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November-December 1998
In Brief

Catalogs Published in Audio Format

The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) has released three catalogs in recorded audio format. Bestsellers 1984-1994, Cassette Books 1997, and Entertainers describe special-format books available to eligible patrons.

Bestsellers 1984-1994 is recorded on four-track cassette and features listings of fiction bestsellers that are in audio format. The bestselling novels are by authors such as Danielle Steel, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Stephen King, and John Grisham, among many others.

Cassette Books 1997, which is recorded on flexible disc, lists adult cassette books produced by NLS during 1997. Books are listed alphabetically within subject categories under nonfiction and fiction headings.

Entertainers is recorded on cassette and is a bibliography of selected books about actors, singers, dancers, comedians, and television personalities.

The catalogs are being sent directly to patrons who ordered them on their annual publication order forms. They can also be ordered from your cooperating library.


The following announcement may be of interest to readers. The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped reserves the right to publish announcements selectively, as space permits. Items mentioned, however, are not part of the NLS program, and their listing does not imply endorsement.

Life-saving techniques for blind people

Safe without Sight outlines a program of crime-prevention and physical safe-defense strategies for people who are blind. The guide suggests practical techniques for avoiding attacks, ensuring personal safety, fighting back, and constructing a personal safety plan. The manual is available on cassette tape, on computer diskette, in braille, and in print for $14. Add $3 for postage for print. Write National Braille Press, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115 or call 800-548-7323.

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