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The Wagons West Series by Dana Fuller Ross

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The Wagons West series by Noel Bertram Gerson, under the pseudonym of Dana Fuller Ross, contains a blend of western romance and adventure. Gerson, a prolific writer, wrote numerous works under many pseudonyms including the White Indian novels, which he wrote as Donald Clayton Porter. The first of the Wagons West series begins in 1837 with the organization of the first large wagon train of settlers headed for the Oregon territory. The series goes on to chronicle the settling of the West, tracing the lives of a large cast of characters.

Following is a list of the twenty-four titles in chronological order of their contents according to Sequels: An Annotated Guide to Novels in Series by Janet Husband and Jonathan F. Husband. All titles are available from NLS library collections. Books that are available on BARD are linked for downloading.

Independence! Volume 1

In 1837 a dauntless band of pioneers sets out from Long Island on a mission to win the rich Oregon territory for America. The major characters are a fiery young widow, Claudia Humphries, and the bold wagon master, Sam Brentwood, who commands the first leg of the remarkable journey. 1978.

DB 16017

RC 16017

BRA 16554

BRA 17906

Nebraska! Volume 2

This saga of the first wagon train west toward Oregon begins in Independence, Missouri, and ends when the five-hundred brave pioneers reach the great plains of Nebraska. Centers on Whip Holt, the rugged, quiet leader of the caravan, and Cathy van Ayl, who leaves her family behind in Missouri to travel with Holt's train and perhaps win his heart. 1978.

DB 16018

RC 16018

BRA 17111

Wyoming! Volume 3

The men, women, and children of the trail depend for survival on men like wagon scout Whip Holt, who has never been bested by man or beast. Now two women--the beautiful young widow and the Indian maiden who was once Holt's woman--ride side by side on the train. Both have the power to distract him. 1979.

DB 16019

RC 16019

BRA 16557

Oregon! Volume 4

Valor and devotion ride side by side with intrigue and bitter rivalry as America's first wagon train nears the Pacific Coast. Wagon master Whip Holt is wanted by two women--his wife, who is courted by Englishmen and Russians, and the wife of the supreme commander of American forces in the Oregon Territory. 1980.

DB 16020

RC 16020

BRA 17236

Texas! Volume 5

In the 1840s a band of stalwart volunteers from Oregon make the treacherous journey through Mexican territory to lead a wagon train to the Texas frontier. Among their protectors is a ruggedly handsome young captain who holds the destiny of Texas in his hands and another man's woman in his heart. 1980.

DB 17494

RC 17494

BRA 17288

California! Volume 6

In the new territory of California, Sheriff Rick Miller and former wagon master Whip Holt join forces to track down two brutal murderers and to stem the tide of greed and violence that threatens to destroy the new land, inflamed by the lust for gold. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 1981.

DB 16999

RC 16999

BRA 17142

Colorado! Volume 7

The news of a gold strike in Colorado territory in 1858 lures a colorful crowd to the untamed wilderness. Lawyers, desperados, financiers, hard-working women, and gold diggers stake their lives for golden dreams. 1981.

DB 17493

RC 17493

BRA 17298

Nevada! Volume 8

General Leland Blake is charged with transporting a wagon train of silver from Nevada's Comstock Lode to New York. Blake must outwit and outshoot Confederate saboteurs and cunning British agents who will do anything to prevent the silver from reaching its destination. 1981.

DB 17678

RC 17678

BRA 17088

BRA 17464

Washington! Volume 9

At the close of the Civil War, wounded hero Toby Holt rides west to claim a homestead on the vast timberlands of Washington. Awaiting him are shrewd, ruthless profiteers and two beautiful women, the courtesan who seduced Toby into a loveless marriage and a vivacious young woman who is pledged to another man. 1982.

DB 19134

RC 19134

BR 05521

Montana! Volume 10

In 1866, Toby Holt, son of famous wagon master Whip Holt, and his friend Rob Martin accept a mandate from president Andrew Johnson to survey the vast Montana territory for a railroad line. The surveyors soon find themselves violently opposed by Sioux chief Thunder Cloud and the Ma Hastings gang. The desperados actually kidnap the young wives of Toby and Rob. Some descriptions of sex. 1983.

DB 20222

RC 20222

BR 05737

Dakota! Volume 11

Toby Holt sets out to make peace with the Indians of the Dakota territory after the Civil War. With two lethal enemies out to kill him, Toby needs the help of an alluring Sioux maiden, but he soon finds himself trapped by betrayal and his own desire. 1983.

