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Fiction Bestsellers
Title Author Source Status
14th Deadly Sin Patterson, James WP/NYT BR 20939
All the Single Ladies Frank, Dorothea Benton NYT DB
Beach Town Andrews, Mary Kay NYT DB
Benefit of the Doubt Griffin, Neal LAT DB
Blood on Snow Nesbo, Jo LAT BR 20923
Bone Tree, The Iles, Greg NYT DB 81818
Cartel, The Winslow, Don LAT DB
China Rich Girlfriend Kwan, Kevin LAT DB 81880
Country Steel, Danielle WP/NYT DB/BR
Dangerous Place, A Winspear, Jacqueline LAT DB 81852
English Spy, The Silva, Daniel WP/NYT On order
Fateful Lightning, The Shaara, Jeff NYT DB 81929
Fifth Gospel, The Caldwell, Ian NYT DB
Finders Keepers King, Stephen WP/NYT DB
Grey James, E.L. WP/NYT DB 81922
Leaving Berlin Kanon, Joseph LAT DB 82028
Liar, The Roberts, Nora WP/NYT DB 82029/BR 20915
Little Paris Bookshop, The George, Nina NYT DB 81928
Luckiest Girl Alive Knoll, Jessica NYT DB
Melody Lingers On, The Clark, Mary Higgins WP/NYT DB
My Struggle: Book Four Knausgaard, Karl Ove LAT DB 81892
New Hope, A Carr, Robyn NYT DB
Our Souls at Night Haruf, Kent LAT/NYT BR
Patriot Threat, The Berry, Steve WP/NYT DB
President's Shadow, The Meltzer, Brad NYT DB 81721
Rock with Wings Hillerman, Anne LAT DB/BR
Rocks, The Nichols, Peter LAT DB 81863
Rumor, The Hilderbrand, Elin NYT DB 82010
Seveneves Stephenson, Neal WP/LAT/NYT DB
Tom Clancy--Under Fire Blackwood, Grant WP/LAT/NYT DB 82025
Truth or Die Patterson, James WP/NYT DB 81871
Water Knife, The Bacigalupi, Paolo LAT DB/BR
Whites, The Price, Richard WP/LAT/NYT DB
World Gone By Lehane, Dennis LAT/NYT DB 81860
Nonfiction Bestsellers
Title Author Source Status
Ally Oren, Michael B. WP On order
American Wife Kyle, Taya NYT DB
And the Good News Is… Perino, Dana WP/NYT DB 81837
Believer Axelrod, David WP/LAT/NYT DB 81881
Between You and Me Norris, Mary NYT DB
Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies Fisher, David WP/LAT/NYT On order
Capital Dames Roberts, Cokie NYT DB
Clinton Cash Schweizer, Peter WP/NYT DB
Curious Mind, A Grazer, Brian LAT/NYT DB
Dealing with China Paulson, Henry M. LAT/NYT DB 81822
Down the Rabbit Hole Madison, Holly LAT/NYT DB
Elon Musk Vance, Ashlee LAT/NYT DB
Great War of Our Time, The Morell, Michael WP DB
Gumption Offerman, Nick NYT DB
Infamy Reeves, Richard LAT DB
Modern Romance Ansari, Aziz WP/LAT/NYT DB 81878
Oregon Trail, The Buck, Rinker NYT DB
Our Kids Putnam, Robert D. WP/NYT DB 81849
Primates of Park Avenue Martin, Wednesday NYT DB
Quartet, The Ellis, Joseph J. WP/NYT DB 81831
Residence, The Brower, Kate Andersen WP/LAT/NYT DB
Team of Teams McChrystal, Stanley A. WP DB 82017
Triggers Goldsmith, Marshall LAT DB
Very Good Lives Rowling, J.K. LAT BR
Wright Brothers, The McCullough, David WP/LAT/NYT DB
Key to Status
Status Meaning
On Order The book has been ordered and is under consideration for addition to the collection.
BR and/or DB with no number The book has been selected for inclusion in the collection and the media for production has been determined: BR denotes braille, DB denotes digital audio.
BR and/or DB with a number The book has been assigned to a producer and the book is on the current copy allotment list or will be on the next copy allotment list. Numbered books on this list will not appear on the next bestseller list.