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Monitor/Reviewer Position Description

Supervision Received

The narrator works under the general supervision of the Studio Director.  Work assignments are received from the Studio Director, who assigns tasks, sets priorities, and provides guidance on matters affecting Recording Studio policy.  Interpretation and formatting of a book is determined by the Studio Director.


The Monitor serves as sound engineer for audio book recording sessions, adjusting recording levels, noting times, etc.  Monitor is considered the book’s producer and takes responsibility for directing the recording.

The Monitor follows narration in a copy of book being recorded to ensure accuracy, consistency, and that the narrator’s choices are supported in the literature.

The Reviewer performs, as needed, two levels of review, 100% and 30%—listening to the recorded narration while following along in a copy of the book, and noting all mispronunciations, transpositions, omissions, extraneous noises, etc.

The Monitor makes corrections to the original recording  to achieve, as close as possible, 100% accuracy.

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Posted on 2015-05-06