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Please complete the form below to report books that have been completed by your library.

General instructions:

Book Completion Form


*Author (Enter last name first followed by a comma. Use for only one author name and enter additional authors, editors, etc. in the Other Authors space below)

*Title (Include initial articles)

*Producer (Enter your CMLS code (in caps) if the producer is your network library, otherwise please type out the name.)

*Year of Production

Recording studio (Include only if different from the producer)

Series (Separate the series number, if any, with a semicolon, e.g.: Prydain chronicles; bk. 1)


*Imprint of the print book that was recorded or transcribed (e.g. place: publisher, year)

Annotation (Do not include Grade Levels, Awards, or Content Warnings. They are entered further below on this form)

Subject Terms. Select up to three subjects from the drop down boxes. If the subject term is followed by an F, use only for works of fiction. If the subject term is followed by an N, use only for non-fiction. Otherwise the Subject term can be used with either fiction or non-fiction.

Subject List 1

Subject List 2

Subject List 3

Other Authors (Enter last name first followed by a comma. Separate names of multiple persons by semicolons)

Narrator (Enter last name first followed by a comma. Separate multiple narrators by semicolons)

Sex of narrator (m or f)

Language (If not English)

Original Language (If any)

Other Information (Use this block for any special information you wish to add that is not appropriate to other fields.)

Additional Descriptive Information

Grade level

Awards and Content Warnings (check all that apply)

Caldecott Medal
Newbery Medal
Other award

Sexual content advisory

Violent content advisory

Strong language advisory

Check if the book's content has not been rated. Unrated

*Library Holding Code (Please select from list)

Media Information

Digital Talking Books

Use of the Specification for DAISY Protected Digital Talking Book 2 (PTB2) is required for all digital talking books listed in the Union Catalog.

*Local Book Number (Required in all cases)

*DBC Book Number (For BARD talking books only. Request DBC number blocks from the Bibliographic Control Section)

Available from BARD Available on cartridge for interlibrary loan Available for download on another site

*Check if available from BARD but also available on cartridge through interlibrary loan

*Indicate if digitally mastered or an analog to digital conversion
Analog to digital conversion Digitally mastered

Number of DTB navigation points

Number of DTB levels

*Check if content is protected by the Protected Digital Talking Book 2 (PTB2) standard

Length in hours and minutes (Enter number of hours followed by h and number of minutes followed by m. For example: 3h 2m)

*If available for download, other than from BARD, enter URL

Braille: *Number of volumes

*Indicate if contracted or uncontracted braille

Contracted braille Uncontracted braille

*Braille type

Check if braille files are being sent to Web-Braille

(Send braille files to: [email protected])

For more information contact:

The Bibliographic Control Section
[email protected]