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Added Entries, Volume 35, Issue 4

Summer 2008

The following titles have been selected from materials that were added to the NLS reference collections during spring 2008. Entries are arranged alphabetically, according to subject headings developed and used by the NLS Reference Section for its collections. Prices of publications have been included wherever possible. Full publishers’ addresses are included when they are not readily obtainable through libraries and bookstores. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are especially recommended for basic reference collections in libraries serving visually and physically handicapped readers.

Requests for materials listed should be sent directly to the publishers or sources cited with each entry. Items are not available from NLS unless specifically indicated.

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NLS Publications

Accessibility: a selective bibliography see Barrier-Free Architecture--Bibliography


McNutt, Scott. The financial burden of limb loss. inMotion, v. 18, May–June 2008: 27–28, 30, 34.

Assistive Technology Products

Tyler, Steve. Accessing technical products: what’s around the corner? NB, issue 28, Apr. 2008: 26–30.

Assistive Technology Products--Bibliography

* AccessWorld guide to assistive technology products 2008. New York: AFB Press, 2008. 298p. $24.95. (P.O. Box 1020, Sewickley, PA 15143).

Guidelines for the design of accessible information and communication technology systems. London: RNIB, 2008. 6p. Free. [pamphlet]. (105 Judd Street, WC1H 9NE). Also available online at www.tiresias.org.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Lavoie, Theresa. How to know if your child has ADHD or learning differences: the importance of an accurate diagnosis. (Part 2). EP magazine, v. 38, May 2008: 68–69.

Lavoie, Theresa. Introduction and overview of ADHD. (Part 1). EP magazine, v. 38, Mar. 2008: 74–75.

Barrier-Free Architecture--Bibliography

* Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Accessibility: a selective bibliography. Compiled by Carol Strauss. 2008. 21p. Free. (Reference bibliography 08-01). Also available online at www.loc.gov/nls/reference/bibliographies/accessibility.html.

Barrier-Free Architecture--Home Design

John, Janet. Housing design: a practical approach to colour contrast. NB, issue 28, Apr. 2008: 22–24.

Slater, Anthony. Designing for sight loss: what you should know if you’re building or adapting homes. NB, issue 30, June 2008: 24–29.


Schlachter, Gail Ann, and R. David Weber. Funding for persons with visual impairments. El Dorado Hills, CA: Reference Service Press, 2008. 315p. $36. (Large print). (5000 Windplay Drive, Suite 4, 95762).


Perspectives: reading instruction for students with visual impairments. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 102, Apr. 2008: 197–231.

Braille Code--English

Dixon, Judith. BANA publishes new braille rules. Braille forum, v. 46, May 2008: 20–24. www.acb.org/magazine/2008/bf052008-11.html. Also available in Braille monitor, v. 51, April 2008: 274–276. www.nfb.org/images/nfb/Publications/bm/bm08/bm0804/bm080405.htm.

Braille Music

Kendrick, Deborah. Music is his life and his livelihood: an interview with Bill McCann of Dancing Dots. AccessWorld, v. 9, Mar. 2008. www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw090203.

Computers for Senior Adults

Leventhal, Jay. How to modify a computer for older people with low vision without spending a dime. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 102, June 2008: 365–368.

Crafts for People with Visual Impairments

Brantley, Rhoda. Tips for visually impaired people who knit or crochet. Dialogue, v. 47, May–June 2008: 28–30.

Digital Talking Book Players

Chong, Curtis. The Victor Reader Stream: more than an iPod for the blind. Braille monitor, v. 51, June 2008: 429–433. www.nfb.org/images/nfb/Publications/bm/bm08/bm0806/bm080605.htm.

Driving by People with Visual Impairments

Strong, J. Graham, and others. Driving and low vision: validity of assessments for predicting performance of drivers. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 102, June 2008: 340–351.

Education for Children with Disabilities

Anderson, Winifred, Stephen R. Chitwood, Deidre Hayden, and Cherie Takemoto. Negotiating the special education maze. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House, 2008. 306p. $21.95. 4th ed. (6510 Bells Mill Road, 20817).

