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Eulalia! Redwall Abbey         BR 17645
by Brian Jacques
3 volumes
On his way to invade Redwall Abbey, vicious and tyrannical Captain Vizka Longtooth captures Gorath, the brave young badger whose predicted destiny is to become the next Badger Lord. The heroes of Redwall Abbey once again take up arms when Longtooth and his crew attack. For grades 5-8. 2007.

Chicken Feathers         BR 17898
by Joy Cowley
1 volume
The summer that Josh's mother spends in the hospital waiting for her new baby, Josh's father gives him a pet--a troublesome old hen named Semolina, who talks only to Josh. But then a fox attacks Semolina. For grades 3-6. 2008.

Chancey of the Maury River         BR 17899
by Gigi Amateau
2 volumes
Chancey, an albino Appaloosa left abandoned in a field, becomes a project for Claire, a ten-year-old rider who needs him as much as he needs her. As Chancey becomes increasingly blind, he and Claire leave show-jumping behind and make a new start as a therapeutic team. For grades 4-7. 2008.

Keeping Corner         BR 17901
by Kashmira Sheth
2 volumes
Gujarat, India; 1918. As a Brahmin who becomes a child widow, twelve-year-old Leela must remain, or "keep corner," in her family's house for one year. During this time she takes to heart Gandhi's teachings about social change and struggles for the opportunity to continue her education. For grades 6-9. 2007.

Forever Rose         BR 17903
by Hilary McKay
2 volumes
As Christmas approaches, eleven-year-old Rose, the youngest member of the eccentric Casson family, discovers that life is filled with both catastrophic problems and wonderful surprises. Sequel to Caddy Ever After (BR 16746). For grades 4-7. 2008.

Amanda Pig and the Wiggly Tooth         BR 17904
by Jean Van Leeuwen
1 volume
Amanda enjoys wiggling her first loose tooth, but she does not want to pull it out because doing so might hurt. The tooth finally comes out without Amanda noticing and is lost. What can Amanda do about the Tooth Fairy? Four easy chapters. For grades K-3. 2008.

After Hamelin         BR 17908
by Bill Richardson
2 volumes
Now aged 101, Penelope recalls her eleventh birthday, when she awoke and could no longer hear. That saved her from following the Pied Piper's music with the other children of Hamelin. Thus it befell her to set out to rescue the lost boys and girls. For grades 4-7. 2000.

I Feel a Foot!         BR 18021
by Maranke Rinck
1 volume
Five animal friends asleep in a hammock are awakened by a strange noise. In the dark of a moonless night, Turtle, Bat, Octopus, Bird, and Goat venture forth, and each discovers what seems to be a super-duper, big version of himself. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool-grade 2. 2008.

Toad Rage         BR 18117
by Morris Gleitzman
1 volume
An Australian cane toad named Limpy notices that human drivers deliberately run down and kill his relatives. Determined to figure out why humans hate toads and to change their opinion, Limpy embarks on a dangerous trek from his swamp to the Summer Olympics in Sydney. For grades 3-6. 2001.

Black Star, Bright Dawn         BR 18118
by Scott O'Dell
1 volume
After her father is injured, Bright Dawn, an eighteen-year-old Eskimo girl, takes up the challenge of running Alaska's one-thousand-mile-long Iditarod race. She and lead dog Black Star endure many hazards between Anchorage and Nome, including blizzards, wild animals, and treacherous trails. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 1988.

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