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Fiction Bestsellers
Title Author Source Status
Accident, The Pavone, Chris LAT DB 78402
Bark Moore, Lorrie LAT DB
Be Careful What You Wish For Archer, Jeffrey WP/LAT/NYT DB
Black-Eyed Blonde, The Black, Benjamin LAT DB
Blossom Street Brides Macomber, Debbie NYT DB
Bootlegger, The Cussler, Clive WP/NYT DB
Chance, The Carr, Robyn NYT DB 78444
Concealed in Death Robb, J.D. WP/NYT DB 78480
Devaney Brothers, The: Ryan and Sean Woods, Sherryl NYT DB
Eye of God, The Rollins, James NYT DB 78360
First Love Patterson, James WP/NYT DB 78302
Forget Me Not Michaels, Fern WP/NYT DB
Four Friends Carr, Robyn NYT DB
Frog Music Donoghue, Emma NYT DB
I've Got You Under My Skin Clark, Mary Higgins WP/NYT DB
Labor Day Maynard, Joyce NYT DB 78426/BR
Martian, The Weir, Andy LAT/NYT DB 78389
Missing You Coben, Harlan WP/LAT/NYT DB 78398
Museum of Extraordinary Things, The Hoffman, Alice LAT DB
North to Alaska Macomber, Debbie WP/NYT DB
NYPD Red Two Patterson, James WP/NYT DB
One More Thing Novak, B.J. WP/LAT/NYT DB 78397/BR
Power Play Steel, Danielle WP/NYT DB/BR
Private L.A. Patterson, James WP/LAT/NYT DB 78451
Raising Steam Pratchett, Terry LAT DB
Rosie Project, The Simsion, Graeme LAT BR
Shadow Spell Roberts, Nora LAT/NYT DB 78437
Stone Cold Box, C.J. NYT DB 78395
Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line Thomas, Rob NYT DB
Words of Radiance Sanderson, Brandon WP/LAT/NYT DB 78462
Nonfiction Bestsellers
Title Author Source Status
10% Happier Harris, Dan LAT/NYT DB
Blood Will Out Kirn, Walter LAT DB
Call to Action, A Carter, Jimmy NYT On order
Empathy Exams, The Jamison, Leslie NYT On order
Five Came Back Harris, Mark LAT DB
Flash Boys Lewis, Michael WP/NYT DB/BR
Future of the Mind, The Kaku, Michio LAT/NYT DB
Glitter and Glue Corrigan, Kelly LAT/NYT DB 78400
Inside a Pearl White, Edmund LAT DB
Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully Cramer, James J. NYT DB 78301
Not Cool Gutfeld, Greg LAT/NYT DB
Operation Paperclip Jacobsen, Annie LAT DB 78452
Promise of a Pencil, The Braun, Adam NYT DB
Short Guide to a Long Life, A Agus, David B. LAT/NYT DB 78295
Showtime Pearlman, Jeff LAT DB
Sixth Extinction, The Kolbert, Elizabeth LAT/NYT DB 78463/BR
Story of the Jews, The (1000 BC - 1492 AD) Schama, Simon LAT DB
This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage Patchett, Ann LAT DB 78394
Thrive Huffington, Arianna WP/LAT/NYT DB
You Must Remember This Wagner, Robert J. LAT DB
Key to Status
Status Meaning
On Order The book has been ordered and is under consideration for addition to the collection.
BR and/or DB with no number The book has been selected for inclusion in the collection and the media for production has been determined: BR denotes braille, DB denotes digital audio.
BR and/or DB with a number The book has been assigned to a producer and the book is on the current copy allotment list or will be on the next copy allotment list. Numbered books on this list will not appear on the next bestseller list.