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Added Entries, Volume 39, Issues 2-3

Date: Winter 2011−Spring 2012 

The following titles have been selected from materials that were added to the NLS reference collections from winter 2011 to spring 2012. Entries are arranged alphabetically, according to subject headings developed and used by the NLS Reference Section for its collections. Prices of publications have been included wherever possible. Full publishers’ addresses are included when documents are not readily obtainable through libraries and bookstores. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are especially recommended for basic reference collections in libraries serving visually and physically handicapped readers.

Requests for materials listed should be sent directly to the publishers or sources cited with each entry. Items are not available from NLS unless specifically indicated.


Holmstrom, Radhika. Albinism explored. NB issue 72, Dec. 2011: 36–40.

Autism and Visual Impairment

Kee, S. Brian and others. Increasing communication skills: a case study of a man with autism spectrum disorder and vision loss. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 106, Feb. 2012: 120–125.


Talking point: what’s in a name? NB issue 72, Dec. 2011: 18–20.


Braille Authority of North America (BANA). The evolution of braille: can the past help plan the future? Part 3. Braille monitor, v. 54, Dec. 2011: 933–939.


Kamei-Hannan, Cheryl, M. Cay Holbrook, and Leila A. Ricci. Applying a response-to-intervention model to literacy instruction for students who are blind or have low vision. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 106, Feb. 2012: 69–80.


Dixon, Judith M. Braille: the challenge for the future. Journal of visual impairment and  blindness, v. 105, Dec. 2011: 742–744.


Wormsley, Diane P., Robert Wall Emerson, and Jane Erin. Collaborative research: the Alphabetic Braille and Contracted Braille Study as an example of collaborative   research. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 105, Dec. 2011: 770–780.

Electronic Books

Gashel, James. Mainstream access to e-books: my perspective. Braille monitor, v. 55, Feb 2012: 130–135.

Mason, Amy. Mainstream access to e-books: what works, what doesn’t, and what is still  unclear. Braille monitor, v. 55, Jan. 2012: 23–32.

Polanka, Sue, ed. The no shelf required guide to e-book purchasing. Library technology reports, v. 47, Nov.−Dec. 2011: 4–57 (entire issue).

Employment of People with Visual Impairments

Pomerantz, Mitch. Employment of the blind today and tomorrow, Part 1. Braille forum, v. 50, Mar. 2012: 2–6.

Mathematics for Blind People

Klingenberg, Oliv G., Per Fosse, and Liv Berit Augestad. An examination of forty years of mathematics education among Norwegian braille-reading students. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 106, Feb. 2012: 93–105.

Senior Adults—Statistics

Ninety plus in the United States: 2006−2008: American community survey reports.  Issued Nov. 2011. Retrieved Feb. 17, 2012. www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/acs-17.pdf

Transition from School to Work

McDonnall, Michele Capella, and Jamie OMally. Characteristics of early work experiences and their association with future employment. Journal of visual impairment and blindness, v. 106, Mar. 2012:133–144.

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