DB 19244

RC 19244

BR 05594

Utah! Volume 12

Toby Holt and Rob Martin struggle to keep moving westward as transcontinental railroads link. At the same time, a sinister stranger threatens Clarissa Holt and Beth Martin with a legacy of murder and shame. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 1984.

DB 20236

RC 20236

BR 05769

FD 20236

Idaho! Volume 13

Two battalions of brave cavalry troops escort the new governor of Idaho Territory, Toby Holt across nearly impassable mountains, as a desperate United States government seeks to bring law and order to this untamed territory. To Toby Holt and his friend, Rob Martin, falls the perilous task of turning a wilderness into a safe homeland. 1984.

DB 20927

RC 20927

BR 05929

Missouri! Volume 14

The majestic steamboats of the Missouri River offer a glamorous way west for pioneers and traders, gamblers and thieves, proper young ladies and dance hall girls. Meanwhile, murderous bandits and war-painted Sioux wait in ambush along the river banks for wealth and women. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 1985.

DB 21511

RC 21511

BR 06091

Mississippi! Volume 15

Toby Holt's new mission draws him perilously close to the West's most powerful criminal mastermind, as outlaws and gentlemen struggle for control of the fertile lands along the Mississippi River and the colorful post-Civil War city of New Orleans. Some descriptions of violence and sex. Bestseller. 1985.

DB 22951

RC 22951

BR 06330

Louisiana! Volume 16

President Grant entrusts Toby Holt with a dangerous mission to exotic nineteenth-century China. Meanwhile Holt's sister Cindy proves her mettle on the frontier. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 1985.

DB 22995

RC 22995

BR 06414

Tennessee! Volume 17

With gun, saber, or bare fists, Toby Holt has the skill to best any foe. But he has no armor for his heart when a dangerous mission brings him face-to-face with a dual threat--a beautiful woman he cannot resist and a brutal, renegade general. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 1986.

DB 23033

RC 23033

BR 06484

Illinois! Volume 18

Toby Holt comes to the great growing city of Chicago on his way to Wisconsin to found a logging dynasty. Action climaxes with the fire started by Mrs. O'Leary's cow on October 8, 1871. Bestseller. 1986.

DB 23950

RC 23950

BR 06867

Wisconsin! Volume 19

A continuing saga of adventure and romance that features famed roughrider and frontiersman Toby Holt. He struggles to build his fledgling lumber operation in Wisconsin's forests despite the opposition of the established wealthy lumber barons. Bestseller. 1987.

DB 26013

RC 26013

BR 07041

Kentucky! Volume 20

Legendary freedom-fighter Toby Holt sets out on a daring mission to thwart a plot to assassinate President Grant. During his adventure, he is dazzled by a Kentucky beauty and protects a woman photographer who has accidentally taken a picture of the would-be murder. 1987.

DB 26990

RC 26990

BR 07377

Arizona! Volume 21

In the sun-scorched land west of Yuma where law and order do not exist, desperadoes rule with brutal terror. Brave men like Cindy Holt's new husband, cavalry officer Reed Kerr, and the trusty Winchester rifle combine to rout the criminals and make the territory safe for settlers. 1988.

DB 26976

RC 26976

BR 07333

New Mexico! Volume 22

In the 1870s, a one-handed outlaw and his comancheros sell settlement women captured during raids in the New Mexico Territory. A frontiersman-businessman infiltrates the gang to rescue the captives. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 1988.

DB 29005

RC 29005

BR 07751

Oklahoma! Volume 23

The harsh, open country of Oklahoma is beckoning farmers and ranchers, but tick fever is killing the cattle, and unscrupulous land dealers are ruining family dreams. With tempers flaring, a range war seems inevitable--unless Toby Holt can stop it. Known to have a quicker draw and surer aim than anyone alive, he heads toward Oklahoma in answer to his friends cries for help. Bestseller. 1989.

DB 30967

RC 30967

FD 30967

BR 07790

Celebration! Volume 24

America is preparing for the July 4, 1876, centennial. From coast to coast, pioneer and farmer, businessman and laborer prepare for a grand celebration. But if they do not remain vigilant, the celebration could become one of unforgettable terror. Toby Holt faces the ultimate test of his heroism. 1989.

DB 30966

RC 30966

BR 07960

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