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Current Literature, Volume 42, Issue 3

Welcome to Current Literature (formerly Added Entries). We hope the new title better reflects the purpose of the publication, to provide readers and researchers with up-to-date information pertaining to the interests of NLS patrons, their families, and other interested parties.

The following titles have been selected from materials that were added to the NLS reference collections from March to June 2016. Entries are arranged alphabetically, according to subject headings developed and used by the NLS Reference Section for its collections. 

Assistive Technology

Brisbin, S. (2016, April). CSUN 2016 conference ushers in "The Year of Braille." Access World. Retrieved from www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw170402 External link..

Guide to software accessibility for the disabled. (n.d.). IT Hare. Retrieved from http://ithare.com/guide-to-software-accessibility-for-the-disabled/ External link..

Holton, B. (2016, March). The Orion TI-30XS MultiView Talking Scientific Calculator from Orbit Research and American Printing House for the Blind: calculating the value. Access World. Retrieved from www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw170304 External link..

Iyer, K. (2016, March 5). Bionic eye to become a reality very soon. Tech Worm. Retrieved from www.techworm.net/2016/03/bionic-eye-become-reality-soon.html External link..

Pauls, J., & Brisbin, S. (2016, March). Choice finds from the ATIA 2016 conference exhibit hall. Access World. Retrieved from www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw170302 External link..

Assistive Technology Products for People with Disabilities—Research

Carey, B. (2016, April 13). Chip, implanted in brain, helps paralyzed man regain control of hand. The New York Times. Retrieved from www.nytimes.com/2016/04/14/health/paralysis-limb-reanimation-brain-chip.html External link..

Assistive Technology Products for People with Visual Impairments

Sanders, H. (2016, March 13). eSight uses high-def camera to help those with blindness. WLS-TV Chicago. Retrieved from http://abc7chicago.com/health/esight-uses-high-def-camera-to-help-those-with-blindness/1241664/ External link..

Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities

Chait, J. (2016, May 17). Donald Trump: I Love People With Disabilities So Much, I Follow Laws Protecting Them. New York. Retrieved from http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/05/trump-i-love-the-disabled-so-much-i-obey-laws.html External link..

Stamell, K. (2016, March 29). People with dwarfism deserve respect—not ridicule. The Guardian. Retrieved from www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/29/people-dwarfism-deserve-respect External link..

Audio Description

Gibson, C. (2016, May 4). ‘He’s picking his nose’: How volunteers help the blind ‘see’ a theater performance. The Washington Post. Retrieved from www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/hes-picking-his-nose-how-volunteers-help-the-blind-see-a-theater-performance/2016/05/03/d3950e26-1141-11e6-93ae-50921721165d_story.html External link..

Awards—Working with People with Visual Impairments—Francis Joseph Campbell Award

Braverman, M. (2016, May 10). ASCLA selects its 2016 award winners! ASCLA Blog. Retrieved from http://ascla.ala.org/blog/2016/05/ascla-selects-its-2016-award-winners/ External link..

Barrier-Free Architecture—Public Facilities

Cohen, M. (2016, May 2). "‘Is This Venue Accessible?’ Website to Launch App." Washington City Paper. Retrieved from: www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/music/2016/05/02/is-this-venue-accessible-website-to-launch-app/ External link..

Winnegar, A. (2016, March 27). Understanding disability: Focus on ‘livability’ helps everyone. Santa Fe
New Mexican. Retrieved from www.santafenewmexican.com/news/health_and_science/understanding-disability-focus-on-livability-helps-everyone/article_4605fc80-4a7a-58f6-87e0-2d3ffb851c66.html External link..

Biography of Blind People (A-L)

Whiley, J. (2016, March 5). Blind Dave Heeley on his extraordinary life story captured in new book From Light to Dark. Gloucestershire Echo.

