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Braille Book Review November–December 2015

Volume 84, Number 6

About Braille Book Review

Braille Book Review is published bimonthly in braille, large print, and online and distributed free of charge to participants in the Library of Congress reading program for people who are blind or have a physical disability. It lists braille books and magazines available through a network of cooperating libraries and carries news of developments in services to people who are blind, visually impaired, or cannot read regular print material because of an organic physical disability. The braille edition also lists NLS audiobooks appearing in Talking Book Topics with brief descriptions.

The annotated list in this issue is limited to titles recently added to the national collection, which contains thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles including bestsellers, classics, biographies, romances, mysteries, and how-to guides. Some books in Spanish are also available. To explore the wide range of books in the national collection, visit the NLS Union Catalog online or contact your local cooperating library.

Braille Book Review is available online in HTML and plain text at Braille Book Review section. Patrons enrolled in the online Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service may download contracted braille files for use with braille output devices.

About BARD

Most books and magazines listed in Braille Book Review are available to eligible readers for download. To use BARD free of charge, contact your cooperating library or fill out the online application at The free BARD Mobile app is available from the App Store for reading braille books on a personal iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Music scores and instructional materials

Individuals registered for NLS music services may receive braille and large-print music scores, texts, and instructional recordings about music and musicians through the NLS Music Section.

For more information about the NLS music collection call 1-800-424-8567, e-mail [email protected] , or visit NLS Music Service Section.

Where to write

Order braille books through your local cooperating library. To find your library go online to find a local NLS network library. To change or cancel your Braille Book Review subscription complete the form on the inside back cover and mail it to your local braille-lending library.

Patrons who are American citizens living abroad may request delivery to foreign addresses by contacting the overseas librarian by phone at (202) 707-5100 or e-mail at [email protected] .

Only send correspondence about editorial matters to: Publications and Media Section, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, Washington DC 20542-0002. Or e-mail [email protected]

Library of Congress, Washington 2015
Catalog Card Number 53-31800
ISSN 0006-873X


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In Brief

NLS will begin producing books and magazines in the new Unified English Braille (UEB) in 2016. UEB has eliminated nine contractions, changed some spacing rules, and adopted some new symbols. While we don’t expect braille readers to encounter much difficulty with the new braille code, we are providing this list of frequently used new symbols for your reference. Only symbols that are new in UEB are included on this list.

The symbols on this list are shown in categories. Each isolated symbol is shown preceded by the dot locator (⠨⠿). The following line then provides a brief example of the symbol being used.

( ) open and close parentheses ⠨⠿⠐⠣ ⠨⠿⠐⠜
Example:(new) ⠐⠣⠝⠑⠺⠐⠜
[ ] open and close brackets ⠨⠿⠨⠣ ⠨⠿⠨⠜
Example: [new] ⠨⠣⠝⠑⠺⠨⠜
‘ ’ open and close inner quote ⠨⠿⠠⠦ ⠨⠿⠠⠴
Example: “our ‘new’ inner quotes” ⠦⠕⠥⠗ ⠠⠦⠝⠑⠺⠠⠴ ⠔⠝⠻ ⠟⠥⠕⠞⠑⠎⠴
… ellipsis ⠨⠿⠲⠲⠲
Example: new … new… ⠝⠑⠺ ⠲⠲⠲ ⠝⠑⠺⠲⠲⠲
{ } open and close braces ⠨⠿⠸⠣ ⠨⠿⠸⠜
Example: {new} ⠸⠣ ⠝⠑⠺⠸⠜
< > open and close angle brackets ⠨⠿⠈⠣ ⠨⠿⠈⠜
Example: <new> ⠈⠣⠝⠑⠺⠈⠜
— Dash ⠨⠿⠠⠤
Example: — new —new ⠠⠤ ⠝⠑⠺ ⠠⠤⠝⠑⠺


Miscellaneous symbols
* asterisk ⠨⠿⠐⠔
Example: new* ⠝⠑⠺⠐⠔
@ at sign ⠨⠿⠁⠈
Example: [email protected] ⠝⠇⠎⠁⠈⠇⠕⠉⠲⠛⠕⠧
~ tilde ⠨⠿⠈⠔
Example: [email protected] ⠝⠑⠺⠈⠔⠁⠈⠇⠕⠉⠲⠛⠕⠧
backslash ⠨⠿⠸⠡
Example: c:my books ⠉⠒⠸⠡⠍⠽ ⠃⠕⠕⠅⠎
_ underscore ⠨⠿⠨⠤
Example: new_data.xls ⠝⠑⠺⠨⠤⠙⠁⠞⠁⠲⠭⠇⠎
  • bullet

  • New
  • Newer
  • ⠸⠲ ⠝⠑⠺
  • ⠸⠲ ⠝⠑⠺⠻
degrees ⠨⠿⠘⠚
Example: 32F ⠼⠉⠃⠘⠚⠠⠋
% percent ⠨⠿⠨⠴


Braille indicators (Note: In print examples, material that appears in grade 1 braille or as a transcriber’s note is indicated by the use of a bold font.)
grade 1 single letter ⠨⠿⠰
Example: go to room g ⠛ ⠞⠕ ⠗⠕⠕⠍ ⠰⠛
grade 1 word ⠨⠿⠰⠰
Example: again ⠰⠰⠁⠛⠁⠊⠝
grade 1 passage begin and terminate ⠨⠿⠰⠰⠰ ⠨⠿⠰⠄
Example: Al and Bob are new. ⠰⠰⠰⠠⠁⠇ ⠁⠝⠙ ⠠⠃⠕⠃⠰⠄ ⠜⠑ ⠝⠑⠺⠲
capitalized passage begin and terminate ⠨⠿⠠⠠⠠ ⠨⠿⠠⠠
Example: NEW, NEWER, AND NEWEST ⠠⠠⠠⠝⠑⠺⠂ ⠝⠑⠺⠻⠂ ⠯ ⠝⠑⠺⠑⠌⠠⠠
transcriber’s note begin and terminate ⠨⠿⠈⠨⠣ ⠨⠿⠈⠨⠜
Example: new symbols are listed after the dot locator ⠈⠨⠣⠝⠑⠺ ⠎⠽⠍⠃⠕⠇⠎ ⠜⠑ ⠇⠊⠌⠫ ⠁⠋ ⠮ ⠙⠕⠞ ⠇⠕⠉⠁⠞⠕⠗
line continuation indicator ⠨⠿⠐
⠺⠺⠺⠲⠇⠕⠉⠲⠛⠕⠧⠸⠌⠝⠇⠎⠸⠌⠐ ⠗⠑⠋⠻⠰⠑


Emphasis indicators
boldface single letter ⠨⠿⠘⠆
Example:Socrates ⠘⠆⠠⠎⠕⠉⠗⠁⠞⠑⠎
boldface word ⠨⠿⠘⠂
Example:Aristotle ⠘⠂⠠⠜⠊⠌⠕⠞⠇⠑
boldface passage begin and terminate ⠨⠿⠘⠶ ⠨⠿⠘⠄
Example:Old Greek Philosophers ⠘⠶⠠⠕⠇⠙ ⠠⠛⠗⠑⠑⠅ ⠠⠏⠓⠊⠇⠕⠎⠕⠏⠓⠻⠎⠘⠄
italics single letter ⠨⠿⠨⠆
Example:Socrates ⠨⠆⠠⠎⠕⠉⠗⠁⠞⠑⠎
italics word ⠨⠿⠨⠂
Example:Aristotle ⠨⠂⠠⠜⠊⠌⠕⠞⠇⠑
italics passage begin and terminate ⠨⠿⠨⠶ ⠨⠿⠨⠄
Example:Old Greek Philosophers ⠨⠶⠠⠕⠇⠙ ⠠⠛⠗⠑⠑⠅ ⠠⠏⠓⠊⠇⠕⠎⠕⠏⠓⠻⠎⠨⠄
underline single letter ⠨⠿⠸⠆
Example:Socrates ⠸⠆⠠⠎⠕⠉⠗⠁⠞⠑⠎
underline word ⠨⠿⠸⠂
Example: Aristotle ⠸⠂⠠⠜⠊⠌⠕⠞⠇⠑
underline passage begin and terminate ⠨⠿⠸⠶ ⠨⠿⠸⠄
Example:Old Greek Philosophers ⠸⠶⠠⠕⠇⠙ ⠠⠛⠗⠑⠑⠅ ⠠⠏⠓⠊⠇⠕⠎⠕⠏⠓⠻⠎⠸⠄


