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Please complete the form below when you have converted a cassette book to a digital talking book. An asterisk in front of a label notes that the field is required.

Cassette to Digital Conversion Form

*Cassette Book Number:

*Digital Talking Book Number:

*Title (include initial articles):

*Year of Production (DTB):

Other Information:

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Use of the Specification for DAISY Protected Digital Talking Book 2 (PTB2) is required for all digital talking books listed in the Union Catalog.

*Check if available for inter-library loan on cartridge:

*Number of DTB cartridges:

*If available for inter-library loan on other media, please describe:

*If available for download, enter URL:

*Indicate if digitally mastered or an analog to digital conversion:

Analog to digital conversion
Digitally mastered

Number of DTB navigation points:

Number of DTB levels:

*Check if content is protected by the Protected Digital Talking Book 2 (PTB2) standard:

Length in hours and minutes:

Check if you also wish to have to the cassette book record removed from the NLS Union Catalog:

For more information contact:

The Bibliographic Control Section
[email protected]