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Please complete the form below when you have converted a cassette or digital talking book to a BARD book. An asterisk in front of a label notes that the field is required.

BARD Conversion Form

*Cassette Book Number (if applicable):

*Digital Talking Book Number (if applicable):

*DBC Book Number:

*Title (include initial articles):

Other Information:

* (please select from list):

Complete the following questions only if you are converting a cassette book to a digital talking book on BARD or if some of the following information is missing on your current digital talking book record on Voyager and you wish to add it. Otherwise you can submit the record.

*Indicate if digitally mastered or an analog to digital conversion:

Analog to digital conversion
Digitally mastered

Number of DTB navigation points:

Number of DTB levels:

Length in hours and minutes:

*Year of Production (DTB):

For more information contact:

The Bibliographic Control Section
[email protected]