. Decimal ⠨⠿⠲
$ Dollar symbol ⠨⠿⠈⠎
Example: $4.95 ⠈⠎⠼⠙⠲⠼⠊⠼⠑


+ plus ⠨⠿⠐⠖
minus ⠨⠿⠐⠤
Example: 5-3 ⠼⠑⠐⠤⠼⠉
x times ⠨⠿⠐⠦
÷ divided by ⠨⠿⠐⠌
Example: 6÷2 ⠼⠋⠐⠌⠼⠃
= equals ⠨⠿⠐⠶
Example: 2+3 = 5 ⠼⠃⠐⠖⠼⠉ ⠐⠶ ⠼⠑
< less than ⠨⠿⠈⠣
2 < 3
⠼⠃ ⠈⠣ ⠼⠉
> greater than ⠨⠿⠈⠜
Example: 3 > 2 ⠼⠉ ⠈⠜ ⠼⠃

BARD Mobile How-to Series on YouTube

If you use the BARD Mobile app on iOS and Android devices, you may want to view the series of sixteen instructional videos NLS has posted on YouTube. The series provides tips on getting the most from BARD Mobile and covers frequently asked questions such as how to use accessibility features on your device, read and navigate a talking book, and manage downloads. Watch them at

Resources for learning UEB

Are you interested in learning Unified English Braille (UEB)? Several organizations offer courses—free and at cost—to help everyone from the recreational reader to the professional braille transcriber. Here are a few offerors:

  • Hadley School for the Blind offers a course called Transitioning to Unified English Braille (UEB) that is available in hardcopy braille or online. The course provides a structured approach to learning the differences between English Braille American Edition (EBAE) and UEB. The course consists of six self-paced lessons. External
  • Northern Illinois University received a Department of Education grant to provide a course in UEB: The course, entitled UEBOT, will be provided for the next five years. This course is designed for those who are already familiar with the rules of EBAE and are using braille professionally as an instructor or transcriber. The course comprises one week of orientation and four weeks of instruction. It is offered as a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), so enrollment is not limited. Students are required to take an eligibility test to demonstrate their proficiency in EBAE before enrolling. External
  • The Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired offers three courses. The first, called Introduction to Unified English Braille (UEB), is a six-part series explaining the changes between EBAE and UEB. The center also has two other courses in UEB for vision teachers and braille transcribers. External
  • The Library of Congress braille certification course has been updated to include UEB. This is a comprehensive twenty-lesson course designed to teach students to professionally transcribe printed materials into literary braille. Successful completion of the course results in certification from the Library of Congress as a braille transcriber. Those who already are certified transcribers and/or proofreaders may take the UEB Proficiency Exam once they have studied the UEB rules. The UEB Letter of Proficiency is required for your certification to be current. When you are ready to take the UEB Proficiency Exam, you may e-mail [email protected] or call (612) 767-5658 to request the materials. Note that the exam has three parts. You must successfully complete each part before proceeding to the next.

2016 Calendars

Listed below are organizations that produce calendars in braille, print/braille, large print, or audio. Prices and availability are subject to change.

American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults
1800 Johnson St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 659-9314, ext. 2216
[email protected] External

Braille 6 x 6-1/2-inch calendar. Features one page per month, a personal day page, and a listing of major holidays. Free.

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)
PO Box 6085
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
800-223-1839 toll-free
(502) 899-2284 fax
[email protected] External

Braille DateBook calendar in a two-ring binder. Features tabbed pages of durable plastic. Catalog no. 1-07899-16, $79. Calendar replacement pages, catalog no. 1-07898-16, $18. Filler paper and extra tabs, catalog no. 1-07897-00, $11.

Large-print (60-point) EZ Track Calendar and appointment book in a three-ring binder. Each page has space for four days of the month, with room for notes. Calendar with binder, catalog no. 1-07900-16, $52. Inserts only, catalog no. 1-07901-16, $45.

Print/braille (36-point) 8-1/2 x 11-inch APH InSights Art Calendar. Includes holidays and moon phases. Features the work of artists with visual impairments who compete in the APH juried competition. Catalog no. 5-18971-16, $7.

Print/braille everyday activities calendar in a three-ring binder. Features color dividers between each month and two days per page. Can be used year after year. For children ages three to eight. Catalog no. 1-08121-00, $78.

Print/braille individual calendar kit. Contains two brightly colored, embossed, bold-line grid sheets for making personal month-at-a-glance calendar. Catalog no. 1-18971-00, $18.

Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB)
919 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 627-0600, ext. 3242
(215) 922-0692 fax
[email protected] External

Large-print (42-point) month-at-a-glance desk calendar. Opens to 11 x 17 inches. Includes space for notes or appointments. Free to residents of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; $4 for others.

The Big Type Company
W136 N5265 Campbell Ct.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
800-933-1711 toll-free
(262) 783-6599 fax
[email protected] External

Large-print (42-point) month-at-a-glance desk calendar. Opens to 11 x 17 inches. Includes space for notes or appointments. $11.50. Accepts prepaid orders by mail, online, or telephone.

Braille Works
941-942 Darby Lake St.
Seffner, FL 33584
(813) 654-4050
800-258-7544 toll-free
(813) 689-8628 fax
[email protected] External

Braille 11 x 17-inch wall calendar with images. Spiral-bound. $14.99.

Cleveland Sight Center
Eyedea Shop
1909 East 101st St.
PO Box 1988
Cleveland, OH 44106-8696
877-776-9563 toll-free
[email protected] External

Large-print 11 x 17-inch calendar. Opens to 22 x 17 inches. $10.

Large-print 9 x 11-inch date planner. Opens to 11 x 17 inches. $12.50.

Heritage for the Blind
2182 Flatbush Ave., 2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11234
800-236-6283 toll-free
(718) 889-6023 fax External

Large-print 8.5 x 11-inch weekly calendar. Free.

Independent Living Aids
137 Rano St.
Buffalo, NY 14207
800-537-2118 toll-free
(516) 937-3906 fax External

Braille 8.5 x 11-inch wall calendar with images. Spiral bound. $19.95.

Large-print 17 x 11-inch monthly wall calendar. Spiral bound. $6.95.

Large-print 17 x 22-inch monthly wall calendar. Spiral bound $7.75.

The Jewish Heritage for the Blind
1655 East 24th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 338-4999
800-995-1888 toll-free
[email protected] External

Large-print 8-1/2 x 11-inch weekly wall calendar in English and Hebrew. The calendar reflects the traditional Jewish year, beginning at Rosh Hashanah. Includes weekly candle-lighting times for selected cities. Free.

Learning, Sight & Sound (LS&S)
145 River Rock Dr.
Buffalo, NY 14207
800-468-4789 toll-free
877-498-1482 fax
[email protected] External

Braille 11 x 8-1/2-inch calendar. Catalog no. 421040, $15.95.

Large-print 14 x 10-inch appointment book. Catalog no. 421038, $14.45.

Large-print 11 x 17-inch spiral-bound calendar. Catalog no. 421055, $6.49.

Large-print 17 x 22-inch planning calendar. Catalog no. 421056, $7.45.

The Lighthouse of Houston
Attn: Reflections, The Lighthouse Store
3602 West Dallas St.
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 284-8466
[email protected] External

Large-print (36-point) 11 x 17-inch wall calendar. $5.50.

Lutheran Braille Workers
13471 California St.
PO Box 5000
Yucaipa, CA 92399
800-925-6092 toll-free
[email protected] External

Braille and large-print 8 x 11-inch scripture calendar. Features a Bible verse and raised picture for each month. Also available in a large-print (21-point) 8 x 14-inch edition. Free.

42 Executive Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735
800-522-6294 toll-free
(631) 752-0738 TTY
(631) 752-0689 fax
[email protected] External

Large-print (72-point) 8-1/2 x 11-inch spiral-bound Giant Print Date Calendar. Opens to 11 x 17 inches. Includes pages for notes and appointments. Catalog no. 19050-16, $8.95.

