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Gottlieb, Alan (Ecuador, 1980–81).

Ultimate Excursions: A Novel. 1st ed. Boulder, Colorado: Paandaa Entertainment, 2007. Library of Congress Permalink:

Publisher’s description: “Seeking a respite from the stresses of Peace Corp life in rural Ecuador, Tim Lake embarks on a vacation to Peru that starts as an innocent journey that devolves into chaos. Ultimate Excursions will keep readers transfixed. At once gripping, darkly funny, and ultimately redemptive this magnificent novel is part thriller, and part meditation on what makes us tick as human beings.”

Goyal, Rajeev (Nepal, 2001–03).

The Springs of Namje: A Ten-Year Journey from the Villages of Nepal to the Halls of Congress. Boston: Beacon Press, 2012. Library of Congress Permalink:

Publisher’s description: “In 2001, Peace Corps volunteer Rajeev Goyal was sent to Namje, a remote village in the eastern hills of Nepal. Brimming with idealism, he expected to find people living in conditions of misery and suffering; instead, he discovered a village full of happy, compassionate people. After organizing the villagers to build a water-pumping system in the midst of the dangerous Maoist war that had gripped the country, Goyal learned how complex rural development truly is. He also witnessed how the seemingly lowliest villager can hold profound power to influence not only his or her own village but also the highest rungs of government.”