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February 28, 2017

NLS is introducing a new accessory for use with digital talking-book machines (DTBMs): a USB breath switch (stock number AC029). The accessory is compatible with both the standard model (DS1) and the advanced model (DA1) DTBM. The USB breath switch provides control of all functions of the digital player except power on/off.

The breath switch comes with a shirt clip, removable mouth tube, and inline moisture filter. It connects to the player via the AT port. Because the breath switch does not have the ability to turn power on or off; the player should always be connected to AC power when in use.

Agencies may assist eligible patrons with obtaining a breath switch by downloading an application online ( and returning the completed application bearing all required signatures via e-mail to the NLS Equipment Control Officer (ECO) at [email protected].

The two photographs below show the breath switch (Figure 1) and the breath switch, shirt clip, and mouth tube connect to a DTBM (Figure 2).

For more information, contact:
Shana Osborne
Equipment Control Officer, Network Division
[email protected]

Figure 1. Breath switch
breath switch with flexible tubing

Figure 2. Breath switch, shirt clip, and mouth tube connected to DTBM
Breath switch, shirt clip, and mouth tube connected to DTBM