Education for People with Learning Disabilities

Ganschow, Leonore, and Elke Schneider. Assisting students with foreign language learning difficulties in school. Retrieved Apr. 24, 2008. www.ldonline.org/article/22725?theme=print.

Electronic Books

Gregory, Cynthia L. "But I want a real book": an investigation of undergraduates' usage and attitudes toward electronic books. Reference and user services quarterly, v. 47, spring 2008: 266–273.

Nelson, Mark R. E-books in higher education: nearing the end of the era of hype? Educause review, v. 43, Mar.–Apr. 2008: 40–42, 44–46, 48, 50–52, 54, 56.

Sottong, Stephen. The elusive e-book: are e-books finally ready for prime time? American libraries, v. 39, May 2008: 44–48.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Taylor, Shannon. When the shoe fits—or doesn't: assessing your career choices after amputation. inMotion, v. 18, May–June 2008: 40–42.

Employment of People with Visual Impairments

Crary, David. Employer bias thwarts many blind workers. Braille monitor, v. 51, May 2008: 404–406. www.nfb.org/images/nfb/Publications/bm/bm08/bm0805/bm080513.htm.

Employment of People with Visual Impairments--Foreign Countries

Lee, Ik Seop, and Soo Kyung Park. Employment status and predictors among people with visual impairments in South Korea: results of a national survey. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 102, Mar. 2008: 147–159.

Guide Dog Organizations

Guide dog schools. Revised 3/25/2008. Retrieved Apr. 24, 2008. www.acb.org/resources/guidedogs.html.

Guide Dogs

Matsunaka, Kumiko, and Naoko Koda. Acceptance of dog guides and daily stress levels of dog-guide users and nonusers. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 102, May 2008: 295–304.

Learning Disabilities

Silver, Larry B. How do you know if your child might have a learning disability? LD online. Retrieved Apr. 24, 2008. www.ldonline.org/article/5735?thme+print.


Interconnections: the IMLS national study on the use of libraries, museums, and the Internet; conclusions, summary. Retrieved Mar. 12, 2008. http://interconnectionsreport.org.

Macular Degeneration

Ringold, Ricolette P. Out of the corner of my eye: living with macular degeneration. 2nd ed. New York: AFB Press, 2007. 140p. $29.95. (P.O. Box 1020, Sewickley, PA 15143).

Minorities with Disabilities

Taylor-Ritzler, Tina, and others. Conducting disability research with people from diverse ethnic groups: challenges and opportunities. Journal of rehabilitation, v. 74, Jan.–Feb.–Mar. 2008: 4–11.

Multiple Sclerosis

Gingold, Jeffrey N. Mental sharpening stones: managing the cognitive challenge of multiple sclerosis. New York: Demos Medical Publ., 2008. 250p. $16.95. (386 Park Avenue South, Suite 301, 10016).

Multiple sclerosis and vision. NB, issue 19, May 2008: 42–44.

Rimrill, Phillip D., Mary L. Hennessey, and Steven W. Nissen. Employment issues and multiple sclerosis. 2nd ed. New York: Demos Medical Publ., 2008. 246p. $24.95.

Nursing Homes

Seekins, Tom, Marsha Katz, and Craig Ravesloot. Nursing home emancipation: accomplishments of urban and rural centers for independent living. Rural Disability and Rehabilitation Research Progress Report no. 39. Missoula: University of Montana Rural Institute, 2008. 4p. Free. Also available in large print, braille, and text formats. (52 Corbin Hall, 59812).

Parkinson’s Disease

Friedman, Joseph H. Making the connection between brain and behavior: coping with Parkinson’s disease. New York: Demos Medical Publ., 2008. 183p. $19.95. (386 Park Avenue South, Suite 301, 10016).

Prostheses for People with Disabilities

Rossbach, Paddy, and Terrence P. Sheehan. Tips for taking care of your limb. inMotion, v. 18, May–June 2008: 38–39.

Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities

Holicky, Richard. Rehab today: better or worse? New mobility, v. 19, Mar. 2008: 19–23.