Large-print (72-point) 11 x 17-inch spiral-bound Jumbo Print Calendar. Opens to 22 x 17 inches. Printed in black ink on white paper. Catalog no. 9032003-16, $7.95.

Large-print (72-point) 11 x 17-inch Low-Vision Calendar. Catalog no. 19055-16, $6.45.

Large-print Big Print Date Calendar. Catalog no. 55681, $13.95.

Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund
3500 North Elm Rd.
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 780-5096
(517) 780-5448 fax
[email protected] External

Print/braille 6-1/4 x 3-3/4-inch spiral-bound calendar. Includes a separate listing of major holidays. Free.

National Federation of the Blind
Independence Market
200 East Wells St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 659-9314, ext. 2216
(410) 685-2340 fax
[email protected] External

Braille 6 x 6-1/2-inch calendar. Features one page per month, a personal day page, and a listing of major holidays. Catalog no. BBC16B, free.

Large-print 8-1/2 x 11-inch spiral-bound calendar with inside pockets. Features two-page calendar view with two-inch blocks for each day of the month, a monthly notes page, and a three-month calendar overview. Catalog no. AIL02C, $10.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Library of Congress
Attn: Reference Section
Washington, DC 20542
(202) 707-9275
800-424-8567 toll-free
[email protected]

Braille 5 x 3-1/2-inch date finder and signature guide. Folds to 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. Covers a twelve-month period from July to June. Free.

SightConnection Store
9709 Third Ave. NE, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98115-2027
(206) 525-5556 v/TDD
800-458-4888 toll-free
(206) 525-0422 fax
[email protected] External

Audio Talking calendar and clock. Announces day, date, and time at the push of a button. Item no. 177, $84.00.

Large-print spiral-bound desk calendar with 3/8-inch numbers in 2-inch squares. Each month includes a page for notes. Item no. 434-15, $10.

Large-print (72-point) spiral-bound wall calendar. Opens to 17 x 22 inches and has room for notes on each date. Major holidays noted on date. Item no. 437-15, $10.50.

Sioux Links Publishing
Attn: Customer Service
705 Eagle Run
Dell Rapids, SD 57022
888-201-5640 toll-free
(605) 428-5110 fax
[email protected]

Large-print 11-1/2 x 17-1/2-inch monthly wall calendar. Opens to 23 x 17-1/2 inches. $16.95.


The following announcements may be of interest to readers. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped reserves the right to publish announcements selectively, as space permits. The items mentioned, however, are not part of the NLS program and their listings do not imply endorsement.

Online comic book store for visually impaired readers provides an online bookstore and a blog about comic books specifically designed for readers with visual impairments. Comic books available from the site are translated into audio form with pages, panels, and texts described in ways that do not break the rhythm of the story. The site offers the free publication The First Timer’s Ultimate Guide to Comics and features a comic-book series with blind superhero Aurora.

The site is also hosting a comic-book writing competition; submissions are due by February 6, 2016. More information on the contest is available at External.

Audio, braille, and large-print medicine labels available from many pharmacies

Consumers may receive medicine labels in audible, large-print, and braille formats through a wide-range of pharmacies through the ScripAbility program. Audio labels require the free hand-held ScripTalk reader, which reads a medicine label with a push of a button. To receive ScripTalk prescriptions customers should contact a participating pharmacy and request the service. Once registered for the service, the pharmacy will affix a ScripTalk label to each medication and contact En-Vision America to send the customer a free reader. En-Vision America will contact the customer to verify the address before sending the free ScripTalk reader.

To view a list of current retail pharmacies visit: External .
To fill out an online inquiry form for more information go to: External .

Call En-Vision America toll-free at 1-800-890-1180 for all other inquiries.

Books for Adults

The following books were recently produced for the NLS program. To order books, complete the order form and return it to your braille-lending library.

Registered users can also immediately download all titles and magazines from the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service at The free BARD Mobile app is available from the App Store for reading braille books on a personal iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To learn more about the collection or to sign up for BARD, contact your local cooperating library. Regional library telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed on the last pages of this magazine.

Books within the headings Adult Fiction and Adult Nonfiction are listed alphabetically by subject category, author last name, and title. For example the title War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy would be listed in Adult Fiction under the Classics subject category and by the last name Tolstoy.

Note: A notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of violence, strong language, or descriptions of sex. The word “some” before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in “some strong language.”

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Adult Fiction


by Terry Pratchett
4 volumes
In an alternate Victorian London, seventeen-year-old street urchin Dodger’s life dramatically changes after he saves a mysterious girl from her captors. While trying to solve the young lady’s predicament, Dodger meets Charles Dickens and encounters Sweeney Todd. Some violence. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2012.


The Soldier’s Wife
by Joanna Trollope
4 volumes
British major Dan Riley returns from Afghanistan and struggles to readjust to family life. His stepdaughter Isabel runs away from boarding school, his preschool twins act out, and his wife Alexa begins to regret marrying a military man. And Dan misses the camaraderie of his mates. Some strong language. 2012.

A Spool of Blue Thread
by Anne Tyler
5 volumes
From Red Whitshank’s parents, newly arrived in Baltimore in the 1920s, to Abby and Red who fell in love in 1959, to their own grandchildren who carry the Whitshank legacy boisterously into the twenty-first century, here are four generations’ lives unfolding in and around their sprawling, lovingly worn Baltimore house. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2015.

Because It Is My Blood: Birthright, Book 2
by Gabrielle Zevin
4 volumes
2083. After Anya Balanchine is released from the Liberty Children’s Facility, where she was detained on weapons-possession charges, she tries to move on. But when old friends start calling in debts, a life of crime beckons. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2012.


Half a King
by Joe Abercrombie
3 volumes
As the second son with a crippled hand, Yarvi never expected to rule, but when his father and older brother are betrayed and murdered he vows to regain the throne. Gathering together misfits and outcasts as his companions, Yarvi seeks his revenge. Some violence and some strong language. 2014.

Half the World
by Joe Abercrombie
4 volumes
Thorn wants to learn how to fight to avenge her father. Brand wants a place among the warriors to help bring money to his family. Father Yarvi agrees to take them both on a mission to secure allies for Gettland against the High King. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2015.

Range of Ghosts
by Elizabeth Bear
4 volumes
Temur, grandson of the Great Khan, is left for dead on a battlefield and must go into exile if he wants to live to regain the Khaganate. Samarkar renounced her place as a princess of the Citadel to train as a wizard. Both oppose a cult scheming for war. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Shattered Pillars
by Elizabeth Bear
5 volumes
Temur and Samarkar seek allies for an assault on the Nameless cult’s stronghold, where Temur’s lover is being held. Meanwhile the leader of the cult continues to push the world’s powers to war and collapse, including unleashing a plague on the Rasan Empire. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2013.

Three Parts Dead
by Max Gladstone
5 volumes
As a first-year associate in a firm specializing in the Craft, Tara Abernathy must face the difficult task of resurrecting the god Kos before chaos overwhelms the city. Tara and the fire-god’s chain-smoking priest Abelard investigate the circumstances surrounding Kos’s death. Violence and strong language. 2012.

by Rachel Hartman
5 volumes
In a world where dragons and humans coexist in an uneasy truce and dragons can assume human form, Seraphina, whose dragon mother died giving birth to her, grapples with her identity amid magical secrets and royal scandals. For senior high and older readers. William C. Morris Award. 2012.


The Elementals
by Francesca Lia Block
3 volumes
Freshman Ariel Silverman enters Berkeley haunted by the news of her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and the disappearance of her best friend Jeni, who vanished last year while visiting the university. Ariel searches for Jeni and faces new experiences. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.

Wallflower in Bloom
by Claire Cook
4 volumes
Deirdre Griffin has always felt like the family wallflower—especially since her brother is a famous New Age guru and she is his behind-the-scenes assistant. Deirdre uses her social-media savvy to get a spot on Dancing with the Stars and relocates to Hollywood, where she reassesses her life goals. 2012.

by Frances Itani
4 volumes
Kenan returns from the battlefields of World War I to his home in Ontario and his wife Tress, from Deafening (BR15382, Volume 1 Deafaning, Volume 2 Deafaning, Volume 3 Deafaning). Wounded in body and soul, Kenan won’t leave the house until he strikes up a friendship with Tress’s uncle Am, whose marriage is also troubled. 2014.

Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Bookstore
by Robin Sloan
3 volumes
While hunting for a new job, Web designer Clay Jannon wanders across Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Bookstore, which sits next to a strip joint. Hired for the night shift, Clay is soon drawn into a world of mystery, intrigue, and kooky customers. 2012.

Historical Fiction

Toby’s Room
by Pat Barker
4 volumes
Siblings Elinor and Toby Brooke, from Life Class (BR17758, Volume 1 Life Class , Volume 2 Life Class), have a close relationship—some say too close. When Toby goes missing in war-torn France, Elinor must sort out her relationships with him and his friends Kit Neville and Paul Tarrant. Violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Léon and Louise
by Alex Capus
3 volumes
1918. While traveling to his aunt’s house, seventeen-year-old Léon Le Gall meets Louise Janvier. They fall in love, but are separated by a bomb blast. Twenty years later, they meet on the eve of World War II—but Léon is now married with a child. Translated from German. Some violence. 2011.

The Greatcoat
by Helen Dunmore
2 volumes
England, 1952. Isabel feels lonely and isolated in her new life as a country doctor’s wife. Searching for blankets one cold night, Isabel discovers the greatcoat of an RAF officer in her kitchen. Then Alec, a man with a secret past, knocks at her window wearing a similar coat. 2012.

Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society
by Amy Hill Hearth
3 volumes
1962. Bostonian Jackie Hart and her family move to Naples, Florida, where Jackie starts a book salon with the town’s misfits, including a gay man, a parolee, and a black teenager. Meanwhile, an anonymous woman headlines a late-night radio show and the Ku Klux Klan shows up. 2012.

The Hundred Days
by Joseph Roth
3 volumes
Depicting Napoleon’s ultimate downfall, this imagining of his final days of freedom is set between his escape from Elba and recapture at Waterloo, and told from the perspective of Napoleon and his laundress, Angelina. Originally published in German in 1935. 2011.


The Mistletoe Promise
by Richard Paul Evans
2 volumes
Three years after Elise divorced her husband for cheating, another holiday season rolls around, sending her into a funk. Then Nicholas Derr approaches her in the food court where they both eat and offers a contract in which they pretend to be in a relationship. Neither expects the consequences. Bestseller. 2014.

My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories
edited by Stephanie Perkins
4 volumes
Twelve romantic holiday stories featuring authors including Holly Black, Ally Carter, Gayle Foreman, and Rainbow Rowell. In “Midnights” Mags expresses how she feels about the past New Year’s Eves and finally levels with her best friend Noel. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2014.

Human Relationships

Fat Angie
by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo
3 volumes
Life further unravels for overweight high-school freshman Angie as her dysfunctional family learns that Angie’s sister is presumed dead in Iraq. But then cool new girl KC forms an unlikely friendship with Angie. Strong language and some violence. For senior high and older readers. 2013.

I Was Here
by Gayle Forman
3 volumes
In an attempt to understand why her best friend committed suicide, eighteen-year-old Cody Reynolds retraces her dead friend’s footsteps and makes some startling discoveries. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2015.

Every Day
by David Levithan
3 volumes
Every morning A wakes up in a different person’s body, a different person’s life. He learns over the years to never get too attached—until he finds himself in Justin’s body and falls in love with Justin’s girlfriend Rhiannon. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

We Were Liars
by E. Lockhart
3 volumes
Teenaged Cadence spends summers on her family’s private island off the coast of Massachusetts with her cousins and a boy named Gat. After an accident occurs, she struggles to remember what happened during her fifteenth summer. For senior high and older readers. 2013.


Fight Song
by Joshua Mohr
3 volumes
While riding his bike one night, Bob Coffen races with an SUV-driving neighbor who runs him off the road. The incident brings Bob’s frustration with his suburban life to a boil and spurs him to become more assertive and reconnect with his wife and children. Strong language. 2013.

Mystery and Detective

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust: A Flavia de Luce Novel
by Alan Bradley
4 volumes
Twelve-year-old Flavia de Luce laments her predicament when her father and Aunt Felicity ship her off to Miss Bodycote’s Female Academy across the sea in Canada. But the budding chemist and sleuth is cheered when a charred and mummified body tumbles out of a bedroom chimney. 2015.

Not My Blood
by Barbara Cleverly
4 volumes
1933. Scotland Yard’s Joe Sandilands receives a call from nine-year-old Jackie Drummond, the son of friends, who has fled his boarding school because he thinks he killed his teacher. When Joe’s inquiries reveal that St. Magnus School is already secretly under investigation, he gets the case. Some violence. 2012.

The Body Farm
by Patricia Cornwell
4 volumes
Suspecting the handiwork of serial killer Temple Gault, the FBI bring in forensic pathologist consultant Dr. Kay Scarpetta to research the North Carolina murder of an eleven-year-old girl. Meanwhile, Scarpetta learns that her niece Lucy, an FBI intern, has been framed for stealing information. Strong language and some violence. 1994.

From Potter’s Field
by Patricia Cornwell
4 volumes
Virginia’s chief medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta is again working with the FBI to track serial killer Temple Gault. Gault has linked up with the woman who seduced and framed Scarpetta’s niece Lucy when both women worked for the FBI. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 1995.

Nearly Gone
by Elle Cosimano
4 volumes
Nearly “Leigh” Boswell discovers she’s the only student capable of unravelling complex clues left by a serial killer. When her classmates are systematically murdered, Leigh rushes to stop the killer before she becomes the next victim. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2014.

Sweet Death, Kind Death
by Amanda Cross
3 volumes
Kate Fansler, college professor and part-time sleuth, is puzzled by the death of a successful novelist and renowned historian from a prestigious women’s college. Though the victim favored old-age suicide, she had everything to live for, and her apparent drowning and peculiar suicide letter simply don’t ring true. 1984.

Dead Man’s Chest: A Phryne Fisher Mystery
by Kerry Greenwood
4 volumes
Australia. PI Phryne Fisher takes her adopted daughters Jane and Ruth and maid Dot on a seaside vacation. Upon arriving they discover that the rental house’s butler and housekeeper are missing, so Phryne investigates. Some strong language. 2010.

Murder and Mendelssohn: A Phryne Fisher Mystery
by Kerry Greenwood
4 volumes
Assisting Detective Inspector Jack Robinson in the investigation of an unpopular orchestra conductor’s murder, Miss Fisher becomes suspicious of a charismatic code-breaker who has captured her friend John Wilson’s affections. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. 2014.

The Day She Died
by Catriona McPherson
4 volumes
Jessie Constable finds Gus King distraught over his wife leaving him and offers to drive him and his young daughter home from the grocery store. When the police arrive with news that Gus’s wife is dead, Jessie is drawn into the family and the mystery surrounding the event. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2014.

The Beautiful Mystery
by Louise Penny
5 volumes
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his protégé Jean-Guy Beauvoir travel to the remote monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups, where twenty-three cloistered monks mourn the recent murder of the twenty-fourth, choirmaster Brother Mathieu. Mathieu had recruited the best singers to join the monastery for its main focus—singing Gregorian chants. Some strong language. 2012.

Bury Your Dead
by Louise Penny
5 volumes
Chief Inspector Gamache, on leave in Quebec City, helps investigate the murder of an archaeologist who was searching for the remains of Samuel de Champlain. Meanwhile Gamache sends his colleague Jean-Guy Beauvoir to Three Pines to revisit the case described in The Brutal Telling (BR20563, Volume 1 The Brutal Telling, Volume 2 The Brutal Telling, Volume 3 The Brutal Telling, Volume 4 The Brutal Telling, Volume 5 The Brutal Telling, Volume 6 The Brutal Telling). Some strong language. 2010.

The Cruelest Month: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel
by Louise Penny
5 volumes
Popular Three Pines resident Madeleine Favreau dies of fright while attending a séance at the old Hadley house. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache learns that a dose of diet pills played a part in the death—but Madeleine wasn’t dieting. Meanwhile Armand deals with trouble in his ranks. Some strong language. Agatha Award. 2007.