Biography of Deaf-Blind People—Keller, Helen

Keller on the ten. (2016, April 12). Courier Journal. Retrieved from www.courierjournal.net/news/article_97928328-ffe8-11e5-9483-d3aec9662cad.html External link..

Biography of People with Disabilities

Glazer, C. (2016, March 17). How Senate race can make historic mark for people with disabilities. Huffington Post. Retrieved from www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-glazer/how-senate-race-can-make_b_9489954.html External link..

Blind Artists

Koury, M. (2016, May 16). Blind artist with cystic fibrosis hopes to make difference with film. C & G NewsPapers. Retrieved from www.candgnews.com/news/blind-artist-cystic-fibrosis-hopes-make-difference-film-92932 External link..

Blindness—Foreign Countries

Rorke, D. (2016, April 12). Blind people capable of taking leading role. News24.com. Retrieved from www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Local/Peoples-Post/blind-people-capable-of-taking-leading-role-20160411 External link..


University Park, Pennsylvania: Penn News. (March 18, 2016). Before retinal cells die, they regenerate, Penn vet blindness study finds [Press release]. Retrieved from https://news.upenn.edu/news/retinal-cells-die-they-regenerate-penn-vet-blindness-study-finds External link..

Griffiths, S. (2016, March 9). Have scientists found a cure for blindness? ‘Living lens’ grown in a lab can be transplanted into eyes to help restore sight. The Daily Mail. Retrieved from www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3484134/Have-scientists-cure-BLINDNESS-Tissues-grown-lab-transplanted-eyes-help-restore-sight.html External link..

Haworth, J. (2016, March 11). Sleeping too much could cause you to go blind, worrying new research has revealed. Mirror. Retrieved from www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/science/sleeping-much-could-cause-you-7538237 External link..

Surugue, S. (2016, March 11). Pig eye transplant: Chinese boy saved from blindness by porcine cornea. International Business Times. Retrieved from www.ibtimes.co.uk/pig-eye-transplant-chinese-boy-saved-blindness-by-porcine-cornea-1548966 External link..


Abassi, L. (2016, March 15). 100 million worldwide at risk for blindness from trachoma. American Council on Science and Health (ACSH). Retrieved from http://acsh.org/news/2016/03/15/results-are-in-from-global-trachoma-mapping-project/ External link..


Silverman, A.M. (2015). The Perils of playing blind: problems with blindness simulation and a better way to teach about blindness. Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research, 5 (2). Retrieved from https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/jbir/jbir15/jbir050201abs.html External link..


Ray, C.C. (2016, March 5). Causes of blindness vary for older adults. The New York Times. Retrieved from www.nytimes.com/2016/03/08/science/causes-of-blindness-vary-for-older-adults.html External link..


Seymour, K. (2016, February 25). First bill in braille introduced by Congressman Fitzpatrick. Northhampton Patch. Retrieved from http://patch.com/pennsylvania/northampton/first-bill-braille-introduced-congressman-fitzpatrick-0 External link..


Low, A. (2016, April 28). Thai university creates cheap, touchable ink for the blind: Thammasat University's Touchable Ink aims to lower the current $1-per-page cost of embossed Braille print down to around 3 cents. CNet. Retrieved from www.cnet.com/uk/news/thai-university-creates-touchable-ink-for-the-blind/ External link..

Careers for People with Disabilities

Jones, E. (2016, April 6). The deaf women in Obama’s White House. BBC News. Retrieved from www.bbc.com/news/disability-35969866 External link..


Huppke, R. (2016, Apr 13). OPINION: People with disabilities deserve every opportunity. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/huppke/ct-disability-staffing-crisis-huppke-20160413-story.html External link..


Hsu, C. (2016, March 24). Vitamin C keeps blindness away: How diet may trump DNA in cataract development. HNGN.com. Retrieved from www.hngn.com/articles/192047/20160324/vitamin-c-keeps-blindness-bay-diet-trump-dna-cataract-development.htm External link..

