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February 6, 2018

NLS is pleased to announce that, thanks to our continuing partnerships with various commercial publishers, we have an opportunity to offer a number of additional titles—originally produced as commercial audiobooks—that would not otherwise be available to patrons. It is expected that these additional titles will fall into the following categories: older and more specialized books, initial books in new series (with the expectation that subsequent titles in the same series will follow suit), titles that fill in gaps in older series, novellas, and other general-interest books.

These additional titles will be cataloged in Voyager and added to the Bibliographic Data (MARC Record) Download. But the titles will not appear on Copy Allotment or announced in Talking Book Topics, because they will be available only for download through BARD or via future duplication-on-demand efforts.

Though these titles will not be distributed through mass-duplicated cartridges, libraries may fill patron requests for these titles using duplication-on-demand equipment or, when available, by Interlibrary Loan through the Multistate Center East.

NLS will announce these titles through a special list produced bimonthly and distributed through Operations Alerts. Attached is the list of the first set of new titles added to the catalog through January 2018.

Attachment: BARD-only 1-31-18.xlsx [MS Excel / 1 sheet]

For more information, please contact:

Ed O’Reilly
Head, Collection Development Section
[email protected]