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  • Ambages (batch)

    musical score | 1 score; 5 pages | Composer's note: Boxed excerpts were considered for use in Transfirgured Wind Solo. Roman numerals I-IV adjoining the boxed phrase indications indicate Transfigured Wind Solo destination. (Contents). Premiered in the fall of 1965 by flutist Karen Reynolds (the composer's wife) at the Rockefeller Foundation's Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Italy. Musical Score (Form).

    • Contributor: C.F. Peters Corporation - Reynolds, Roger
    • Original Format: Notated Music
    • Date: 1965

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  • On the Double

    sheet music | 4p., 30.5cm x 23cm | From Paramount Pictures' "On the Double" On cover: a collage of photographs from the film. Sheet Music (Form).

    • Contributor: Dena Music, Inc - Fine, Sylvia
    • Original Format: Notated Music
    • Date: 1961

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