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November 20, 2017

NLS is introducing a new accessory: The Digital Talking-Book Machine (DTBM) Remote Control Unit.
remote control and IR receiver
Figure 1- Remote control on left and IR receiver on right

The NLS DTBM Remote Control Unit consists of two parts:

  1. The handheld remote control is approximately 5 inches long and 2½ inches wide with rounded ends. The top has a lens with a smooth texture that is different from the rest of the remote control, and the bottom has a pin for attachment to a lanyard (not included). The top should be aimed at the DTBM when attempting to control it. The surface of the remote control has 15 buttons that are identical in shape and function to the buttons of the DTBM advanced model. The only DTBM button not available on the remote control is Power On/Off.
  2. The IR receiver is a small USB device, approximately 2 inches square and 1 inch thick. The USB connector is near the bottom of the device.

Operation of the remote control

To use the remote control, plug the IR receiver into the USB port on the right side of the DTBM. Press the Power On/Off button on the DTBM. Aim the remote control toward the IR receiver and press the buttons to control the DTBM. The IR receiver requires additional power from the player to operate, so it is best to connect the player to AC power when using the remote control.
IR receiver plugged into USB port on DTBM
Figure 2 - IR receiver plugged into USB port on DTBM

Operation with model DS1

Model DS1 (standard) players must receive a software update to recognize the advanced player functions (i.e. Menu, Prev/Next, Info, and Mark). Libraries should program DTBM software version 2.10 to DTBM model DS1 players. The DTBM software can be downloaded from

Ordering remote controls

Remote controls are available from the Multistate Centers (MSCs). Order using stock number A030. DTBM remote controls are boxed in individual shipping cartons. There are 20 cartons in one master box. MSCs will only ship master boxes to libraries, so libraries must order quantities in multiples of 20. Because of limited available quantities, libraries are currently restricted to no more than a total of 80 units.
Figure 3 - DTBM remote control & IR receiver packaged in an individual box

For more information contact:

Shana Osborne
Equipment Control Officer
[email protected]