiding kids. Violence and strong language. 2007.

Secret Scribbled Notebooks BR 17717
by Joanne Horniman
2 volumes
Australia. On the day her unwed sister Sophie gives birth to a daughter, seventeen-year-old Kate O'Farrell buys three notebooks- -red, yellow, and blue--for scribbling down her secret thoughts. Through writing about what she reads, observes, and loves, Kate makes discoveries about herself. For senior high readers. 2004.

Country Wives: A Barleybridge Novel, Book 2 BR 17724
by Rebecca Shaw
2 volumes
Barleybridge, England. New veterinary clinic doctor Dan Brown's blunt manner alienates the staff and costs them their biggest client. Meanwhile receptionist Kate Howard, studying for her vet school entrance exams, meets her biological mother and learns Dan's secret. 2001.

Where Are You Now? BR 17759
by Mary Higgins Clark
2 volumes
When she was sixteen, Carolyn MacKenzie's brother Mack disappeared but each Mother's Day Mack makes a brief call home. Ten years later Carolyn, now an attorney, interrupts the call to tell Mack that she will find him. Despite a warning from Mack, Carolyn persists--and finds herself in danger. Bestseller 2008.

Bulls Island BR 17789
by Dorothea Benton Frank
3 volumes
Two decades ago, Elizabeth "Betts" McGee canceled her engagement to Charleston golden boy J.D. Langley because of a family feud and moved to Manhattan. Now Betts returns home to South Carolina on business. She wants to reconnect with her family while guarding old secrets. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller 2008.

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