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Narrator/Monitor/Reviewer Position Description

Supervision Received

The narrator works under the general supervision of the Studio Director. Projects are received from the Studio Director, who assigns tasks, sets priorities, and provides guidance on matters affecting NLS Recording Studio policy.

Major Duties

The Narrator, following specifications outlined by NLS and the Director, records books covering a wide range of titles and genres for the .

The Narrator must be able to modulate his/her voice through a wide range of vocal dynamics, and must maintain consistency and fluency of speech. Speech must be clear of any repetitive characteristics which would be distracting during extended periods of listening.  Speech should not include such strong or inflexible speech patterns (regional or personal coloration) that his/her range of material would need to be severely restricted (i.e., a strong burr sound, an adolescent sound, a lazy “S,” etc.).

The Narrator must be able to judge the needs of each title, including dialects, pronunciations, and characterizations, and make instant decisions during the recording process.

The Narrator must translate the conventions of the written word into the conventions of the spoken word.

The Narrator must be able to write accurate, concise descriptions for illustrations, graphs, charts, and tables, when necessary, to describe graphics that appear in the text.

The Narrator is responsible for doing any and all research on pronunciation any given project may require from sources inside or outside the Recording Studio.  The Narrator is also responsible for learning and using the standard diacritical marks used by dictionaries and is responsible for communicating the phonetic pronunciations of terms in question to other Studio personnel (monitors and reviewers) via a “pronunciation sheet.”

The Narrator must work well with a wide variety of monitors, reviewers, and other narrators.

The Narrator will agree to put in weekly hours monitoring and reviewing (see Monitor/Reviewer position description).

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Posted on 2015-05-05