Braille Book Review

May-June 2009

Books for Children The following books were recently produced for the NLS program. To order books, contact your braille-lending library. Nonfiction

Galaxies, Galaxies! &nbsp &nbsp BR 17336
by Gail Gibbons
1 volume
A brief history of the many galaxies in the universe and the telescopes
that made their discoveries possible. Discusses stars, solar
systems, light years, and galaxies of various shapes. PRINT/BRAILLE.
For grades 2-4. 2007.

Should I Play the Clarinet? &nbsp &nbsp BR 17518
by Richard Spilsbury
1 volume
Provides an overview of information about the clarinet. Covers its history,
the way the instrument produces sound, and famous clarinet players.
Discusses what is needed to play the clarinet. Includes recommended
recordings for hearing classical, jazz, and klezmer music. For
grades 3-6. 2007.

Should I Play the Violin? &nbsp &nbsp BR 17519
by Richard Spilsbury
1 volume
Presents the history of the violin, a stringed instrument held under the
chin and played with a bow. Covers the types of music--from
classical to jazz--played on it and presents famous violinists. For
grades 3-6. 2007.

Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More &nbsp &nbsp BR 18006
by Jack Prelutsky
1 volume
Short poems about enjoying sports--win or lose. Celebrates trying baseball,
soccer, gymnastics, ice and sidewalk skating, swimming, running in
races, basketball, and karate, among others. PRINT/BRAILLE. For
grades K-3. 2007.

On the Farm &nbsp &nbsp BR 18008
by David Elliott
1 volume
Short poems about farmyard animals describe the rooster, cow, pony, dog,
sheep, cat, goat, pig, snake, bees, bull, turtle, fowl, and quiet
bunny. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool-grade 2. 2008.

Duel! Burr and Hamilton's Deadly War of Words &nbsp &nbsp BR 18017
by Dennis Brindell Fradin
1 volume
Account of the famous 1804 duel, when U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr and
former secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton--founding
fathers and onetime friends--fired upon each other. Provides
background on both men and describes the fight, which left one dead
and ruined the other's future. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 2-4. 2008.

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