Development of ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2002, Specifications for the Digital Talking Book

Version 1.0.0 DTDs With Change Lists

Below are links to the intermediate versions of five of the six DTDs developed for Z39.86-2002. These versions of the DTDs include the full change lists created during their development. All but bookmark100.dtd were modified during the process of developing the final, approved version of the standard. Current versions of the DTDs.






Development of DTBook DTD

One of the key components of the Z39.86 standard is an XML element set for the markup of the textual content files of Digital Talking Books. The DTD for this element set was first known as "DTBook3." Version 1.1.0 was adopted for the standard, using the name dtbook110.dtd.

Seven public versions of DTBook3 were created and posted on a website. Those seven versions are contained here, in the section devoted to Early Versions of DTBook3.

In addition, a complete list of changes made to the DTD from its beginning through version 12 (the last five versions were not made public), is included here in the file dtbk3 _dtd_changes.txt.

Features Lists

The Document Navigation Features List was developed in the early stages of work on this standard and served as the user requirements document on which the standard was based.

The Playback Device Features List, also developed early on, presents priorities for a range of player functions across three types of playback device.

User Interface

Information on issues related to user interface design can be found at

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