Cerebral Palsy

Sanders, H. (2016, February 24). New White Sox announcer is first in MLB with cerebral palsy. WLS-TV Chicago. Retrieved from http://abc7chicago.com/1199405/ External link..

Children with Disabilities—Growth and Development

Field, G. (2016, March 22). Should parents of children with severe disabilities be allowed to stop their growth? The New York Times. Retrieved from www.nytimes.com/2016/03/27/magazine/should-parents-of-severely-disabled-children-be-allowed-to-stop-their-growth.html External link..

Clothing for People with Disabilities

Heasley, S. (2016, March 16). Nike expands shoe line for people with special needs. Disability Scoop. Retrieved from www.disabilityscoop.com/2016/03/16/nike-expands-shoe-lineup/22048/ External link..

Color Blindness

Veronin, N. (2016, February 28). Life in technicolor—One month wearing EnChroma’s color blindness – fixing glasses. Arstechnica.  Retrieved from http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/02/seeing-in-techicolor-one-month-wearing-enchromas-color-blindness-correcting-glasses/ External link..

Computer Access

Brown, E. (2016, March 3). Cloud computing can assist workers with disabilities, NIST reports. NIST. Retrieved from http://nist.gov/itl/antd/cloud-computing-can-assist-workers-with-disabilities-nist-reports.cfm External link..


Andrews, A. (2016, March 14). The 30 top thinkers under 30: Haben Girma. Pacific Standard. Retrieved from https://psmag.com/the-30-top-thinkers-under-30-haben-girma-e5a193603d63# External link..

Fava, L. (2016 , April 9). Speaking a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Times of Malta. Retrieved from www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20160409/life-features/Speaking-a-language-the-deaf-can-hear-and-the-blind-can-see.608233 External link..

Querry, K. (2016, March 4). OKC to send disaster alerts to deaf, blind residents. KFOR: Oklahoma City. Retrieved from http://kfor.com/2016/03/04/okc-to-send-disaster-alerts-to-deaf-blind-residents/ External link..

Deaf-Blind Centers and Services

Branson-Potts, H. (2016, April 3). ‘How do you explain love?’ Finding, community, friends and more at L.A.’s Braille Institute.  Los Angeles Times.  Retrieved from www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-adv-blind-deaf-couple-20160404-story.html External link..

Deaf-Blind Children

Associated Press. (2016, April 6). The parents of a sick five-year-old Ohio girl who got her wish to see Pope Francis on Wednesday said the meeting with the pontiff had been "absolutely amazing." USA Today. Retrieved from www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/04/06/pope-ohio-girl-going-blind-vatican/82700594/ External link..

Rader, K. (2016, April 6). Only in Indiana: The awakening. WTHR.com. Retrieved from: www.wthr.com/story/31660587/only-in-indiana-the-awakening External link..

Deaf-Blind Children—Centers and Services

DiGonzalez, L. (2016, April 9). Coverage of Florida School for the Deaf and Blind important. Tallahassee Democrat. Retrieved from www.tallahassee.com/story/opinion/2016/04/09/coverage-florida-school-deaf-blind-important/82837698/ External link..


Wahlgvist, M. et al. (2016, January). Physical and psychological health, social trust, and financial situation for persons with Usher syndrome type 1. British Journal of VisualImpairment, 34(1). 15-25.

Yoshimura, H. et al (2016, January 21). Frequency of Usher syndrome type 1 in deaf children by massively parallel DNA sequencing. Journal of Human Genetics. Retrieved from www.nature.com/jhg/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/jhg2015168a.html External link..


Elsea, V. (2016, April). Accessibility of insulin pumps in 2015. Braille Monitor, 59 (4). Retrieved from https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/bm/bm16/bm1604/bm160407.htm External link..