A Rule against Murder: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel
by Louise Penny
5 volumes
Armand Gamache, chief inspector of Quebec homicide, and his wife Reine-Marie vacation at an inn outside of Montreal. When a member of the Morrow family, attending a reunion at the same inn, is murdered, Gamache investigates and uncovers secrets among the staff and guests. Some strong language. 2008.

A Fine Summer’s Day: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery
by Charles Todd
5 volumes
Set in 1914, tells the story of the last case the Scotland Yard detective tackled before he was forever changed by World War I. Trying to solve a series of murders of well-liked members of various communities, young Inspector Rutledge travels across England looking for similarities and clues. 2015.

Experiment in Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel
by Margaret Truman and Donald Bain
4 volumes
Washington, D.C., psychiatrist Mark Sedgwick is deliberately struck down by a blonde in a white car as he crosses Virginia Avenue from his apartment to his office. Was it a disgruntled patient, or a consequence of Sedgwick’s part in a highly secret CIA mind-control project? Some violence and some strong language. 2012.

Margaret Truman’s Undiplomatic Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel
by Margaret Truman and Donald Bain
4 volumes
PI Robert Brixton is now an agent in a new State Department security agency headed by his former DCPD boss. When a young Arab woman blows herself up at a cafe, killing Brixton’s daughter and a dozen others, he seeks vengeance. Some violence and some strong language. 2014.

Occult and Horror

by Stephen King
5 volumes
In a small town in 1962, six-year-old Jamie Morton and his family are introduced to the new charismatic minister, Charles Jacobs. Then tragedy strikes the Jacobs family, and the once-popular clergyman is banished. Years later, a reunited Jamie and Charles precipitate horrific events. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. 2014.

Dead of Night: A Zombie Novel
by Jonathan Maberry
5 volumes
Stebbins County, Pennsylvania. Cops Dez and JT go to Hartnup’s Transition Estate, a funeral home, to investigate a break-in. What they find is a chaotic, bloody scene, which starts the end of the world as they know it. Violence and strong language. 2011.

by Gretchen McNeil
3 volumes
Ten teens are invited to an exclusive party at White Rock House on a remote island off the coast of Seattle. During their three-day stay a storm blows in and things turn deadly. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. For junior and senior high and older readers. 2012.

Political Themes

by Mo Yan
5 volumes
Tadpole writes about his aunt, who was revered in her youth for her work as a midwife. When her lover defected, her own loyalty was questioned, so she began to ensure that her village strictly followed the one-child policy. Originally published in Chinese. Some violence. Mao Dun Literature Prize. 2009.

Psychological Themes

The Transcriptionist
by Amy Rowland
2 volumes
In a forgotten room on the eleventh floor of the Record newspaper, transcriptionist Lena does her work in obscurity. One day, she discovers the picture of a blind woman she’d met days before—mauled to death by lions. As Lena searches for answers, she questions her work. Some strong language. 2014.

Religious Themes

Runaway Saint
by Lisa Samson
3 volumes
On Sara Drexel’s thirtieth birthday, her long-lost aunt Bel returns after twenty years of missionary work in Kazakhstan. Bel’s arrival causes Sara to question her own place in life as she helps Bel navigate life in the twenty-first-century United States. 2014.

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity
by William Paul Young
4 volumes
Years after Mackenzie “Mack” Phillips’s daughter Missy disappeared during a family vacation in Oregon, Mack receives a cryptic letter—apparently from God—inviting him back to the remote shack where Missy may have been murdered. There he confronts his grief, communes with God, and makes life-changing discoveries. 2007.


Imperfect Bliss
by Susan Fales-Hill
4 volumes
After a messy divorce Bliss returns to her parents’ home with her disabled daughter and throws herself into earning her PhD. When Bliss’s younger sister Diana becomes the star of a reality marriage show, a film crew descends on the house. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2012.

Love without End
by Robin Lee Hatcher
3 volumes
After the sudden death of her husband, Kimberly Welch struggles in her relationship with her cantankerous teenage daughter. But help arrives in the form of Chet Leonard, who has suffered a loss of his own, and the two bond when he volunteers to tame the teen’s horse. 2014.

Angels at the Table
by Debbie Macomber
2 volumes
Angels Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy and their apprentice Will make an unauthorized visit to Earth on New Year’s Eve. Will unites lonely souls Aren, a restaurant critic, and Lucie, a chef, but the two lose track of each other. The following year the angels return and perform a miracle. 2012.

Until the End of Time
by Danielle Steel
3 volumes
In 1975 Bill and Jenny give up lucrative Manhattan jobs and move to Wyoming, where Bill becomes a minister. Then tragedy strikes. In 2013 young Amish woman Lillibet sends a manuscript to publisher Robert—and an unexpected romance commences. Are these two love stories—or one? Some strong language. Bestseller. 2013.

Old Secrets
by Rowena Summers
3 volumes
England, 1936. Former kitchen maid Cherry, from Pot of Gold (BR18993, Volume 1 Pot of Gold, Volume 2 Pot of Gold), is now a lady, but her snobbish children are unaware of her past. Then an uncouth Australian boy appears on the family’s doorstep claiming to be Cherry’s orphaned nephew—and threatening to upset her idyllic life. 2011.

Science Fiction

The Galaxy Game
by Karen Lord
4 volumes
Rafi watched his family suffer for years under his father’s unethical use of psionic power. When the government begins monitoring him, Rafi flees to the planet Punartam, where his abilities are considered normal and he can train in wallrunning. Unrest spreads, however, and the Zhinuvian cartel’s plots bring new danger. 2015.

Timepiece: An Hourglass Novel
by Myra McEntire
3 volumes
When Jack Landers steals vital research about the time gene, Kaleb, Emerson, and other talented teens from the Hourglass Institute must find him—but the time-traveling criminal could be anywhere. Sequel to Hourglass (BR19795, Volume 1 Hourglass, Volume 2 Hourglass, Volume 3 Hourglass, Volume 4 Hourglass). Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

Grasshopper Jungle: A History
by Andrew Smith
5 volumes
Austin Szerba and his best friend Robby accidentally unleash an army of giant, unstoppable bugs and uncover the secrets of a decades-old experiment gone terribly wrong. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers. 2014.

Short Stories

Suspended Sentences: Three Novellas
by Patrick Modiano
3 volumes
Three novellas of the late eighties and early nineties from Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano, in one volume. Modiano draws on personal experiences and the real or invented stories of others to create a pseudo-autobiographical three-part love song to a Paris that no longer exists. Originally published in French. 2014.

The Witch: And Other Tales Re-Told
by Jean Thompson
3 volumes
Eight short stories from the author of Who Do You Love (BR12906, Volume 1 Who Do You Love, Volume 2 Who Do You Love, Volume 3 Who Do You Love), retelling classic fairytales. In the title story, a brother and sister find themselves in foster care under the dubious protection of a nasty woman. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2014.

by Claire Vaye Watkins
3 volumes
Collection of ten short stories focusing on the American West. In “Ghosts, Cowboys” the author ruminates on events surrounding the notorious Manson family commune, of which her father Paul Watkins was a member. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 2012.


The Marco Effect
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
6 volumes
Fifteen-year-old Marco flees after discovering a dead man linked to his gypsy uncle Zola, who has been forcing Marco to beg and steal. Meanwhile, Detective Carl Mørck and his assistants search for the missing man. Translated from Danish. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2014.

The Lion
by Nelson DeMille
6 volumes
2003. Asad “the Lion” Khalil, from The Lion’s Game (BR15668, Volume 1 The Lion’s Game, Volume 2 The Lion’s Game, Volume 3 The Lion’s Game, Volume 4 The Lion’s Game, Volume 5 The Lion’s Game, Volume 6 The Lion’s Game), returns to America seeking revenge for the 1986 air raid that killed his family in Libya. His targets: antiterrorist agent John Corey and Corey’s wife, FBI investigator Kate Mayfield. Violence and strong language. 2010.

