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Fiction Bestsellers
Title Author Source Status
American Heiress Goodwin, Daisy NYT DB
Beginner’s Goodbye Tyler, Anne LAT  DB 74490
Betrayal Steel, Danielle NYT DB 74373-commercial audiobook
Calico Joe Grisham, John LAT/NYT DB, BR
Elegy for Eddie Winspear, Jacqueline LAT DB 74597
Guilty Wives Patterson, James NYT DB
Harbor Nocturne Wambaugh, Joseph LAT DB
Innocent, The Baldacci, David NYT/LAT DB
I’ve Got Your Number Kinsella, Sophie NYT/WP DB 74467
Lifeboat, The Rogan, Charlotte LAT DB
Limpopo Academy of Private Detection, The McCall Smith, Alexander NYT/LAT DB 74598
Lost Years, The Clark, Mary Higgins NYT DB 74546
Private Games Patterson, James WP/NYT DB
Sacré Bleu Moore, Christopher WP/NYT DB
Shoemaker’s Wife, The Trigiani, Adriana NYT DB
Thief, The Cussler, Clive WP/NYT DB 74588
Train Dreams Johnson, Denis LAT on order
Unnatural Acts Woods, Stuart NYT DB
Victims Kellerman, Jonathan NYT DB 74501
Witness, The Roberts, Nora NYT DB
Wolf Gift, The Rice, Anne NYT/LAT DB 74480
Nonfiction Bestsellers
Title Author Source Status
Big Miss, The Haney, Hank NYT/LAT DB
Blood Sugar Solution, The Hyman, Mark NYT DB 74530
Circle Maker, The Batterson, Mark WP DB 74589
Drift Maddow, Rachel WP/LAT DB 74592
Full Service Bowers, Scotty LAT DB 74489
Let It Go Jakes, T.D. NYT DB 74594
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Lawson, Jenny NYT DB
Mindset Dweck, Carol S. WP on order
Mrs. Kennedy and Me Hill, Clint NYT/LAT DB
Natural Woman, A King, Carole LAT DB
One Thousand Gifts Voskamp, Ann NYT DB
Power of Habit, The Duhigg, Charles NYT/LAT DB 74596
Presidents’ Club, The Gibbs, Nancy and Duffy, Michael NYT/WP DB 
Revelations Pagels, Elaine NYT DB 74537
Some Assembly Required Lamott, Anne LAT BR
Whole-Brain Child, The Siegel, Daniel J. LAT  DB-commercial audiobook
Why be Happy When You Could be Normal? Winterson, Jeanette LAT DB 74545
Wild Strayed, Cheryl LAT DB
Wishes Fulfilled Dyer, Wayne W. NYT/LAT DB 74595
Key to Status
Status Meaning
On Order The book has been ordered and is under consideration for addition to the collection.
BR, DB, and/or RC with no number The book has been selected for inclusion in the collection and the media for production has been determined: BR denotes braille, DB denotes digital audio, and RC denotes recorded cassette.
BR, DB, and/or RC with a number The book has been assigned to a producer and the book is on the current copy allotment list or will be on the next copy allotment list. Numbered books on this list will not appear on the next bestseller list.