Congressman Chris Collins. (2016, February 29). Reps. Collins & McNerney introduce legislation to prevent diabetic eye disease [Press Release]. Retrieved from https://chriscollins.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/reps-collins-mcnerney-introduce-legislation-to-prevent-diabetic-eye External link..


Rutta, R. (2016, March 3). Pressing candidates to prioritize people with disabilities: a voter checklist. Huffington Post. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/randy-rutta/pressing-candidates-to-pr_b_9372884.html External link..

Disabilities in Media

Harmon, S. (2016, March 18). Beyoncé casts model with muscular dystrophy to promote new products. The Guardian. Retrieved from www.theguardian.com/music/2016/mar/18/beyonce-casts-model-with-muscular-dystrophy-to-promote-new-products External link..

Rucker, A. (2016, April 1). Is Ad Land really changing? New Mobility. Retrieved from www.newmobility.com/2016/04/ad-land-really-changing/ External link..

Tollefson, P. (2016, March 28). Celebrating disAbilities. The Sheridan Press. Retrieved from http://thesheridanpress.com/?p=50706 External link..


Perry, D., & Cater-Long, L. (2016, March). The Ruderman white paper on media coverage of law enforcement use of force and disability. Ruderman Family Foundation. Retrieved from www.rudermanfoundation.org/blog/in-the-media/media-missing-the-story-half-of-all-recent-high-profile-police-related-killings-are-people-with-disabilities External link..

Economics of Disabilities

Morris, M. (2016, March 28). Poverty and disability in America matter. Huffington Post. Retrieved from www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-morris/poverty-and-disability-in_b_9557142.html External link..

Education for People with Disabilities—Foreign Countries

Pulse Ghana. (2016, March 15). Persons with disability most disabled children denied primary education-research. Pulse Ghana. Retrieved from http://pulse.com.gh/campus/persons-with-disability-most-disabled-children-denied-primary-education-research-id4804584.html External link..

 Disabled in Tamil Nadu have low access to higher education. (2016, March 21). Times of India. Retrieved from http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/coimbatore/Disabled-in-Tamil-Nadu-have-low-access-to-higher-education/articleshow/51485998.cms External link..

Education for People with Disabilities—Student Rights

Wang, M. (2016, March 28). Yale alum alleges disability discrimination at Princeton. Yale News. Retrieved from http://yaledailynews.com/blog/2016/03/28/yale-alum-alleges-disability-discrimination-at-princeton/ External link..

Electronic Books

National Federation of the Blind. (March 2, 2016). National Federation of the Blind and Amazon join forces to improve accessible reading experiences for blind and low-vision students[Press release]. Baltimore, MD:  National Federation of the Blind. Retrieved from https://nfb.org/national-federation-blind-and-amazon-join-forces-improve-accessible-reading-experiences-blind-and External link..

Sherman, M. (2016, April). Amazon, blind federation reach agreement on accessibility. Braille Monitor, 59 (4). Retrieved from https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/bm/bm16/bm1604/bm160414.htm External link..

Employment of People with Disabilities

Heasley, S. (2016, March 4). Employment dips for those with disabilities. Disability Scoop. Retrieved from www.disabilityscoop.com/2016/03/04/jobs-feb-16/21996/ External link..

Murphy, C. (2016, January 29). 2015 an upbeat year for people with disabilities but ends on a downbeat. Kessler Foundation. Retrieved from https://kesslerfoundation.org/node/851 External link..

Gaming for People with Visual Impairments

Pauls, J. (2016, March). Audio game review:  A blind legend from DOWiNO and France Culture. Access World. Retrieved from www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw170308 External link..

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Keppler, N. (2016, February 2). How technology is helping the blind navigate the physical world. Slate. Retrieved from www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2016/02/how_technology_helps_the_blind_navigate_the_physical_world.html External link..

Hearing Impairments

Krentz, L. (2016, April 10). Landon Krentz: How deaf and queer spectrums compare to each other. The
Georgia Straight. Retrieved from www.straight.com/news/674241/landon-krentz-how-deaf-and-queer-spectrums-compare-each-other External link..