The Girl Who Played with Fire
by Stieg Larsson
8 volumes
Stockholm. Computer hacker Lisbeth Salander, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (BR20635 Volume 1 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Volume 2 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Volume 3 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Volume 4 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Volume 5 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Volume 6 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Volume 7 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), stands accused of murdering two journalists who were researching sex trafficking. Lisbeth’s former lover, magazine publisher Mikael Blomkvist, investigates to exonerate her. Originally published in Swedish in 2006. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. 2009.

Two Graves
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
6 volumes
Sequel to Cold Vengeance (BR18751, Volume 1 Cold Vengeance , Volume 2 Cold Vengeance , Volume 3 Cold Vengeance). Special agent Pendergast is reunited with his wife, whom he had assumed was long dead—but moments later she is abducted by Nazis. While Pendergast frantically gives chase, a serial killer arrives in New York. Violence and strong language. 2012.


If I Lie
by Corrine Jackson
3 volumes
Sophie Quinn becomes an outcast in her small military town when she chooses to keep a secret about her boyfriend Carey, a Marine who is missing in action in Afghanistan. Then she is caught kissing a different boy. Strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2012.

Adult Nonfiction


Lillian Gilbreth: Redefining Domesticity
by Julie Des Jardins
3 volumes
Biography of the mother in Cheaper by the Dozen (BR17784, Volume 1 Cheaper by the Dozen, Volume 2 Cheaper by the Dozen), Lillian Gilbreth (1878–1972). Highlights her pioneering work as one of the first female industrial engineers to hold a doctorate degree and contribute to the field of organizational psychology—all while parenting a dozen children. 2013.

Freedom Found: 7 Seeing Eye Miracles
by Joseph Dean Klatt
9 volumes
Autobiography of Joseph Dean Klatt and the challenges he faced when he lost his eyesight in a tragic car accident at the age of nineteen. Discusses his determination to achieve independence, his academic years, his seven Seeing Eye dogs, and his personal life. 2013.


It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens
by Danah Boyd
4 volumes
Sociologist summarizes her research into the use of technology by teens. Explores the dangers as well as the possibilities for teens using the Internet, focusing on questions of identity, privacy, addiction, bullying, inequality, and literacy. 2014.


Fresh Off the Boat
by Eddie Huang
4 volumes
Memoir by Chinese-American restaurateur Huang. Relates growing up first in the Washington, D.C., area and later in Florida as the son of immigrants. Describes challenges he faced due to his heritage and ways he adapted to American culture. Inspiration for 2015 television show. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2013.


Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues: Incredible True Tales of Mischief and Mayhem
by Paul Martin
5 volumes
Thirty portraits of little-known scoundrels throughout history, whose misdeeds range from unspeakable acts of evil to unscrupulous behavior. Includes the notorious Ed Gein, the Wisconsin serial killer who was the inspiration for Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 2014.


How to Prepare for the GED Test
by Christopher M. Sharpe and Joseph S. Reddy
17 volumes
Guide to the 2014 revised General Educational Development (GED) exam, required for the high school equivalency diploma. Offers practice exercises to test basic knowledge in reading, writing, social studies, science, mathematics, and blended subjects. Provides study tips, strategies, and techniques for passing the test with high marks. 2014.


Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather’s Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most
by Mike Huckabee
2 volumes
Talk-show host Huckabee, a pastor and former Arkansas governor, pens letters of advice to his grandchildren, using family experiences as examples. In one he stresses the importance of education; in another he encourages them to be creative. Also discusses faith, love, pets, the environment, and other topics. 2012.

Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers
by Anne Lamott
1 volume
The author of Some Assembly Required (BR19493, Volume 1 Some Assembly Required, Volume 2 Some Assembly Required) and Operating Instructions (BR10274, Volume 1 Operating Instructions, Volume 2 Operating Instructions) reflects on the spiritual concepts of powerlessness, gratitude, and wonder. Focuses on the importance of prayer in her life. Bestseller. 2012.


The Language Hoax: Why the World Looks the Same in Any Language
by John H. McWhorter
3 volumes
Linguist John McWhorter addresses the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which argues that a person’s language affects how he or she perceives the world. McWhorter argues that this is false and that this hypothesis only provides an obstacle to better understanding. He posits that all humans think alike. 2014.

Legal Issues

My Beloved World
by Sonia Sotomayor
5 volumes
Memoir of United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (born 1954). Recalls growing up with her Puerto Rican family in the Bronx and being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Discusses her family life, education at Princeton and Yale, and becoming a district court judge in 1992. Bestseller. 2013.

The Second Amendment: A Biography
by Michael Waldman
5 volumes
Lawyer discusses the history of the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, from its original focus on the armament of state militias to various early twenty-first-century interpretations. Analyzes influences such as the National Rifle Association and events like the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. 2014.


Professor Borges: A Course on English Literature
by Jorge Luis Borges
5 volumes
Compilation of lectures on English literature given by Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986) in 1966 at the University of Buenos Aires. Topics covered include Beowulf, origins of poetry in England, the Romantic movement, and the Victorian era. Translated from the 2000 Spanish edition. 2013.

When Books Went to War: The Stories That Helped Us Win World War II
by Molly Guptill Manning
5 volumes
Attorney describes the Victory Book Campaign during World War II, which provided American soldiers with selected literature of note in the face of Nazi censorship and destruction of books. Discusses the program’s impact on the publishing industry. 2014.

Occult and Astrology

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells
by Skye Alexander
4 volumes
A two-part basic primer on witchcraft. Part one introduces the history and types of witchcraft and describes a witch’s toolkit. Part two collects spells that focus on positive thinking and supporting rituals. 2014.


The Blue Buick: New and Selected Poems
by B.H. Fairchild
3 volumes
Collection of new and previously published poems covering a wide range of topics with a core of Midwestern American culture. “Keats” reflects on the life of a coworker felled by a workplace hazard. The title poem shares part of the tale of machinist Roy Garcia. ALA Notable Book. 2014.

Bewilderment: New Poems and Translations
by David Ferry
1 volume
English professor and winner of the 2000 Library of Congress Bobbitt Prize for Poetry compiles translations of others’ verse and his own original poems. Themes include reflections on readings, the seasons, and the power of a storm from a child’s perspective. National Book Award. 2012.

Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World
by Jane Hirshfield
3 volumes
A collection of ten essays on the power of poetry. Poet Hirshfield looks at poems of varied styles and time periods and uses them to show how reading poetry can transform readers, inviting reflection about their own lives and the wider world. 2015.

Citizen: An American Lyric
by Claudia Rankine
1 volume
Rankine contemplates the state of racial identity and racism as it affects citizenship in America in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Explores the author’s personal experiences as well as those witnessed in the greater society. Some violence and some strong language. 2014.

Psychology and Self-Help

The Invisible Front: Love and Loss in an Era of Endless War
by Yochi Dreazen
4 volumes
Journalist chronicles the work of Major General Mark Graham and his wife Carol and their struggle to secure care for soldiers experiencing PTSD and other mental-health issues. The Grahams lost both of their sons within a year—one to suicide and one to a roadside bomb in Iraq. 2014.


All Who Go Do Not Return: A Memoir
by Shulem Deen
4 volumes
Deen reflects on being raised in one of the most insular sects of Hasidic Judaism, the Skverers, who believe the outside world should be shunned. He details his dawning curiosity; covert explorations through radio, reading, and the Internet; and resulting family conflicts and loss of faith. 2015.

The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person
by Harold S. Kushner
2 volumes
The author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People (BR16801, Volume 1 When Bad Things Happen to Good People) provides a Jewish perspective on the story of Job. Analyzes the biblical tale, which concerns a good man who keeps faith in God despite losing everything, and suggests approaches to dealing with life’s unfairness. 2012.

Living the Secular Life: New Answers to Old Questions
by Phil Zuckerman
4 volumes
Sociology professor examines those who choose to live secular, moral, but not religious, lifestyles. Discusses ways secular people supplant what is traditionally considered part of the purview of religious institutions, including child-rearing and morality, citizenship, community-building, death, and rituals. Studies how the secular life is viewed by the religious. 2014.

Science and Technology

The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World
by Sean Carroll
5 volumes
Theoretical physicist explains the research involved in and the potential impact of the 2012 discovery of the Higgs boson, also known as the God particle, which gives particles their mass. Details the role of engineers, theorists, and experimentalists. 2012.

Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream
by Joshua Davis
3 volumes
Contributing editor from Wired recounts how four undocumented Mexican immigrants in Arizona put together an underwater robot named Stinky from scavenged parts, and went on to win the National Underwater Robotics Competition at UC Santa Barbara in 2004. 2014.

Social Sciences

The Hard Way on Purpose: Essays and Dispatches from the Rust Belt
by David Giffels
3 volumes
English professor examines living in Akron, Ohio—part of the “Rust Belt”—in twenty-three essays. “The Chosen Ones” compares Giffels’s life in Akron to that of basketball player LeBron James, who attended the same high school sixteen years after the author graduated. 2014.

Essential Manners for Men: What to Do, When to Do It, and Why
by Peter Post
4 volumes
Emily Post Institute director presents a men’s guide to behavior in personal, social, and employment roles—updated for the digital age. Offers advice on making introductions, understanding etiquette, dating, entertaining, handling business manners, and more. Includes anecdotes. Young adult appeal. 2008.

U.S. History

by Larry McMurtry
2 volumes
Pulitzer Prize-winning author assesses the career of General George Armstrong Custer from his graduation from West Point at the start of the Civil War to his June 25, 1876, death at the battle of Little Big Horn. Discusses the subsequent myth-making by Custer’s wife and Buffalo Bill Cody. 2012.

The Courage to Hope: How I Stood Up to the Politics of Fear
by Shirley Sherrod
4 volumes
Autobiography of African American civil rights activist Shirley Sherrod, who was fired from the Department of Agriculture in 2010 following claims of reverse race discrimination that were later disproven. Sherrod discusses her childhood in the segregated South, father’s murder, and family’s commitment to equal rights. Some strong language. 2012.

The Richest Woman in America: Hetty Green in the Gilded Age
by Janet Wallach
5 volumes
Biography of Henrietta “Hetty” Green (1834–1916), who was worth $100 million at her death (the equivalent of $2 billion in 2012 dollars). Discusses her family—from whom she inherited her initial wealth—her business acumen and dealings, and how she was perceived by the late-nineteenth-century press and public. 2012.

George Herbert Walker Bush
by Tom Wicker
3 volumes
Biography of the forty-first United States president, George H.W. Bush (born 1924), by New York Times columnist. Discusses Bush’s patrician background, World War II service, Texas oil business, and long political career. Chronicles his 1988 presidential election, challenges in the White House, and 1992 loss to Bill Clinton. 2004.

Women’s Concerns

Bad Feminist
by Roxane Gay
4 volumes
Thirty-seven essays, by the author of An Untamed State (BR20574, Volume 1 An Untamed State, Volume 2 An Untamed State, Volume 3 An Untamed State, Volume 4 An Untamed State) , from a feminist point of view—which she describes as “bad” because, as a human, she is flawed and has conflicting thoughts and impulses. Discusses sexuality, race, gender, politics, and more. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2014.

World History

The Short, Strange Life of Herschel Grynszpan: A Boy Avenger, a Nazi Diplomat, and a Murder in Paris
by Jonathan Kirsch
5 volumes
Examination of the case of Herschel Grynszpan (1921–1945?), whose assassination of a Nazi official at the German embassy in Paris was used by the Nazi party as the catalyst for the Kristallnacht pogrom. Discusses the case, looks at theories of Grynszpan’s motivation, and speculates on what happened to him after. Some violence. 2013.

Dora Bruder
by Patrick Modiano
2 volumes
Winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature details his investigation into the life of fifteen-year-old Dora Bruder, who ran away from a French Catholic boarding school in late 1941, but left no further record until her deportation to Auschwitz nine months later. Translated from French. 1999.

Books for Children

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Children’s Fiction


by Hans Bauer and Catherine Masciola
2 volumes
Sawyer Brown, his sister Elvira, and their friends head into the Mississippi bayou seeking Ol’ One Eye, the biggest, oldest, and meanest catfish around. They hope to find Sawyer’s widowed mother’s wedding ring, which might be in Ol’ One Eye’s stomach. For grades 5-8. 2012.

The Eye of the Monkey: Ninja Meerkats
by Gareth P. Jones
1 volume
The four ninja meerkats who make up the Clan of the Scorpion travel to India to see kung fu legend Smo Ka, the Delhi Llama. Shortly after they arrive, Smo requests the clan’s help to find a stolen, sacred jewel—the Eye of the Monkey. For grades 2-4. 2011.

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon: Pokémon
by Tracey West
1 volume
When Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Misty hike in Grandpa Canyon, they get caught up in a Pokémon fossil rush and hope to discover a rare specimen. But they wake up prehistoric Pokémon instead. For grades 2-4. 1999.

Island of the Giant Pokémon: Pokémon
by Tracey West
1 volume
Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket take a cruise on the S.S. Anne, which capsizes and leaves them stranded on a mysterious island with giant creatures. Their adventure yields a surprise. For grades 2-4. 1999.


The One and Only Ivan
by Katherine Applegate
2 volumes
Ivan the gorilla has lived comfortably for years in a down-and-out, circus-themed mall. But when baby elephant Ruby arrives, he decides that he must find her a better life. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2012.

Guinea Dog
by Patrick Jennings
2 volumes
When his mother brings home a squeaking guinea pig instead of the dog he has always wanted, fifth-grader Rufus is not happy—until the rodent starts acting exactly like a dog, much to his surprise. For grades 3-6. 2010.

What Forest Knows
by George Ella Lyon
1 volume
Follows the changing seasons in a forest, as trees and animals are nourished and depend on each other. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3. 2014.

On the Road to Mr. Mineo’s
by Barbara O’Connor
2 volumes
In a small South Carolina town where every day is pretty much the same as the one before, a one-legged pigeon arrives and sets the town aflutter. Stella and her best friend Gerald try to catch it, but soon other townsfolk get involved. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2012.

Lost! A Dog Called Bear; Rainbow Street Shelter
by Wendy Orr
1 volume
Shortly after Logan’s parents split up, he and his dog Bear move from the farm to the city with his mom. But somehow along the way, Bear gets lost and ends up with Hannah, who badly wants a pooch. Will Rainbow Street Shelter help both kids? For grades 2-4. 2011.


Goblin Secrets
by William Alexander
2 volumes
Hoping to find his lost brother, Rownie escapes the home of the witch Graba. He joins a troupe of goblins who perform in Zombay, a city where humans are forbidden to wear masks and act in plays. For grades 4-7 and older readers. National Book Award. 2012.

Growing Up

Pinky and Rex and the Bully
by James Howe
1 volume
Seven-year-old Pinky learns the importance of being true to oneself as he stands up to the neighborhood bully and defends his favorite color—pink—and his friendship with a girl named Rex. For grades K-3 and older readers. 1996.

Historical Fiction

Bird in a Box
by Andrea Davis Pinkney
2 volumes
New York State, 1936. During the Great Depression, three black youngsters—orphans Otis and Willie and minister’s daughter Hibernia—become friends as they deal with personal losses. Inspiration comes from radio broadcasts of Joe Louis’s boxing matches and a stray cat named Bird. Some violence. For grades 4-7. 2011.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
by Jeff Kinney
2 volumes
Greg Heffley runs into issues when his virtual pet Chihuahua in the online game Net Kritterz becomes too costly to care for. Then a blizzard strikes, trapping Greg indoors with his family—but without heat or electricity. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2011.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
by Jeff Kinney
1 volume
Middle-schooler Greg Heffley attempts to spend his summer vacation sensibly indoors playing video games and watching television. But his mother has other ideas involving outdoor activities and family bonding. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2009.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
by Jeff Kinney
1 volume
Middle-schooler Greg Heffley nimbly sidesteps his father’s attempts to change Greg’s wimpy ways with sports. But when his father threatens to send him to military school, Greg rethinks his efforts. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2009.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth
by Jeff Kinney
1 volume
Greg goes back to middle school. This year his best friend Rowley has a big-brother sponsor, Greg and Rowley have to attend gross health classes, and they worry about puberty. Maybe growing up isn’t what he thought it would be. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2010.