Religion and People with Disabilities

Gaventa, Bill. Spiritual and religious supports: including religious voices on disability—which ones? (Part 2). EP magazine, v. 38, May 2008: 52–55.

Gaventa, Bill. Spiritual and religious supports: what difference do they make? (Part 1). EP magazine, v. 38, Mar. 2008: 66–68.

Screen Readers

Chong, Curtis. An accessible and highly usable webmail server. Braille monitor, v. 51, Apr. 2008: 283–284. www.nfb.org/images/nfb/Publications/bm/bm08/bm0804/bm080408.htm.

Crabb, Nolan. Microsoft Vista: is it a move forward or a monstrous mistake? Dialogue, v. 47, Mar.–Apr. 2008: 35–39.

Senior Adults

Boyer, Johanna Misey. Creativity matters: the arts and aging toolkit. New York: National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, 2007. 235p. Free. (520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 302, 10018).

Senior Adults with Disabilities

Special problems and needs of older amputees. inMotion, v. 18, Apr. 2008: 11–12.

Service Animals

Barreda, Kimberley. Have dog, will travel: separating fact from fiction about Fido the service dog. Active living, v. 16, spring–summer 2008: 87–88.

O’Brien, Sheila. A soldier and his service dog. EP magazine, v. 38, May 2008: 100–101.

Santo, Kathy. Learning the language of dogs can be a breakthrough experience for children with autism. EP magazine, v. 38, May 2008: 32–33.

Shaughnessy, Michael F. An interview with Melissa Winkle: about assistance dogs. EP magazine, v. 38, May 2008: 34–36.

Spinal Cord Injury

DeGraff, Alfred H., and Jay Schaffer. Emotion-focused coping: a primary defense against stress for people living with spinal cord injury. Journal of rehabilitation, v. 74, Jan.–Feb.–Mar. 2008: 19–24.

* Selzer, Michael E., and Bruce H. Dobkin. Spinal cord injury: a guide for patients and families. New York: Demos Medical Publ., 2008. 156p. $19.95. [American Academy of Neurology quality of life series]. (386 Park Avenue South, Suite 301, 10016).

Stem Cells

Gilmer, Tim. Stem cell gamble. New mobility, v. 19, Mar. 2008: 32–33, 35–40.

Swimming for People with Disabilities

Grosse, Susan J. Pool rules: a survival guide for parents and children. EP magazine, v. 38, Mar. 2008: 71–73.

Talking-Book Program--Library of Congress

Campbell, Phyllis. Those books that talk. Dialogue, v. 47, Mar.–Apr. 2008: 39–44.

Tourette Syndrome

Christner, Beth, and Lisa Dieker. Tourette syndrome: a collaborative approach focused on empowering students, families, and teachers. Teaching exceptional children, v. 40, May–June 2008: 44–51.

Toys for Children with Disabilities

Let’s play: a guide to toys for children with special needs. New York: Toy Industry Foundation, Inc., 2008. 34p. Free. (1115 Broadway, Suite 400, 10010). Also available online at www.toyindustryfoundation.org. (2.07MB - PDF)
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Traumatic Brain Injury

Cancro, Lorraine. What is traumatic brain injury? How is it connected to post-traumatic stress disorder? EP magazine, v. 38, May 2005: 102–105.

Travel by People with Disabilities

Harrington, Candy B. 101 accessible vacations: travel ideas for wheelers and slow-walkers. New York: Demos Medical Publ., 2008. 338p. $24.95 (386 Park Avenue South, Suite 301, 10016).

Planning, preparing, and persistence: traveling with disability advocates Rich and Dianne. Active living, v. 16, spring–summer 2008: 83–84.


Hawthorne, Nan. The benefits of recruiting volunteers who are blind. Dialogue, v. 47, Mar.–Apr. 2008: 23–26.

Web Accessibility

Sligar, Steven R., and Xiaoming Zeng. Evaluation of website accessibility of state vocational rehabilitation agencies. Journal of rehabilitation, v. 74, Jan.–Feb.–Mar. 2008: 12–18.

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