Higher Education for People with Disabilities

Logue, J. (2016, March 28). Disabilities and writing. Inside Higher Education. Retrieved from www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/03/28/writing-program-association-continues-debate-access-members-disabilities External link..

Legal Rights of People with Disabilities

Miller, G.W. (2016, March 23). R.I. disability law center opens probe into abuse, neglect of the disabled. Providence Journal. Retrieved from www.providencejournal.com/article/20160323/NEWS/160329697 External link..

Morris, F. C. (2016, March 20). Will apps become the next disability law suite target? Tech Crunch Network. Retrieved by http://techcrunch.com/2016/03/20/will-apps-become-the-next-disability-lawsuit-target/ External link..

Zielinski, A. (2016, March 1). Disabled voters feeling ignored by candidates take election into own hands. Think Progress. Retrieved from http://thinkprogress.org/health/2016/03/01/3755032/disability-voter-election/ External link..

Libraries—Assistive Technology

Hayes, S. (2016, April 09). Accessing accessibility: Assistive devices are becoming more common for people with hearing and vision difficulties.  St. Albert Gazette.  Retrieved from www.stalbertgazette.com/article/Accessing-accessibility-20160409 External link..

Library Science

Berkman, R.I. (6th ed.). (2015). Find it fast: extracting expert information from social networks, big data, tweets, and more. Medford, New Jersey: Information Today.

Macular Degeneration

Azevedo, M. (2016, March 9). MicroRNA a potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s and age-related macular degeneration. Alzheimer’s News Today. Retrieved from https://alzheimersnewstoday.com/2016/03/09/microrna-potential-therapeutic-target-alzheimers-age-related-macular-degeneration/ External link..

Bhattacharjee S., et al. (2016) microRNA-34a-Mediated Down-Regulation of the Microglial-Enriched Triggering Receptor and Phagocytosis-Sensor TREM2 in Age-Related Macular Degeneration. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0150211. Retrieved from http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0150211 External link..

Ray, C.C. (2016, March 19). Fighting macular degeneration. New York Times. Retrieved from http://nytimes.com/2016/03/22/science/macular-degeneration-cure.html?_r=0 External link..

Mobile Apps for People with Visual Impairments

Lewis, L. L. (2016). iOS in the classroom: a guide for teaching students with visual impairments. New York: AFB Press.

Linington, D. (2016, March 3). Kenya: Doctors develop smartphone app to detect blindness. IT News Africa. Retrieved from www.itnewsafrica.com/2016/03/kenya-doctors-develop-smartphone-app-to-detect-blindness/ External link..

Multiple Sclerosis—Research

Woods, A. (2016, March 28). MS lesions in cerebellum ably predict disability levels and disease progression, study suggests. Multiple Sclerosis News Today. Retrieved from http://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/2016/03/28/ms-lesions-cerebellum-ably-predict-disability-levels-disease-progression-study-suggests/ External link..

Museums for People with Disabilities

Wardle, J. (2016, March 9). The most accessible museum in the world. AI-Media.tv. Retrieved from http://www.ai-media.tv/the-most-accessible-museum-in-the-world/ External link..

Religion and People with Disabilities

Hobbs, R., et al. (2016). Individuals with disabilities: Critical factors that facilitate integration in Christian religious communities. Journal of Rehabilitation, 82(1), 36-46.

Salasky, P. (2015, October 3). Apple watch and iPhone facilitate hearing for Peninsula engineer Usher Syndrome. Daily Press. Retrieved from www.dailypress.com/health/dp-nws-usher-syndrome-20151003-story.html External link..

Screen Readers

Preece, A. (2016, March). An overview of NVDA remote access, a free add-on for the non-visual desktop access screen reader. Access World. Retrieved from www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw170306 External link..