Mystery and Detective

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth; Book 1
by Jane O’Connor
1 volume
As a fan of Nancy Drew, Nancy Clancy eagerly searches for a missing prized possession. Sleuth Clancy’s investigation leads her to the culprit—who happens to be someone close to her. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 2012.

Agatha, Girl of Mystery: The Curse of the Pharaoh
by Sir Steve Stevenson
1 volume
Young detective Agatha Mistery jets off to Egypt with Dash, her butler, and Watson, her Siberian cat, to solve a case involving a mysterious pharaoh. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2010.


Lunch Money
by Andrew Clements
2 volumes
Twelve-year-old Greg, who has always been good at moneymaking projects, creates and sells miniature comic books at school. Class rival Maura competes with her own miniseries. When the principal bans their sales, Greg and Maura join forces. For grades 4-7. 2005.

The Report Card
by Andrew Clements
2 volumes
More than anything else, Nora Rowley wants to be a normal fifth grader, so she conceals her high intelligence. Her great plan to prove that grades are not important gets out of control when her best friend, Stephen, becomes involved. For grades 4-7. 2004.

Science Fiction

The Kill Order
by James Dashner
4 volumes
Prequel to The Maze Runner (BR20726, Volume 1 The Maze Runner, Volume 2 The Maze Runner, Volume 3 The Maze Runner, Volume 4 The Maze Runner). Mark and Trina live through the sun flares that devastate Earth. Then strangers armed with a virus that induces rage and lunacy attack their Appalachian Mountains settlement. Some violence. For grades 6-9. 2012.

The Maze Runner
by James Dashner
4 volumes
A teenage boy wakes up in an elevator remembering nothing but his name, Thomas. He soon meets a group of boys who welcome him to the Glade—and the unsolved puzzle of the Maze. The next day a girl arrives with an unexpected message. Some violence. For grades 6-9. 2009.

The Scorch Trials
by James Dashner
4 volumes
After surviving horrific conditions in the Maze, Thomas and nineteen other boys are trapped in a scientific experiment designed to observe their responses and gather data believed to be essential for the survival of the human race. Sequel to The Maze Runner (BR20726, Volume 1 The Maze Runner, Volume 2 The Maze Runner, Volume 3 The Maze Runner, Volume 4 The Maze Runner). Some violence. For grades 6-9. 2010.

Risked: The Missing, Book 6
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
3 volumes
Time traveler siblings Jonah and Katherine arrive in 1918 Russia, just as Alexei, Anastasia, and the rest of Tsar Nicholas II’s family are about to be executed. Sequel to Caught (BR20747, Volume 1 Caught, Volume 2 Caught, Volume 3 Caught). For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2013.


Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads
by Bob Shea
1 volume
The Toad Brothers wreak havoc in Drywater Gulch when a boy with no experience—other than an immense knowledge of dinosaurs—rides into town on his tortoise and declares himself the new sheriff. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3. 2014.

Children’s Nonfiction


Sniffer Dogs: How Dogs (and Their Noses) Save the World
by Nancy F. Castaldo
1 volume
Describes how detection dogs are able to use their noses to find everything from people, both alive and dead, to explosives to orca whale poop. Highlights how these special working dogs help humans every day. For grades 4-7. 2014.

A Pack of Wolves: And Other Canine Groups; Animals in Groups
by Anna Claybourne
1 volume
Guide to wolves in the wild, with information on their social and hunting behavior, the ways they communicate, and threats to their survival. Includes brief descriptions of other pack animals, quick facts, a glossary, and additional resources. For grades 3-6. 2013.


Abraham Lincoln: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House, Book 47; Abe Lincoln at Last!
by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce
1 volume
In this companion to Abe Lincoln at Last! (BR19826, Volume 1 Abe Lincoln at Last!), Annie and Jack present biographical information on President Lincoln. They discuss what it was like to live in a log cabin and describe Abe’s growing up poor, first in Kentucky and later in Indiana. For grades 2-4. 2011.

Paiute Princess: The Story of Sarah Winnemucca
by Deborah Kogan Ray
1 volume
Biography of Sarah Winnemucca (ca. 1844–1891), originally named Thocmetony, a Paiute Indian from Nevada. Discusses her unease growing up around white people and her later advocacy for her tribe, which included delivering speeches across America and publishing an autobiographical account of the Paiutes. For grades 4-7. 2012.


Che Guevara: You Win or You Die
by Stuart A. Kallen
1 volume
Biography of revolutionary Che Guevara (1928–1967) recounts his exploits in Cuba with Fidel Castro and their overthrow of dictator Fulgencio Batista. Describes Guevara’s death in Bolivia and why many, especially in developing countries, consider him a martyr. Some violence. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2012.

28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World
by Charles R. Smith
1 volume
In tribute to Black History Month, the author retells the events of twenty-eight extraordinary days throughout history that helped to revolutionize life for African Americans. Celebrates the lives of important individuals. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 2015.

Saga of the Sioux: An Adaptation from Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
3 volumes
An adaptation for youth of Dee Brown’s 1970 book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (BR19577, Volume 1 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Volume 2 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Volume 3 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Volume 4 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Volume 5 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Volume 6 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Volume 7 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee). Recounts the conquest of the West from the viewpoint of American Indians, particularly the Sioux nation. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2011.

Nature and the Environment

Beetle Busters: A Rogue Insect and the People Who Track It
by Loree Griffin Burns
1 volume
Discusses the characteristics of the tree-killing Asian longhorned beetle and the harm the tiny insect causes in the environment. Describes efforts by everyday people, teams of beetle-sniffing dogs, and a nationwide army of scientists to eradicate this invasive pest. For grades 5-8. 2014.


Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year
compiled by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton
2 volumes
Collection of poems and songs that celebrate different holidays and special moments throughout the year. Features works by Andrews, Sandra Cisneros, Emily Dickinson, Dr. Seuss, Jack Prelutsky, John Updike, and others. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 2012.

Science and Technology

Cloning: Cutting-Edge Science
by Susan Aldridge
1 volume
Guide to understanding cloning, the process of creating genetically identical copies of plants and animals. Surveys the benefits, ethical debates, and health concerns of replicating organisms. Includes the case of Dolly, the cloned sheep that received worldwide attention. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2010.

Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Saving Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands
by Cathryn Berger Kaye
2 volumes
Discusses threats to the earth’s water system and describes what young people around the globe are doing to help save it. Recommends a five-step process for learning about and implementing solutions to local water problems and encourages teens to “go blue.” For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2010.

Sports and Recreation

There Goes Ted Williams: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
by Matt Tavares
1 volume
Biography of Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox slugger. Recounts his early years as an awkward youth, his rise to All-Star status in 1941, and his military service during World War II and the Korean War. Covers his return to baseball as Player of the Decade. For grades 2-4. 2012.

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Braille Magazines

The following is a list of braille magazines in the Library of Congress program. Readers may obtain free personal subscriptions to these magazines. For information on the availability of specific magazines, consult the library that sends you braille materials.

Boys’ Life (for children and teens, monthly)

Braille Book Review (bimonthly)

Braille Chess Magazine (British quarterly)

Braille Music Magazine (British monthly)

Conundrum (British monthly)

Cooking Light (12 issues)

ESPN: The Magazine (biweekly)

Harper’s (literary; monthly)

Health Newsletters (includes Harvard Health Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter,
and University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter; monthly)

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine (monthly)

Ladies’ Home Journal (4 issues)

Martha Stewart Living (home and entertaining; 11 issues)

Muse (for children; 9 issues)

The Musical Mainstream (NLS quarterly)

National Geographic (monthly)

The New York Times Book Review (weekly)

The New York Times Large Print Weekly (weekly)

News (NLS quarterly)

Parents (monthly)

PC World (personal computing; monthly)

Playboy (monthly)

Poetry (11 issues)

Popular Mechanics (10 issues)

Popular Music Lead Sheets (irregular)

Rolling Stone (popular culture; 24 issues)

Science News (26 issues)

Seventeen (for teens, 10 issues)

Short Stories (British monthly)

Spider: The Magazine for Children (9 issues)

Stone Soup (children’s writings; 6 issues)

Schedules for the following sports leagues are also available:

Major League Baseball Combined Schedule by date

National Basketball Association

National Football League

National Hockey League

Women’s National Basketball Association

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