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February 15, 2018

Many of us have heard from patrons who use BARD Mobile that they are receiving messages that say, “You are not authorized to read this protected book,” or, “You have exceeded the number of allowed devices.” One common step people take to troubleshoot the BARD Mobile app is to delete, and then reinstall the app. In fact, removing BARD Mobile can complicate the issue and will delete books and magazines from the user’s device.

The Authorization Count

Patrons are allowed up to 100 authorization counts in a 30-day period. Each time a book or magazine is downloaded into the BARD Mobile application, an encryption file called an Authorization Object accompanies the download and permits the book or magazine to be played securely. If a patron authorizes more than 100 books and magazines in a 30-day period, the authorization Object will not download, and thus a person receives the unauthorized message. Follow these steps to learn if this could be the reason why a patron is receiving the unauthorized message:

  1. Log into BARD, and open the Administration page.
  2. Choose the “Existing Accounts” page, search for the patron, and open the patron’s account.
  3. Open the link “AO Request Records”.
  4. Look for the heading that says, “Authorization Object Records for Jane Doe.” Just below this heading will be text such as, “Note: user has used 106 of their quota of 100 unique AOs per 30 day period.”

The above example indicates a reason behind the “You are not authorized” message. If your patron has exceeded the 100 count, please contact him/her to find out why. If there is a reasonable explanation for downloading that many books during the time period, NLS will consider increasing his/her limit. These situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact your network consultant, or send an email to [email protected]  if you think one of your patrons needs his/her limit temporarily increased.

Number of mobile devices registered on a BARD account:

Patron accounts may have up to five mobile devices registered to a BARD account in a 365-day period. A mobile device is defined as any device that runs BARD Mobile. Here are the steps to learn how many devices are registered to a patron’s account:

  1. Log into BARD, and open the Administration page.
  2. Choose the “Existing Accounts” page, search for the patron, and open the patron’s account.
  3. Open “iPhone or Android Registration Records” link.
  4. Under the heading, “BARD Mobile Device records,” you may see a message like, “Note: user has registered six of their quota of five unique mobile devices.”
  5. If a BARD account has more than five mobile devices registered in a 365-day period, do not automatically delete all the devices registered to the account. Contact the patron to learn why this number of devices is registered to the account. Legitimate reasons why specific numbers of devices can be removed from the account include “I needed to reset a Tablet” or “I had a phone stolen.” Feedback such as “I like to buy lots of devices” is not a reason to remove any devices from the account. In short, please be judicious when removing any registered devices from a BARD account.

Finally, always leave a note on the account addressing what action has been taken and why. The information you leave will help anyone who has to troubleshoot that account in the future.

To learn more about providing technical support on BARD Mobile, consult the training documentation at the following URL:

If you have more questions, please contact:

Don Olson
NLS BARD Customer Support Specialist
(202) 707-9271
[email protected]