Service Animals

Gwizdala, M. (2016, May). Fake service dogs: problem or propaganda? Braille Monitor, 59 (5). Retrieved from https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/bm/bm16/bm1605/bm160508.htm External link..

Social Security Programs—Legislation

Diament, M. (2016, March 22). Congress may consider tweaks to ABLE accounts. Disability Scoop. Retrieved from www.disabilityscoop.com/2016/03/22/congress-tweaks-able-accounts/22074/ External link..

Special Education

Drummond, S. (2016, March 17). How the language of special education is evolving. National Public Radio (NPR). Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2016/03/17/469792061/how-the-language-of-special-education-is-evolving External link..

Huang, C. (2016, March 28). Parents want more power in special education. Capital Gazette. Retrieved from http://www.capitalgazette.com/news/schools/ph-ac-cn-special-education-0227-20160328-story.html External link..

Special Education—Foreign Countries

Bita, N. (2016, March 12). One in five students has a disability: confidential data. The Australian. Retrieved from www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/education/one-in-five-students-has-a-disability-confidential-data/news-story/a3b1360c2185890344aa79e7f9097c73 External link..

Sports for People with Visual Impairments

Segran, E. (2016, April 21). How one blind marathon runner is using technology to run solo: By collaborating with IBM, Simon Wheatcroft wants to give blind runners the tools to run independently. Fast Company. Retrieved from www.fastcompany.com/3059037/startup-report/how-one-blind-marathon-runner-is-using-technology-to-run-solo External link..

Sports for People with Disabilities—Organizations—Foreign Countries

International Paralympic Committee. (2016, March 10). Washington DC roundtable shares how sport can advance disability employment [Press release]. Retrieved from www.paralympic.org/news/washington-dc-roundtable-shares-how-sport-can-advance-disability-employment External link..


Russell, K. (2015, November 23). Helping hand: Robots, video games, and a radical new approach to treating stroke patients. New Yorker. Retrieved from www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/11/23/helping-hand-annals-of-medicine-karen-russell External link..

Talking Book Program—Library of Congress

Library services for those with disabilities: Additional steps needed to ease access to services and modernize technology. (2016, April). Government Accountability Office. Retrieved from www.gao.gov/assets/680/676309.pdf [PDF: 2.04 MB / 41 p.].

Transportation for People with Disabilities

Byzek, J. (2016, May 2). Uber: Does the transportation revolution include us? New Mobility. Retrieved from www.newmobility.com/2016/05/uber-transportation-access/ External link..

Air Canada ordered to stop forbidding deaf-blind people from flying solo.  (2015, December 9). The Canadian Press. Retrieved from www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-canada-transport-deaf-blind-1.3357475 External link..

Transportation for People with Visual Impairments

Disability Rights Advocates. (2016, April 30). Groundbreaking settlement to end discrimination against blind Uber riders who use guide dogs [Press release]. http://dralegal.org/featured/groundbreaking-settlement-end-discrimination-blind-uber-riders-use-guide-dogs/ External link..

Volunteers in Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Hackett, A. (2016, Spring). Bringing books to life: Meet the team of talented volunteers who record more than 100 new audio books every year for the Perkins Library. Perspectives. Retrieved from www.perkins.org/stories/magazine/bringing-books-to-life External link..

Web Accessibility

Cousins, C. (2016, March 10). Designing for the web: are there colors you should avoid? Design Shack. Retrieved from https://designshack.net/articles/ux-design/designing-for-the-web-are-there-colors-you-should-avoid/ External link..

Hart, M. (2016, February 22). Service launched to help universities comply with ADA web site regulations. Campus Technology. Retrieved from https://campustechnology.com/Articles/2016/02/22/Service-Launched-to-Help-Universities-Comply-With-ADA-Web-Site-Regulations.aspx External link..

Hennig, N. (2016). Natural user interfaces and accessibility. Library Technology Reports, 52(3), 5-17.

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