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Nemeth, David J. (South Korea, 1972–74).

The Architecture of Ideology: Neo-Confucian Imprinting on Cheju Island, Korea. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 1987. Library of Congress Permalink:

Publisher’s description: “Cheju Island, Korea’s historic island of exile, with a harsh natural environment, early developed a negative image as human habitat. The author challenges this perception and shows how Neo-Confucian state ideology during the Yi dynasty (A.D. 1392–1910) created and conserved the island as a viable habitat by using feng-shui—a powerful medieval science of surveying—to shape the island’s built environment and quality of life. The outcome, reflecting sustained political commitment to the philosophical concept of enlightened underdevelopment, was a sincere landscape inhabited by a virtuous people.”

Newman, Paul (Nigeria, 1961–63).

A Hausa-English Dictionary. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007. Library of Congress Permalink:

Publisher’s description: “This up-to-date volume, the first Hausa-English dictionary published in a quarter of a century, is written with language learners and practical users in mind. With over 10,000 entries, it primarily covers Standard Nigerian Hausa but also includes numerous forms from Niger and other dialect areas of Nigeria. The dictionary includes new Hausa terminology for products, events, and activities of the modern world. Its definitions show the use of Hausa words in context, and particular attention is paid to idioms, figurative meanings, and special usages. As a guide to pronunciation, headwords and illustrative sentences are fully marked for tone and vowel length. The book adopts a unique approach to the presentation of verb forms that clarifies lexical relationships and their correct usage. This dictionary constitutes the Hausa-English counterpart to Roxana Ma Newman’s An English-Hausa Dictionary (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990).”

Newman, Roxana Ma (Nigeria, 1961–63).

An English-Hausa Dictionary. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990. Library of Congress Permalink:

Publisher’s summary: “This is a comprehensive English-Hausa dictionary designed specifically for English-speaking users who wish to acquire communicative fluency in Hausa, West Africa’s most important and most widely spoken language. It is recommended for students, research scholars, translators, and people with educational, business, or governmental ties in West Africa.”

Niedenthal, Jack (Marshall Islands, 1981–84).

For the Good of Mankind: A History of the People of Bikini and Their Islands. Majuro, Marshall Islands: Micronitor/Bravo Publishers; Second edition, 2001. Library of Congress Permalink:

Publisher’s description: “The story of the people of Bikini Atoll and their islands in the words of the people. This oral history takes the reader from ancient to modern times.”

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