Talking Book Topics--Mar.-Apr. 1997
In Brief

NLS Catalogs Available This Spring

Two new large-print publications listing books recorded by NLS will be available to patrons this spring.

Cassette Books 1996 describes flexible-disc and cassette books for adults produced in 1996. The catalog lists fiction and nonfiction books by subject category. It also includes sections for bestsellers, young adult books, and Spanish books. Cassette Books will be released on flexible disc at a later date. A cassette version will also be available on loan from cooperating libraries.

Bestsellers 1984-1994 features listings of fiction bestsellers in recorded and braille formats. It describes novels by authors such as Danielle Steel, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Stephen King, and John Grisham, among many others. A cassette version will be released later this year and will list only those titles available in recorded formats. These publications are being sent directly to patrons who ordered them on their annual publications order forms. Cassette Books and Bestsellers can also be ordered from your cooperating library. Internet users may access the electronic versions through the NLS homepage at

Magazine of the Month

The Magazine of the Month program offers readers a sampling of magazines not otherwise available through the NLS program. Each month subscribers receive a different flexible-disc magazine. Although the selections are subject to change, readers are currently scheduled to receive the following magazines this year. For a free subscription to Magazine of the Month, contact your local cooperating library.

Available magazines are

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