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The Chronicles of Barsetshire by Anthony Trollope

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As an employee of the postal service in mid-nineteenth-century Victorian England, Anthony Trollope was assigned to offices in small towns, first in Ireland and then in the West of England. It was while he lived in Gloucestershire and Somersetshire, England, that he became fascinated with the quiet provincial life of small communities. From his fascination came the Chronicles of Barsetshire in which he wrote, against a backdrop of Victorian England, about religious and country life in an imaginary cathedral city called Barchester in Barset county.

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The Warden

The warden, a gentle and innocent old cleric living a quiet and contented life, is suddenly attacked by the newspapers for receiving the profits of a sinecure. Half in fear and half because of his scruples, he resigns his income and accepts penury. 1855

RC 12363

BR 08866

Barchester Towers

Intrigue surrounds the appointment of a new bishop, as seen in the ploys and jealousies of the clergy and their wives. 1857

DB 11318

RC 11318

BRA 1211

Dr. Thorne

Portrays quiet country life in the West of England. Mary Thorne, a sweet modest girl, lives with her kind uncle in Greshambury where the young heir of Greshambury Park falls in love with her. 1858

RC 12410

BRA 3856

Framley Parsonage

Fourth of the Chronicles of Barsetshire centers on Framley, a weak but honest young man, who is led astray and into debt by a spendthrift minister of parliament and finds himself in an awkward position. Another aspect of the story deals with Framley's sister's love affair and marriage to young Lord Lufton. 1861

RC 12142

BRA 13401

The Small House at Allington

Depicts the pleasures and troubles of nineteenth-century country life with digressions into London, Todger's boarding house, and high society. Mr. Crosbie, a snobbish and cowardly trifler; Lily Dale, the jilted maiden; Johnny Eames; and the aristocratic doll, Lady Dumello, are among the characters. 1864

RC 11839

BRA 15053

The Last Chronicle of Barset

This novel is concerned with the trials and tribulations of the Reverend Josiah Crawley, a country clergyman who is unjustly accused of stealing twenty pounds. Meanwhile, his daughter falls in love with the son of the archdeacon. 1867

RC 12858

BRA 5685

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